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Swansea Grand Theatre Archive 

1897 - 1910

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The Grand Theatre Opens on 26th July 1897

Sole Lessee and Managers were Frederick Mouillot and H.H. Morrell

They appointed Frank Boyce to be the manager of the theatre


Opening Ceremony   Jul 26th

The Geisha     Jul 29th

Written by Owen Hall with music by Sidney Jones

The Land Of Nod    Aug 2nd

Albert Chevalier and  Company also starring Julian Cross.

Albert Chevalier was a serious actor who found himself performing in music halls; he was a composer of many songs and was one of the biggest names in Music Hall.  He was born in 1861 and he began his career as an actor.  He seemed to have a successful career in comedy, burlesque and melodrama and then in 1891 - at the age of 30 - he was persuaded to "do a turn" at the London Pavilion.  This was so successful that he became a music-hall artist, although he would frequently try and return to straight acting.

Gradually he became such a big attraction in the music hall that people refused to take him seriously as an actor.  Even appearing in a straight play, people would want him to sing his "hit" songs, no matter how inappropriate they were.

In real life he was a well-educated, gentlemanly type, with an upper-middle- class background.  His music hall character was a scruffy costermonger type, an old man, very Cockney in style.  This was a total contrast to his off-stage appearance.  (A bit like Wilfrid Brambell - the scruffy Old Steptoe to the public - and a very elegant well-dressed man in real life.)


His two big song hits were "Knocked 'Em in the Old Kent Road" and, of course, "My Old Dutch".  For this latter he would have a backcloth depicting the Workhouse.  There would be two doors - one for men and one for women - and couples forced by poverty to go into the workhouse would be separated - and not allowed to meet.


He would enter, a scruffy, poor, defeated old man, with his old wife on his arm - and the workhouse  manager would insist on them separating.  He would refuse - and sing, "We've been together now for forty years, and it don't seem a day too much.  There ain’t a lady living in the land as I'd swap for my dear old Dutch." - It would bring the house down!


"Dutch" was cockney rhyming slang - "Duchess of Fife" = Wife

I remember with great fondness when my Uncle Les Parsons sang it to my Auntie Peg at their 50th Wedding Anniversary in Pembroke. The words were very poignant and the experience was one of the most moving I have experienced.

I've got a pal,
A reg'lar out an' outer,
She's a dear good old gal.
I'll tell yer all about 'er.
It's many years since fust we met,
'Er 'air was then as black as jet;
It's whiter now, but she don't fret,
Not my old gal!

We've been together now for forty years,
An' it don't seem a day too much.
There ain't a lady livin' in the land
as I'd swop for my dear Old Dutch.
No, there ain't a lady livin' in the land
As I'd swop for my dear old Dutch.

I calls 'er Sal,
'Er proper name is Sairer,
An' yer may find a gal
As you'd consider fairer.
She ain't a angel - she can start
A-jawin' till it makes yer smart,
She's just a woman, bless 'er 'eart,
Is my old gal!


Sweet fine old gal,
For worlds I wouldn't lose 'er;
She's a dear good old gal,
An' that's what made me choose 'er.
She's stuck to me through thick and thin,
When luck was out, when luck was in.
Ah! wot a wife to me she's been,
An' wot a pal!


I sees yer, Sal -
Yer pretty ribbons sportin'!
Many years now, old gal,
Since them young days of courtin'.
I ain't a coward, still I trust
When we've to part, as part we must,
That Death may come and take me fust
To wait ... my pal!


Whether the words will mean anything to married couples of the future remains to be seen.

The Strange Adventures Of   Aug 9th

Miss Brown

Between The Light    Aug 16th

The Span Of Life    Aug 23rd

The Shop Girl    Aug 30th

From the Gaiety Theatre in London

My Friend The Prince   Sep 6th

Morrel and Mouillot’s Company preceded by the one-act play “In One Day”

Also during this week the noted American Physician, Mrs Anna Longshore-Potts, gave four afternoon lectures at the Theatre to women only on “Health and Disease”. She concluded on the fifth afternoon with a lecture on “Maternity”. The Cambrian published a notice confirming that Mrs Longshore-potts was indeed qualified to give such a lecture. Three former Mayors’ of Swansea signed this declaration.

The Sign Of The Cross   Sep 13th

Starring Caroline Barratt The Niece of the play’s author Wilson Barratt

A Trip To Chinatown   Sep 20th

The King Of Crime    Sep 27th

My Girl      Oct 4th

From The Gaiety Theatre

Jim The Penman    Oct 11th

Starring Alice Farleigh and John Nesbitt

Doyly Carte Opera    Oct 18th

The Mikado

The Ballet Girl      Oct 25th

A.A. Barclay’s Company featuring W.F. Hulley’s Orchestra starring Enis Blackmore and Maud Denney

Monte Carlo    Nov 1st

Wallace Erskine’s Company

Two Little Vagabonds   Nov 8th  

Hardie and Von leers Company

Tom, Dick and Harry   Nov 15th

Frank Curzon And Company

La Poupee     Nov 22nd

From the Prince of Wales Theatre

 Lawrence Hunt Presents  

A Gaiety Girl     Nov 29th

Cissie Graham’s Company

Shaft No.2 Company   Dec 6th

Listed as the only electrical play ever produced starring Teddy O’Rourke and Alfred Nelson

The Shamrock and The Rose  Dec 13th

Starring J.R. Cassidy the celebrated Irish Comedian


True Blue     Jan 17th

Boys Together    Jan 24th

Saints And Sinners    Jan 31st

Elaine Verner and Company directed by Harding Thomas

The Prince and The Pauper  Feb 7th

Frederick Mouillot and Bessie Hatton’s Company starring Gertrude Mouillot, Loring Farney and Bessie Hatton

The Prisoner Of Zenda   Feb 14th

C.J Abud’s Company starring York Stephens

The Gay Parisienne    Feb 21st

George Dance and Ivan Caryll’s Company

When London Sleeps   Feb 28th

Lester Collingwood’s Company

Arthur Rousby’s Grand Opera Company

Maritana    Mar 7th

I Pagliacci    Mar 8th

Cavaleria Rusticania  Mar 9th

Faust     Mar 10th

Tannhauser    Mar 11th

Bohemian Girl   Mar 12th

Il Trovatore    Mar 12th

My Jack     Mar 14th

Dottridge, Longden and Graham’s selected London Company

Mrs Bandmann-Palmer  

 Mary, Queen Of Scots  Mar 21st

Hamlet    Mar 22nd

Lear The Forsaker   Mar 23rd

East Lynne    Mar 24th

School For Scandal   Mar 25th

The Destroying Angel   Mar 28th

Miss Agnew Hewitt and her specially selected London Company

A Marriage Of Convenience  Apr 4th

Cecil Thornbury and Charles Lauser’s Company preceded by one-act play “In Strict Confidence”

Madam Sans-Genes   Apr 11th

 By Arrangement With Henry Irving

The Iron Maiden    Apr 18th

W.H. Hallatt and Company

The French Maid    Apr 25h

Vaudeville Theatre London

The Lady Slavey    May 2nd

Mr William Greet’s London Company

Mr Arthur Abud’s Repertoire Company

Camille      May 9th &13th

Charlotte Lorday    May 10th, 12th &14th

The Lady Of Lyons    May 11th

 Starring Brown Potter and Kyrle Bellew

Greed Of Gold    May 16th

 I. Morton Powell and company

D’oyly Carte’s Repertoire Opera Company

The Mikado    May 23rd & 24th

The Sorcerer   May 25th

Preceded by one act play “After All”

