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Hall Of Fame

My aim in this section is to champion some of the best talent to come out of Swansea and the surrounding areas. This list is by no means conclusive as I am sure there are many worthy recipients of the title I have omitted through naivety. More will be added to as and when I receive any suggestions. I have also included some not born in the area but who have had great links and achievements associated with it.

Sir Harry Secombe

Rachel Roberts

Dave Swan

Bonnie Tyler

Dorothy Squires

Ray Milland

Islwyn Morris

Sion Probert

Margaret John

Gladys Morgan

Kevin Johns

Helen Griffin 

Ossie Morris

Freddie Lees

Menna Trussler

Mal Pope

Anthony Lyn

Catherine Zeta Jones

Richard Mylan

Maudie Edwards

Ceri Dupree

Owen Money


Stan Stennett


John Chilvers


Max Boyce


Ruth Madoc

Dai Francis

Ria Jones

Sir Anthony Hopkins

Steve Balsamo

Ryan Davies

Mike Sterling

Ivor Emmanuel

Richard Burton

Philip Sayer

Mike Doyle

Nigel Ellacott

Liz Fuller

Alex Frith


Raie Copp

David Thomas


Kathryn Rice

Colin Hodges

Adelina Patti

Allun Davies

Lyn Mackay

Noel Talbot