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Islwyn Morris 1920 - 2011

Islwyn Morris was a local Actor who John Chilvers would call on from time to time to fill in during the Repertory seasons. His first professional appearance was at The Palace Theatre, High Street during the Maudie Edwards seasons in the play “No Orchids For Miss Blandish”. He also ran a Sweet Shop in High Street Arcade as a sideline. This allowed him the opportunity to appear as a floating Actor with John Chilvers at the Grand when needed. Islwyn is also Welsh speaking and he appeared in many Welsh Television programmes including “Fo e Fe” with Ryan Davies. His most memorable role however was as Idris in the Welsh cult sit-com “Satellite City” for BBC Television. John Chilvers used to call Islwyn when he needed someone at short notice to fill a role in the Repertory seasons.

Islwyn Morris's place in Swansea's hall of fame is secured by his performance as "Idris" in the cult show "Satellite City" on BBC Wales which ran from 1996 - 1999. Sadly Islwyn died aged 90 on April 26th 2011