Yeoman Of    May 26th, 27th & 28th  

The Guard

The Private Secretary   May 30th

Mr W.J. Lancaster’s Company starring Muriel Wylford

Preceded by one-act play

“My Lady Help”

Tommy Dodd    Jun 6th

Eminent London Company starring Eva Moore and J.L. Shine

Operatic Costume Recital Company Jun 13th

Garden scene from “Faust”

Prison scene from “Maritana”

Balcony scene from “Romeo and Juliet”

Three weeks season of Shakespearian and standard English plays

Othello     Jun 20th & 21st

Merchant of Venice    Jun 22nd  & 23rd

 Preceded by one-act play “Dr Davey”

The Hunchback    Jun 24th

Macbeth     Jun 25th

Hamlet     Jun 27th & Jul 2nd

Merchant Of Venice    Jun 28th

Preceded by one-act play “Dr Davey”

As You Like It    Jun 29th & 30th

Richelieu     Jul 1st

Macbeth     Jul 4th

As You Like It    Jul 5th

Richelieu     Jul 6th

School For Scandal    Jul 7th & 8th

On the 9th of July finale

Romeo and Juliet (three scenes)

The Hunchback (scenes from)

Macbeth (second act)

Hamlet (the mad scenes)

Merchant Of Venice (trial scene)

Theatre Closed Until July 25th

La Poupee     Jul 25th

E. Lockwood’s Company

A Little Ray Of Sunshine   Aug 1st

 W.S. Penley and Company

Preceded by one-act play “The Muff Of The Regiment”

Red Spider     Aug 8th

Directed by Walter Scott

The Transit Of Venus   Aug 15th

How London Lives    Aug 22nd

Boys Together    Aug 29th

Directed By Frank Adair

Proof      Sep 5th

 Mr Louis Calvert’s Company

The Golden Ladder    Sep 12th

Mary Austin And Harry Percival’s Company

Two Little Vagabonds   Sep 19th

 Hardie and Von Leer’s Company

Under The Red Robe   Sep 26th

 Arthur Ables

Little Minister    Oct 3rd

Frederick Harrison and Cyril Maud’s Company

Under The Czar    Oct10th

Fred Jarman’s Company

The Geisha     Oct 17th

H.H. Morell and Mr F. Mouillot’s Company

The Tree Of Knowledge   Oct 24th

George Alexander’s Company

The New Mephisto    Oct 31st

Charles Macdona’s Company

The Circus Girl    Nov 7th

 Benefit Performance of “The Circus Girl” in aid of Swansea Hospital by Messrs Morrell & Mouillot Company raises £50

Miss Fortescue and Company

Fedora    Nov 14,16,18th

The Lady Of Lyons   Nov 15,17,19th

The Silver King    Nov 21st

Polini And Melford’s Company

The Sign Of The Cross   Nov 28th

William Greet’s Company

Between The Lights   Dec 5th

E.J. Lampard’s No 1 Company

Charity Week    Dec 12th

In aid of local charities

The Coastguard

The Magistrate

The Guv’nor



A Woman Of No Importance  Jan16th

 Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree  

My Friend the Prince   Jan 30th

Mr Morell’s and Mr Mouillot’s


Preceded by one-act play “In One Day”

The Swiss Express    Feb 6th

 C. and F. Renad’s Company

The Belle Of New York   Feb 13th

           Williamson And Musgrove Company

A Woman’s Error    Feb 20th

Mr J.K. Murray and Miss Emilie Dawson Company

Lord and Lady Algy    Feb 27th

 Mr Frank Curzon’s Company

Faust and Margaret   Mar 6th

Sporting Life     Mar 13th

 Leonard Boyne And His Company

Soldiers Of The Queen   Mar 20th

Or Briton And Boer

Morocco Bound    Mar 27th

 H.C. Newman’s London Company

What Happened To Jones   Apr 3rd

 Mr Herbert Sleath’s Company

Tommy Atkins    Apr 10th

 Mr Milton Bode’s Company

Mr George Alexander’s St James

Repertoire Company

The Idler    Apr 17th & 22nd

Liberty Hall    Apr 18th & 20th

 The Ambassador   Apr 19th & 21st

The JP (Charley’s Uncle)   Apr 24th

 Edward Lyton’s Company preceded by one-act play “Two Flat And A Sharp”

Mr C J Abud’s Triple Bill Company  May 1st    

The Highwayman    8.00 pm

 Faithful James   8.30 pm

Pantomime Rehearsal  9.20 pm

The Liars     May 8th

 Emma Hutchison’s Company

The Girl Of My Heart   May 15th

 Fred S. Jennings and Charles Herrick’s Company

Circus Girl     May 22nd

Mr Morell’s and Mr Mouillot’s


Dangers Of London   May 29th

 Miss Madge Ray and Her Company

Slave Girl     Jun 5th

             Jerold Heather’s Company

The Three Muskateers         Jun 12th, 13th &14th  

Christian’s Cross          Jun 15th, 16th & 17th

The Case Of     Jul 17th  

Rebellious Susan

Frank Curzon and Company with May Pardoe and Holmes Gore

Preceded by one-act play “A Queen’s Message”   

Scales Of Justice    Jul 24th

 Douglas Bruce’s Company

The Only Way     Jul 31st

 William Haviland, Amy Coleridge and Company. This was a version of “Tale Of Two Cities” performed at Swansea Grand, just six months after its triumphant London premiere, it did not, however feature the original star Martin Harvey

The Little Minister    Aug 7th

 Frederick Harrison and Cyril Maud’s Company

Sydney Blow, John Nesbitt, Kenneth Douglas and Grace Lane

Direct from the Haymarket Theatre in London

Pygmalion and Galatea   Aug 14th

 To be followed by screen scene from “School For Scandal“

The Runaway Girl    Aug 21st

Also on Saturday 26th Aug the company gave an open-air matinee performance at Langland Bay of “The Runaway Girl”

Our Boys     Aug 28th

 Thomas Thorne Preceded by one-act play “Comedietta”

Little Miss Nobody    Sep 4th

 H J Callan’s Company starring Bunny Douglas, Colin Bryce, John Wilkinsons and Grace Massey

The Gay Grisette    Sep 11th

 Robert Courtniedge’s Company

A Royal Divorce    Sep 18th

 Royal Divorce Company London with Frederick Moyes

The Cuckoo     Oct 2nd

Frank Curzon’s Company starring Audrey Ford preceded by one-act play “My Lady Help”

Charley’s Aunt    Oct 9th

Starring Spencer Trevor

Falka     Oct 16th

Mr C P Levilly’s Company

The Geisha     Oct 23rd

 (A Tale Of A Tea House)

Mr Morell’s and Mr Mouillot’s


The Greek Slave    Oct 30th

Mr Morell’s and Mr Mouillot’s


The Gay Lord Quez   Nov 6th

Mr Morell’s and Mr Mouillot’s


Why Smith Left Home   Nov 13th

 The Strand Company

Preceded by one-act play ”The Admiral”

The Broken Melody   Nov 20th

 Mr Auguste Van Biene. At the end of each performance Mr Van Biene recited  “The Absent Minded Beggar” and asked the audience to throw money onto the stage for the South African War Appeal

