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Ivor Emmanuel 1927 - 2007

Ivor Emmanuel was born in Taibach, shortly after, the family moved to 20 Morgans Terrace in Pontrhydyfen. A move that was to prove tragic for the Emmanuel Family. During World War II, in the early hours of March 17th 1942 The family were all tucked up safely in bed. A few miles away in Swansea the Lufftewaffe were unleashing their bombs over the city, after they had finished and turned to leave, a stray bomber flew up through the Neath Valley, he apparently dropped his last two bombs. One landed on open ground near Pontrhydyfen, the other landed directly onto 20 Morgans Terrace. Ivor and his brother were pulled out alive by a neighbour, but Ivor's Mother, Father, Grandfather and Sister were sadly killed.

Ivor singing “My Little Welsh Home”