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Adelina Patti 1843 - 1919

The opera diva came to Wales in 1878 when she bought Craig Y Nos for £3500. She developed it through her substantial earnings to become a castle and built her own theatre there in 1890. She was one of the best-known celebrities in the world at the height of the fame, and commanded huge fees for her performances all over the world. She opened Swansea Grand Theatre in 1897, and also performed at The Albert Hall, Swansea and The Gwyn Hall In Neath. She donated her winter gardens to the people of Swansea, which was re-erected at Victoria Park in the city in 1920 after her death and renamed The Patti Pavilion

In March of 2008 I was lucky to have a look around her home at Craig y Nos, I took many Photos of the theatre from inside and out. I felt quite uneasy while taking the photos, like I was being watched, but put this down to my imagination. After I had finished I packed up and went home, it was nearly a year later when I was uploading some of the photo's to this site that i saw a photo that I had taken of the exterior of the theatre, on closer inspection by the aid of zoom I closed in on the window of the "Fly's" of the theatre. It looks very much like someone is watching me from the window - this would be impossible as the window has no floor to stand on as it is a window purely used for lighting the "fly's". Is it the ghost of Madam Patti?

Craig Y Nos

as it was when Patti purchased it

The theatre attached to her home

Interior shot 2009

The picture that spooked me (look at the top window)

This is the same picture zoomed in. Who or what is it?