The Shaughraun    Nov 27th

            Representative Irish Players

Rogue Riley      Dec 4th & 5th  

The Colleen Bawn    Dec 6th  & 7th

           Performance preceded by one-act play

           “The Member for Mulligar”

The Boys From Wexford   Dec 8th & 9th

Saints and Sinners    Dec 11th

             Miss Elaine Verner’s Company

The Belle Of New York   Dec 26th

Ben Greet’s Company starring Gabrielle Ray who was just 16 years old when Ben Greet gave her the lead role in the touring production of “The Belle Of New York”. She went on to become one of the big stars of musical comedy and was acclaimed as the most beautiful girl in the country


Belle Of New York   Jan 1st  

David Allen and Sons listed as Proprietors

of the theatre

The Great World Of London  Jan 22nd

            Walter Melville And Douglas

             Bruce’s Company

Carl Rosa Opera Company

           Carmen     Jan 29th

            Stanella    Jan 30th

            Faust    Jan 31st

            Maritana    Feb 1st

            Lohengrin   Feb 2nd

            Bohemian Girl   Feb 3rd

What Happened To Jones  Feb 5th

            Herbert Sleath’s Company

Preceded by one-act play “ Jerry And A Sunbean”

The Favourite    Feb 12th

Honour Thy Father   Feb 19th  

            T. Morton Powell’s Company

The American Heiress   Feb 26th

              Arthur Branscombe’s Company

The Christian    Mar 5th

              Charles Frohman’s Company

A Royal Divorce    Mar 12th

               Royal Divorce Company

                (A Story Of Waterloo)

La Poupee    Mar 19th

 Mr E. Lockwood’s Company

Norma V. Norman’s Company

David Garrick  Mar 26th & 29th

 The Bungalow  Mar 27th

Preceded by one-act play “Dream faces”

The Iron Founder  Mar 28th

Still Waters Run Deep Mar 30th

Lady Of Lyons  Mar 31st

Lord And Lady Algy   Apr 2nd

Frank Curzon’s Company

Preceded by one-act play “The Lady Wrangler”

East Lynne    Apr 16th

J. Pitt Hardacre’s Company

The Degenerates   Apr 23rd

Mr Morell’s and Mr Mouillot’s


At The Foot Of The Altar  Apr 30th

W.E. Langley’s Company

Danny Fifth    May 7th

Hardie And Von Leer’s Company in a comic Opera

The Private Secretary   May 14th

W.J. Lancaster’s Company

Preceded by one–act play “My Lady Help”

Sweet Lavender   May 21st

Mr Morell’s and Mr Mouillot’s


Lady Of Ostend   May 28th

Preceded by one-act play “Margaret’s Stratagem”

My Friend The Prince   Jun 4th

Mr Morell’s and Mr Mouillot’s


Shadows Of A Great City  Jun 11th

T. Morton Powell’s Company

Curse Of Drink    Jun 18th

T. Morton Powell’s Company

Wages Of Sin    Jun 25th

 T. Morton Powell’s Company

The World Against Her   Jun 28th

 T. Morton Powell’s Company

The Poor Streets Of London  Jul 2nd

T. Morton Powell’s Company

The Octoroon    Jul 16th  

T. Morton Powell’s Company

The Ticket Of Leave Man  Jul 23rd

T. Morton Powell’s Company

Theatre was closed for one week

The Little Minister   Aug 6th

Frederick Harrison and Cyril Maud’s Company  

In Old Kentucky   Aug 13th

 Specially selected London and American Artistes

Defender Of The Faith   Aug 20th

 Mr Darrell And Mr West’s Company

A Pair Of Spectacles   Aug 27th

A Woman Of No Importance  Sep 3rd

Miss Beatrice Homers Company

Preceded by one-act play “Double Sixes”

Three Little Britons   Sep 10th  

 Specially selected Company performed a Naval and Military spectacular drama

Bootle’s Baby    Sep 17th

 Alfred J. Byde’s Company

Miss Muriel Wylford and Her Company

Magda    Sep 24th & 25th

The Second Mrs  Sep 26th & 27th


Brother Officers  Sep 28th & 29th

The Power And The Glory  Oct 1st

Darrell’s And Grahame’s Company

Wheels Within Wheels   Oct 8th

 Mr & Mrs Charles Sugden With Their Own Company preceded by one-act play ”Papa’s Wife”

Two Little Vagabonds   Oct 15th

 Hardie And Von Leer’s  No.1 Company

A Runaway Girl   Oct 22nd

Mr Morell’s and Mr Mouillot’s


One Of The Best   Oct 29th

Robert Arthur’s No.1 Company

Miss Hobbs & Madam Butterfly Nov 5th

Mr Morell’s and Mr Mouillot’s

 Company starring Gertrude Mouillot

The Belle Of New York  Nov 12th

Ben Greet Company

The Rose Of Persia   Nov 19th

 D’oyly Carte Opera Company

The J.P.     Nov 26th

 H.J. Wilde’s Company

On Her Majesty’s Service  Dec 3rd

Mr Walter Melville’s Renowned Company

Greed Of Gold    Dec 10th

T. Morton Powell’s Company

Quo Vadis    Dec 17th

 Mr William Greet’s Company


Quo Vadis    Jan 1st

William Greet’s Company

The Worst Woman In London Jan 7th

 Walter Melville’s Company

A Trip To Chicago   Jan 14th

Mr Walter Sealby’s Company

The Sign Of The Cross   Jan 21st

Mr William Greet’s Company

Queen Victoria Dies on January 22nd 1901

Mr Edward Compton’s Comedy Company

Davy Garrick            Jan 28th & Feb 2nd

The Rivals   Jan 29th

She Stoops To Conquer Jan 30th

School For Scandal  Jan 31st

An Emperors Romance  Feb 1st

First production in Swansea

Performances on Monday and Saturday preceded by one-act play “Tom Noddy’s Secret”

La Poupee (the Doll)   Feb 4th

Mr E.Lockwood’S No.1 Company

Mr & Mrs Kendal And Their Company

The Elder Miss Blossom  Feb11th &12th

 The Likeness Of The Night Feb 13th

 First time in Swansea

Ben-my-chree    Feb 14th

Arnold Bell And His Celebrated Company in the story of the Isle of Man

The World Of London   Feb 18th

Walter Melville’s And Douglas Bruce’s Company

Carl Rosa Opera Company

Tan Nhauser   Feb 25th

Carmen   Feb 27th

Lohengrin   Feb 28th

Cricket On The Earth  Mar 1st

Faust   a.m. Mar 2nd

Cinq Mars Or The  p.m. Mar 2nd Conspiracy

Facing The Music   Mar 4th

Special London Company with Frank Thornton preceded by one-act play “The Clown”

Mrs Dane’s Defence   Mar 11th

Miss Emma Hutchison’s Company

Proof Or A Celebrated Case  Mar 18th

W. Maclaren & M.Furnival’s Company

The Red Coat    Mar 25th

Mr J.A. Campbell’s No.1 Company

The Private Secretary   Apr 1st

Eugene C. Stafford’s Company preceded by one-act play “Box And Cox”

Sacrament Of Judas   Apr 8th & 11th

Preceded by one-act plays “Shades Of North” and “Carrots”

Hamlet     Apr 9th, 10th, 12th & 13th

Our Boys    Apr 15th

Selected Company from the Vaudeville and Terry’s Theatre preceded by one-act play “Comedietta”

Kennedy Millers Irish Comedy Company

Lord Edward   Apr 29th

True Son Of Erin  Apr 30th

Starring Frederick Tyrone Edmond Power who was the father of Hollywood Swashbuckler and heartthrob Tyrone Power

Rory O’More   May 1st

The Shaughraun  May 2nd

The Colleen Bawn  May 3rd

Green Bushes   May 4th

Under False Colours   May 6th

Arthur Bearne and Arthur Lawrence’s Company

My Friend The Prince   May 13th

Wilfred Cotton and Ralph Le Butt’s Company

The Silver King    May 25th

Somebody’s Sweetheart  May 27th

Warwick Major’s Company

London After Dark   Jun 3rd

T. Morton Powell’s Stock Company

The Unknown    Jun 10th

T. Morton Powell’s Stock Company

Each performance was preceded by one-act play “Bull In A China Shop”

East Lynne    Jun 17th

T. Morton Powell’s Stock Company

Each performance was preceded by one-act play “Mrs And Mrs White”

Day To Day    Jun 24th

T. Morton Powell’s Stock Company

The Orphans Of Paris   Jul 1st

T. Morton Powell’s Stock Company

Called Back    Jul 8th

T. Morton Powell’s Stock Company

Each performance was concluded by one-act play “Did You Ever Send Your Wife To The Mumbles?”

Rob Roy     Jul 15th

T. Morton Powell’s Stock Company

Iolanthe     Jul 24th

Swansea Amateur Operatic Society

This was the first performance by the newly named society.

Delivery From Evil   Aug 12th

Mr Franck Dix And His Company

The Guilty Man    Aug 19th

Mr James Hane’s Company

A Man’s Shadow   Aug 26th

Beatrice Homer’s Company

The Silver King    Sep 2nd

G.M.Polini And Austin Melford’s Celebrated London Company

In The Soup    Sep 9th

B.Richard’s And H. Yardley’s Company

Preceded each evening by comedietta “A Happy Pair”

Honour Thy Father   Sep 16th

T. Morton Powell’s Specially Selected Company

Miss Muriel Wylford And Her Company

The Second    Sep 23rd, 24th & 26th


Magda    Sep 25th  & 27th

 Brother Officers  Sep 28th

San Toy Or The Emperors Own Sep 30th

George Edwards Company

A Message From Mars   Oct 7th

Mr Mouillot’s No 1 Company

A Night Out    Oct 14th

George Edwards Company preceded by one-act play “His Landlady”

Florodora    Oct 21st

Mr Tom B. Davis’s Company

Lady Huntworth’s Experiment  Oct 28th

Miss Emma Hutchinson’s Company

Mr Mouillot’s Repertoire Company

The Circus Girl   Nov 4th & 5th

A Runaway Girl  Nov 6th & 7th

Shop Girl   Nov 8th & 9th

A Woman Adrift   Nov 11th

 Dornan & McClellan’s Company

The Second In Command  Nov 18th

Frederick Harrison And Cyril Maude’s Company

The Emerald Isle   Nov 25th

William Greet’s Savoy Theatre Company- first time in Swansea

The Night Of The Party  Dec 2nd

Mr Mouillot’s No 1 Company

The Wilderness    Dec 9th

Mr George Alexandra’s Company

Uncle Tom’s Cabin   Dec 30th


A Pair Of Spectacles   Jan 6th

John Hare

When London Sleeps   Jan 13th

Lester Collingwood’s Company

The Sign Of The Cross   Jan 20th

William Greet’s Company

The Greed Of Gold   Feb 10th

T.Morton Powell’s Company

A week Of Shakespeare by William Greets Company

The Merchant Of Venice  Feb 17,22nd

Twelfth Night   Feb 18th

Romeo And Juliet           Feb 19, 20th

Much Ado About Nothing Feb 21st

The Toreador    Feb 24th

George Edward’s Company

Kitty Grey    Mar 3rd

George Edward’s Company

Sherlock Holmes   Mar 10th

Charles Frohman’s Company

An Eye For An Eye   Mar 17th

John Hart and J.B. Mulholland’s Company  

San Toy     Mar 24th

George Edward’s Company

The Dandy Fifth   Mar 31st

Haldane Crichton’s Company

In A Woman’s Grip   Apr 7th

Frederick Melville’s Company

Are You A Mason   Apr 14th

Charles Frohman and George Edward’s company preceded by one-act play “A Dangerous Ruffian”

The Cape Mail    Apr 17th

Grand charity one off performance to raise funds for the Swansea Hospital Convalescence Home Fund appearing amongst the cast was Manager Frank Boyce

Patience     Apr 23rd

Swansea Amateur Operatic Society watched by Baroness Adelina Patti-Cederstrom.

The Messenger Boy   Apr 30th

George Edwards London Gaiety Company

Compton Comedy Company in a selection

Davy Garrick   May 5th, 10th

The Rivals    May 6th

The School For Scandal May 7th

Edmund Kean Tragedian May 9th

A Reformed Rake   May 12th

Carl Rosa Opera Company

Fair Play     May 19th

Milton Ray’s Powerful Company

The Geisha    May 26th

Mr Mouillot’s No 1 Company

A Royal Divorce   Jun 2nd

The Red Lamp    Jun 9th

A London Actress   Jun 16th

Emma Litchfield’s Number 1 Company

Master Of The Chain   Jun 23rd

J.W. Carson’s Number 1 Company

Theatre closed for a week

The Shop girl    Jul 7th

Mr Mouillot’s No 1 Company

The circus Girl    Jul 14th

Mr Mouillot’s No 1 Company

A Runaway Girl   Jul 17th

  Mr Mouillot’s No 1 Company

A Modern Magdalen   Jul 21st

The Stolen Birthright   Jul 28th

Why Woman Sins   Aug 4th

A Little Outcast   Aug 11th

T.Morton Powell’s Company

The Little Minister   Aug 18th

Walter Maxwell’s Company

The Worst Woman In London  Aug 25th

Walter Maxwell’s Company

Starring Hilda Beverley

The Grip Of Iron    Sep 1st

John A. Atkins’s Company

Starring Fred Powell

Livermore Brothers   Sep 8th

The one and only court minstrels. The Livermore brothers, Horace and Lechmere, were Music Hall Proprietors, and managers of the Livermore Court Minstrels. This show included a great new novelty – the “Dumonto Coronatographe”. A new film-show containing moving pictures of the recent Coronation of King Edward VII.  (The Coronation was on 26 June 1902)  The crowds flocked to see this new wonder, encouraged by extra daytime performances with special concessions:  every full-price paying adult could be accompanied by two children, free of charge

Two Little vagabonds   Sep 15th

Hardie and Von Leer’s Company

The belle Of New York  Sep 22nd

Ben Greet’s Company

F.R. Benson’s Shakespearian Company

Hamlet   Sep 29th

Paulo and Francesca    Sep 30th, Oct 3rd

The Merchant Of Venice Oct 1st

The Merry Wives Of Windsor Oct 2nd

Richard The Third  Oct 3rd

Twelfth Night   Oct 4th

The Lady Of Ostend   Oct 6th

Lawrence Brough and Company

A Message From Mars   Oct 13th

Mr Mouillot’s No 1 Company

San Toy     Oct 20th

George Edward’s Company

Florodora    Oct 27th

Tom B. Davis  

The Gas Grisette   Nov 3rd

Charles Macdona’s Company

Mice And Men    Nov 10th

Forbes Robertson and Company

That Wretch Of A Woman  Nov 17th

Walter Melville’s Company

Charley’s Aunt    Nov 24th

W.S. Penley’s Company

The Blind Witness   Dec 1st

Walter Sealey’s Company

Ben-My-Chree    Dec 8th

Arnold Bell’s Company

A Woman Of No Importance  Dec 15th

Madge Macintosh Charles F. France

Closed on 22nd until Boxing Day

Sweet Nell Of Old Drury  Dec 26th

This play starred Julia Neilson And Fred Terry who was the brother of Ellen Terry. Fred And Julia were married in real life and also managed the Haymarket Theatre In London in 1900. They toured together extensively for many years and also in 1915 managed the Strand Theatre.


The Three Musketeers   Jan 5th

           Mr Mouillot’s No 1 Company

Starring Ernest E. Norris and Vera Beringer who as a child actress had worked with Lewis Carroll – author of “Alice In Wonderland”-, indeed Carroll composed a limerick to her in 1869, which went,

There was a young lady of station,

"I love man" was her sole exclamation;

But when men cried, "You flatter,"

She replied, "Oh! no matter,

Isle of Man is the true explanation."

Called Back    Jan 12th

Arnold Bell’s Company

H.M.S Irresponsible   Jan 19th

Arthur Robert’s Company

The Sign Of The Cross   Jan 26th

William Greet’s Company

Carl Rosa Opera Company

Tannhauser   Feb 2nd

Cinq Mars   Feb 3rd

Carmen   Feb 4th

Cavalleria Rusticana &  Feb 5th

I Pagliacci

The Marriage Of Figaro Feb 6th

Lohengrin Matinee Feb 7th

Faust  Evening Feb 7th

In A Woman’s Grip   Feb 9th

Fred Melville’s Company starring Emily Hughes  


Closed until the 19th Feb

Henry Irving And His Lyceum Company

 Waterloo   Feb 19th & 21st

The Bells   Feb 19th & 21st

Louis XI   Feb 20th

The Merchant    Feb 21st Matinee

Of Venice

“Waterloo” and “The Bells” had in its cast a young slip of a girl called Mabel Hackney. Who later married Henry Irving’s son Laurence and is possibly the “Ghost of the Grand”. Her auntie a Miss Penrose lived in Walter Road Swansea.

Mr And Mrs Kendal and Company

Still Waters Run Deep  Feb 23rd

The Elder Miss Blossom Feb 24th

Mrs Hamilton’s Silence  Feb 25th

 First time in Swansea

Concluded with “How To Make Home Happy“

Thomas Garrett Byrne the future Grand Manager met Mr and Mrs Kendal here, and then went on to manage their business affairs until they retired in 1908

A Woman Adrift   Mar 2nd

Dornan And Maclellan’s Company

Under The Red Robe   Mar 9th

Leigh Lovell’s Company

Starring Ernest E.Norris

A Trip To Chinatown   Mar 16th

Robert Perris’s Company

The Fatal Wedding   Mar 23rd

Bert Cootes’s Company

Under Two Flags   Mar 30th

Ida Molesworth and Mark Blow’s Company

Preceded by one-act play “ The Adventures Of Lady Ursula”

Closed Until Apr 11th

Mons Beaucaire   Apr 11th

Wilfred Cotton’s Company starring Henry Renouf

David Garrick    Apr 20th

Chas Wyndham And Mary Moore and London Company   

In The Shadows Of Night  Apr 21st

Dottridge and Langdon’s Company

The Marauders    Apr 28th

Swansea Amateur Operatic Society

My Friend The Prince   May 4th

Dallas Welford’s Company

The Sorrows Of Satan   May 11th

C.W Somerset’s Company starring Leah Marlborough

The New Clown   May 18th

James Welch’s Company

The Eternal City   May 25th

Tree’s Company starring Arthur Royston, Maud Jeffries, Frank Vernon and Phillip Cunningham

Our Flat    Jun 1st

Charles Stewart’s Company

 The Marauders   Jun 10th

Last night of season Jun 12th, theatre then closed until Jul 27th

Sowing The Wind   Jul 27th

Stanley Hope’s Company

The Light That Failed   Aug 3rd

Forbes Robertson and Company

Too Many Cooks   Aug 10th

Herbert Greville’s Company

Held Up     Aug 17th

Arthur Bouchier’s Company

The Silver King    Aug 24th

G.M. Polini and Austin Welford’s Company

Her Second Time On Earth  Aug 31st

Walter Melville’s Company

Two Little Vagabonds   Sep 7th

Hardie and Von Leer’s Company

Quality Street    Sep 14th

Addison Bright and Walter Maxwell’s Company

A Chinese Honeymoon   Sep 21st

George Dance’s Company

Just Like Callaghan   Sep 28th

Mr Mouillot’s No 1 Company

Elsie Chester and Arthur Holmes-Gore preceded by one-act play “An Actors Honour”

The Lights Of London   Oct 5th

Hollister and Dew’s Company

The Marriage Of Kitty   Oct 12th

Frank Curzon’s Company Preceded by one-act play “The Lady Bootas”

Three Little Maids   Oct 19th

George Dance’s Company

The Christian    Oct 26th

Wentworth Croke’s No. 1 Company

Beaumont Collin and Harry Scott

San Toy     Nov 2nd

George Edward’s Company

The Admiral Crichton   Nov 9th

Charles Frohman’s Company

My Lady Mollie   Nov 16th

Hart and Maloney’s Company

Sherlock Holmes   Nov 23rd

Charles Frohman’s Company

La Poupee    Nov 30th

Mr Lockwood’s Company

A Life’s Revenge   Dec 7th

Marie Dagmar and Fred C. Somerville

When We Were 21   Dec 14th

Owen Baxter’s Co

A Message From Mars   Dec 26th

Mr Mouillot’s No 1 Company


F.R. Benson’s Shakespeare Co

The Taming Of The Shrew Jan 4th, 8th

Julius Caesar   Jan 5th

The Merry Wives Of  Jan 6th


Macbeth   Jan 7th

Hamlet (Matinee)  Jan 9th   

Julius Caesar (Evening)  Jan 9th

The Toreador    Jan 11th

George Edward’s Company

Zaza     Jan 25th

Mrs Lewis Waller’s Company

The Ring That Binds   Feb 1st

Mr W.Ruddle brown’s Company

starring Nellie Howitt

Carl Rosa Opera Company

Tannhauser   Feb 8th

Cavalleria Rusticana &  Feb 9th

I Pagliacci

Maritana   Feb 10th

Don Giovanni   Feb 11th

Lohengrin   Feb 12th

Faust (Matinee)  Feb 13th

Carmen (Evening)  Feb 13th

Mr and Mrs Kendal’s Company

Dick Hope   Feb 15th

The Elder Mrs Blossom Feb 16th

A Scrap Of Paper  Feb 17th

Lady Of Lyons    Feb 19th

Cardiff Commercial Travellers Histrionic Society

Home Sweet Home   Feb 22nd

Frank Lindo’s Company

A Girl’s Cross Roads   Feb 29th

Douglas Bruck’s Company

Between Two Women   Mar 7th

Fred Melville’s Company

Uncle Tom’s Cabin   Mar 14th

Chas Harrington’s Number 1 Company

The Eternal City   Mar 21st

Mr Tree’s Company Starring Miss Essex Cane and Stephen T. Ewart

Closed until Apr 4th

Resurrections    Apr 4th

Mr Tree’s Company

Private Secretary   Apr 11th

Eugene C. Stafford’s Company

The Mikado    Apr 20th

Swansea Amateur Operatic Society

Monsieur Beaucaire   Apr 25th

 Lewis Waller’s Company

Mice And Men    May 2nd

Preceded by one-act play “The Light That Failed”    

Caste     May 9th

Mouillot’s Company, which also included his wife Gertrude Mouillot, Francis Hawley and the manager of the Grand at the time, Mr Frank Boyce

Ours     May 16th    

Mouillot’s Company

School     May 17th

Mouillot’s Company preceded by one-act play “The Man In The Street”

D’oyly Carte’s Repertoire Opera Company

The Gondoliers          May 23rd, 26th

Iolanthe   May 24th

Preceded by “Bob”

Yeoman Of  May 25th

The Guard

Princess Ida  May 26th

Patience  May 27th

The Mikado  May 28th

Zaza     May 30th

Charles Frohman and Lewis Waller’s Company

A Royal Divorce   Jun 6th

The Master Criminal   Jun 13th

Stanley Hope’s Company

Trooper Hunt’s Widow  Jun 20th

Frank Nelson’s Company

Saved From The Sea   Jun 27th

Mr Leslie Vyners Company

Closed until Jul 18th

Liberty Hall    Jul 18th

Lennox Pawle, Loring Fernie and Janet Alexander

The Sin Of Her Children  Jul 25th

J.A.Campbell’s Number 1 company

In The Ranks    Aug 1st

Arthur Carlton and H. Armitagh’s Company

Sunday     Aug 8th

Starring Louis Calvert the famous Shakespearian actor who also appeared on Broadway

The Fatal Wedding   Aug 15th

Bert Coots Company

Seal Of Silence    Aug 22nd

Buckstone And Cox’s No.1 Company

A Sailor’s Sweetheart   Aug 29th

Ida Molesworth and Mark Blow’s Company

His Excellency The Governor  Sep 5th

D. Standing And Monckton Hoffe’s Company preceded by “The Lady Who Dwelt In The Dark”

The Darling Of The Gods  Sep 12th

Herbert Beerbohm Tree’s Company

The Lady Of Ostend & The Cruise Sep 19th

Of Saucy Sally

Lawrence Brough’s Company

Preceded by one-act play “Your Only Sarah”

Farewell II visit to Wales of Henry Irving And His Lyceum Company

The Merchant              Sep 26th & Oct 1st

Of Venice   

Becket              Sep 27th & 30th

The Lyons Mail           Sep 28th  

Waterloo              Sep 27th & Oct 1st

A Country Girl    Oct 3rd

George Dance’s Company

Ellen Terry And Company presents  

Much Ado About           Oct 10th, 11th, 14th


The Good Hope  Oct 13th

  Preceded by Nance Oldfield

The merchant Of Venice    Oct 12th, 15th

Starring Ellen Terry who pays her first visit to the Grand Theatre. She was born on February 27 1848  and rose to become one of Theatre’s greatest actressses dubbed “the Queen Of Britain’s Stage” she performed from the age of 8 years old until her death on July 21st 1928 aged eighty. She worked with many “Greats” like Henry Irving and George Bernhard Shaw and She became a Dame Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire in 1925. Her Legacy is that her Grand Nephew was the great Actor Sir John Gielgud an Academy award winner who is widely regarded as one of the greatest English actors Britain has produced.

Two little Vagabonds   Oct 17th

Hardie and Von Leer’s Company

Sapho     Oct 24th

Olga Nethersole’s Company

A Chinese Honeymoon   Oct 31st

 George Dance’s Company

Belle Of New York   Nov 7th

Ben Greet’s Company

Norman V. Norman and Company

Under The Red Robe  Nov14th, 17th 19th

David Garrick   Nov 16th

Nell Gwyn          Nov 15th, 18th

Starring Beatrice Wilson

A Path Of Thorns   Nov 21st

Hardie And Von Leer’s Company

East Lynne    Nov 28th

Miss Lilian Dundas and Company

On opening night all admission paying Ladies were each presented by miss Dundas and the Theatre management with a cloth bound copy of the book “East Lynne”

No Mans Land    Dec 5th

Frank Boyce The Manager and Lessee of the Grand died on Nov 22nd aged just 47 and the theatre was forced to close after the play “No Mans land” until new management could be found

The Grand Theatre re-opened under new management and lessee’s Oswald Brooks And J.W. Woodbridge starting with a three-week season by the Moody Manners Opera Company on Dec 26th

Moody Manners Opera Company

Maritana   Dec 26th


Moody Manners Opera Company

Carmen   Jan 2nd

Lohengrin Afternoon Jan 4th

The Daughter Afternoon Jan 5th

Of The Regiment

Faust  Evening Jan 5th

La Traviata Evening Jan 4th

Il Trovatore   Jan 6th

Bohemian Girl   Jan 7th

Moody Manners Opera Company

Cavalleria Rusticana &   Jan 9th


La Traviata   Jan 10th

Mignon    Jan 11th

Maritana   Jan 12th

Lohengrin   Jan 13th

Carmen    Jan 14th

Girl From Kay’s   Jan 23rd

George Dance’s Company

Dahomey    Jan 30th

Theatre closed from Feb 6th – 13th to install Iron fireproof curtain

Mr And Mrs Kendal and Company

 The Housekeeper         Feb 13th, 15th

Still Waters Run Deep  Feb 14th

Les Cloches De Cornville  Feb 21st

 Swansea Amateur Operatic Society

If I Were King    Feb 27th

Frank Fenton’s Company preceded by one act play “The Patriot”

Three Little Maids   Mar 6th

Sapho     Mar 13th

Annie Bell and Company

The Sign Of The Cross   Mar 20th

William Greet’s Company

Sergeant Brue    Mar 27th

Frank Curzon’s Company

The Christian    Apr 3rd

Wentworth Chokes Company

Duke Of Killicrankie   Apr 10th

Leigh Lovell’s Company

Facing The Music   Apr 17th

Gerald Alexander And Galway Hawley and their Company

A Hot Night    Apr 24th

Milton Ray’s Company

Merely Mary Ann   May 1st

Bright And Maxwell starring Christine Silver

F.R Benson’s Shakespearean Company

The Merchant Of Venice     May 8th, 13th

 As You Like It   May 9th

Romeo And Juliet         May10th, 13th

 The Merry Wives  May 11th

Of Windsor

The School For Scandal May 12th

Little Mary    May 15th

Maxwell and Bright’s Company starring George Mudle preceded by one-act play “The Monkey’s Paw”

Beauty And The Barge   May 22nd

Cyril Maud’s Company preceded by one-act play “That Brute Simmons”

The Girl From Chicago   May 29th

Harry Hare And Company with The   Daffodils speciality dancers

The Garden Of Lies   Jun 5th

Louis Calvert presents Renee Renouf

Under The Czar   Jun 12th

Madam Sarah Bernhardt and her Paris Company. Sarah was a famous actress and Courtesan of the time who specialised in tragic roles and was rumoured to have had an affair with Edward VII, the Prince of Wales. She only did one show herself at the Grand however, the Saturday. She apparently claimed that Swansea was a dirty Town.

Jane Shore    Jun 19th

The Shaughraun   Jun 26th

Dion Boucicault’s Company

Nell Gwynn    Jul 3rd

Max Goldberg’s play

The Colleen Bawn   Jul 10th

 Dion Boucicault’s Company

Theatre Closed For Summer Break from Jul 17th until Aug 7th

The Silver King    Aug 7th

Polini and Melford’s Company

Lucky Durham    Aug 14th

Wilson Borrah’s play

Leigh Lovel, Octavia Kenmore and Company

The Idler          Aug 21st,22nd ,23rd

 A Pair Of          Aug 24th,25th,26th

An Actor’s Pardon   Aug 28th

Lillian Beszant’s Company

When London Sleeps   Sep 4th

Lester Collingwood’s Company

Are You A Mason   Sep 11th

Charles Macdona’s Company preceded by one-act play “Box and Cox”  

A Wrecker Of Men   Sep 18th

Watson, Mill’s London Company

Beside The Bonnie Briar Bush  Sep 25th

William Mollison and Durward Lely’s Company

Mice And Men    Oct 2nd

Laurence Holland’s Company

A Silent Accuser   Oct 9th

A Country Girl    Oct 16th

George Dance’s Principal Company

Cousin Kate    Oct 23rd

Emma And Percy Huchison’s Company preceded by one-act play “A Case For Eviction”

A Royal Revenge   Oct 30th

J.H. Clyndes and Company

Norman V. Norman’s Company

The Adventures   Nov 6th,8th,10th

Of Lady Ursula

David Garrick   Nov 7th, 11th

As You Like It   Nov 9th

Nell Gwynne   Nov 11th

The Doyly Carte Opera Company

The Mikado   Nov 13th

The Gondoliers   Nov 14th,17th

Patience   Nov 15th

Iolanthe   Nov 18th

The Yeoman Of The Guard Nov 18th

The Freedom Of Suzanne  Nov 20th

Hutchison and Hutchison’s Company starring Beatrice Lindley and Percy Hutchison

The Great Awakening   Nov 27th

Starring Maud Hildyard

East Lynne    Dec 4th

Mrs Bandman Palmer’s company

The Throne Of Terror   Dec 11th

William J. Miller

The Days Of Cromwell   Dec 18th

Bendyn, Liversay and Hardy’s Company

Madam Bernice De Pasquali  Dec 21st

This was listed as a flying one-day visit and Grand Fashionable Matinee, by the American Opera Diva

The Duchess Of Dantzic  Dec 26th

George Dance’s Principal Company


The Cingalee    Jan 1st

George Dance’s Principal Company

Lawrence Brough and Company

The Lady Of Ostend  Jan 8th

The Cruise Of Saucy Sally Jan 11th

The Orchid    Jan 15th

George Dance’s Principal Company

Sunday     Jan 22nd

Louis Calvert and Company starring Jean Mackinlay Sterling

The Yeoman Of The Guard  Feb 12th

Swansea Amateur Operatic Society

Mr and Mrs Kendal and Company

Dick Hope   Feb 19th

 The Housekeeper  Feb 20th

The Ironmaster   Feb 21st

My Cousin Marco   Feb 22nd

Weedon Grossmith

The Breed Of The Tresham  Feb 26th

Frank Bertram’s Company

Oliver Twist    Mar 5th

Herbert Beerbohm Tree’s Company. It is ironic that sixty-two years later Tree’s son the film director Sir Carol Reed picked up an Academy Award for the Film “Oliver”, which also starred Tree’s Grandson “Oliver Reed”

The Earl And The Girl   Mar 12th

William Greet’s Company

The Wearin’ O’ The Green  Mar 19th

Mr And Mrs Chalmers Mackey’s Company

The Walls Of Jericho   Mar 26th

Arthur Bourchier’s Company

The Youngest Of Three  Apr 2nd

H.F. Maltby and Company

Daredevil Dorothy   Apr 9th

Henry Swinherd’s Company  

Mr Hopkinson    Apr 16th

Frank Curzon’s Company

The Little Bread Winner   Apr 23rd

J.A.Campbell’s Company

The Price Of Her Soul   Apr 30th

Shinton And Greenwood’s Company

Leah Kleshna    May 7th

Charles Frohman’s Company

Our Boys           May 14th, 15th, 19th

Caste            May 16th, 17th, 18th

Preceded by one-act play “A Case For Eviction”

The Biggest Scamp On Earth  May 21st

Frances Delavel and Company

Peggy Machree   May 28th

Claudia Lasell

The Manxman    Jun 4th

Alfred B. Cross and Company

The Plucky Nipper   Jun 11th

Bonwin Carlton’s Company

Lost In London    Jun 18th

Samuel James and Company starring Mabel Lowe

The New Clown   Jun 25th

Frank Bertram’s Company preceded by one-act play “My Lady Help”

Elster Grime Opera Company

Maritana   Jul 2nd

The Lilly Of Killarney  Jul 3rd

The Bohemian Girl   Jul 4th

Carmen   Jul 5th

La Fille De Madame Angot Jul 6th

The Daughter Of   Jul 7th

The Regiment (mat)

Faust  (Evening) Jul 7th

Miller Anderson’s Company

Camille          Jul 9th, 12th, 13th

Preceded by one-act play “The Other Charley”

The Old Curiosity Shop  Jul 10th, 11th, 14th

Leigh Lovell and Octavia Kenmore

Sowing The Wind  Jul 16th, 17th,18th

In The Soup   Jul 19th, 20th, 21st

A Queen’s Vengeance   Jul 23rd

Boxing Film    Jul 30th

A picture reel of the lightweight Championship Of The World between Oscar Nelson and Jimmy Britt from Sep 8th 1905 was shown for six nights, Nelson won in a round 18 KO.

Two Little Vagabonds   Aug 6th

Hardie and Von Leer’s Company

The Sin Of Her Childhood  Aug 13th

J.A. Campbell’s Company

Ian Maclaren’s Opera Company

Hamlet    Aug 20th

David Garrick   Aug 21st

Preceded by one-act play “Delicate Ground”

Othello    Aug 22nd

The Merchant Of Venice Aug 23rd.

Twelfth Night   Aug 24th

The Merchant Of Venice Aug 25th

Hamlet (eve)   Aug 25th

Mollentrave On Women  Aug 27th

Mackintosh and Hare’s Company starring E.A. Warburton

The Coal king    Sep 3rd

Polini and Maitland’s Company.

Emelie Polini is a famous name in the early history of Women's Rights.  She was an Australian Actress who had a successful career in New York and in London. Back in Australia in 1922, she gave birth to a baby girl, Patricia.  When the baby was 2 years old Emelie wanted to resume her career and take the baby with her to London.  Her husband objected and there was a custody battle in the High Court in Sydney.  The judge ruled that normally custody would be given to the mother, but in this case the mother was out earning the family's income and the father was staying at home as a "house husband" looking after the child.  He ruled that the mother had "sacrificed her right" to custody of the child because she had chosen to take on the man's role of earning the money.

This ruling - of course - was highly controversial and was fought by the Australian Women's Lib movement many decades later. Emilie Polini is frequently quoted as a victim of male chauvinism.

The Swiss Express   Sep 10th

C and F Renad’s Company

His House In Order   Sep 17th

George Alexander’s Company starring Frank Fenton and Auriol Lee

The Bauble Shop   Sep 24th

Henry Arthur Jones’s Company

Lucky Durham    Oct 1st

Edmund Kennedy and Wilson Barrett’s Company

The Night Of The Party  Oct 8th

Weedon Grossmith’s Company

When Knights Were Bold  Oct 15th

James Welch and Company preceded by one-act play “The Lady burglar”

San Toy    Oct 22nd

Mr Mouillot’s Company

The White Chrysanthemum  Oct 29th

Charles Macdona’s Company

Sunday     Nov 5th

Louis Calvert’s Company Starring Emelie Polini

Uncle Tom’s Cabin   Nov 12th

Charles Harmistan’s Company

Public Opinion    Nov 19th

Hutchison and Hutchison’s Company starring Emma Hutchison

All Of A Sudden Peggy  Nov 26th

From the Duke Of York Theatre in London starring Decima Moore who was an English singer and actress, known for her performances in soprano roles with the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company and in musical comedies. She was the youngest of ten siblings (hence, 'Decima'), several of them singers or actors. Her sister, Eva Moore, was the mother of Jill Esmond, the first wife of actor Laurence Olivier. This also starred Lionel Glenister who went on to appear in Tarzan of The Apes on Broadway in 1921 as Lord Greystoke

The Streets Of London   Dec 3rd

Eade Montefiore’s Company

Monte Cristo    Dec 10th

Starring Junius Booth

His Majesty’s Guest   Dec 17th

Fred Karno and Company starring William E. Mathews  

The Little Michus   Dec 24th

George Dance’s Company


The Walls Of Jericho   Jan 7th

Arthur Bourchiers Company

The Lion And The Mouse  Jan 14th

Walter Maxwell’s Company

The Gondoliers and Trial By Jury Feb 5th

 Swansea Amateur Operatic Society

Brigadier Gerrard   Feb 11th

Lewis Waller’s Company

The Trumpet Call   Feb 18th

Charles F. Cook’s Company

The Private Secretary   Feb 25th

E.C Stafford’s Company preceded by one-act play “My American Admirer”

The Sign Of The Cross   Mar 4th

William Greet’s Company

The New Barmaid   Mar 11th

Alexander Loftus’s Company

The Master Builder   Mar 18th

Lovell And Kenmore’s Company

Theatre closed for one week

Somebody’s Sweetheart  Apr 1st

Edward Marris’s Company

Boxing Film    Apr 8th

A picture reel of the lightweight Championship Of The World between Oscar Nelson and Joe Gans from Sep 3rd 1906 was shown for six nights, Gans won after 42 arduous rounds when Nelson was disqualified for a low blow. This fight had gate receipts of  $76,000, which was unheard of at the time.

The Officer’s Mess   Apr 15th

W.Penrhyn Forrester’s Company

Beside The Bonnie Brier Bush  Apr 22nd

Sidney Cooper’s Company starring William Mollison

Mdlle Lumiere    Apr 29th

A variety show direct from Albambro Paris,

Claudian     May 6th

William Maclaren and Lily C. Bandman

H.F. Maltby and Company  May 13th

The Youngest Of Three   May 13,14,15th

Sir George Of Almacks   May 16,17,18th

The Lady Of Ostend   May 20th

Lawrence Brough and Company

Norman Macowen and Violet Sterna’s Company

A Marriage Of   May 27,28,29th


Still Waters Run         May 30,31st Jun 1st


A Bunch Of Violets   Jun 3rd

Norman Macowen and Violet Sterna’s Company

The Second Mrs Tanquery  Jun 10th

Norman Macowen and Violet Sterna’s Company

The Tyranny Of Tears   Jun 17th

Norman Macowen and Violet Sterna’s Company

Captain Swift    Jun 24th

Norman Macowen and Violet Sterna’s Company

The Glass Of Fashion   Jul 1st

Norman Macowen and Violet Sterna’s Company

A Fools Paradise   Jul 8th

Norman Macowen and Violet Sterna’s Company

The Profligate    Jul 15th

Norman Macowen and Violet Sterna’s Company

Benefit concert for John Roberts Jul 25th

Swansea Amateur Operatic Society

The Importance of Being Earnest  Jul 29th

Monckton Hoffe’s Company preceded by one-act play “A Breezy Morning”

Driven From Home   Aug 5th

Andrew Melville’s Company

Lady Windermere’s Fan  Aug 12th

Monckton Hoffe’s Company preceded by one-act play “Brokers Ahead”

The Love That women Desire  Aug 19th

Carlton Wallace’s Company

Are You A Mason   Aug 26th

Charles Macdona’s Company preceded by Gwen Clifford at the piano

The New Housemaid   Sep 2nd

Swansea Amateur Dramatic Society

With benefit for Oswald E. Brooks on the Thursday

The Marriage Of Kitty   Sep 9th

Thomas Sidney And Company preceded by one-act play “Twenty Years Later”

The Belle Of New York  Sep 16th

George Musgrave’s Company

The Prince Of Pilson   Sep 23rd

Baron H. Harris’s Company starring Sophie Harris and Harry Kilburn

Leah Kleshna    Sep 30th

Armitage and Leigh’s Company

Catch Of The Season   Oct 7th

George Dance’s Company

John Glaydes Honour   Oct 14th

George Alexander’s Company

Broken Melody   Oct 21st

Starring Auguste Van Bienne. Born in Holland in 1850 he become a brilliant Cellist and conductor He hit the big time with “The Broken Melody”, first produced at the Prince of Wales's Theatre in 1892, starring himself in the role of the disabled cellist. The piece proved irresistible to the public, and Van Biene ended up playing the part over 6,000 times. Van Biene continued to perform for the rest of his life. In January of 1913 he had been sidelined owing to ill health but travelled to the Brighton Hippodrome to fulfil a January 23 engagement in The Master Musician Midway through his performance, conducted by his son, Van Biene fell back in his chair. The curtain was lowered and he was pronounced dead at the scene– incidentally he was to appear on Mar 1st 1909 at the Swansea Empire in “The Master Musician”.

See See    Oct 28th

 George Edward’s Company

Mr Ian Maclaren And Company

 Hamlet    Nov 4th

Taming Of The Shrew  Nov 5th

David Garrick   Nov 6th

The Merchant Of Venice Nov 7th

Othello    Nov 8th

Twelfth Night (mat)  Nov 9th

David Garrick (Eve)  Nov 9th

His House In Order   Nov 11th

George Alexander’s Company

The Duchess Of Dantzic  Nov 18th

Charles Macdona’s Company

Lucky Durham    Nov 25th

Armitage and Leigh’s Company

The Walls Of Jericho   Dec 2nd

Arthur Bourchiers Company

Lights Out    Dec 9th

The Night Of The Party  Dec 16th

Weedon Grossmith’s London Company

The Lion And The Mouse  Dec 23rd

Walter Maxwell’s Company

Mr Popple(Of Ippleton)  Dec 30th

Charles Macdona’s Company


The Christian    Jan 6th

Wentworth Croke’s Company

The Silver King    Jan 13th

Polini and Melford’s Company

A Grand Sacred Concert  Jan 26th

The 1st Glamorgan Royal Garrison Artillery Band, George Hanney the leader of the band collapsed on stage at this show and died on Feb 4th

The Girl From Kays   Jan 27th

Charles Macdona’s Company

Harbour Lights    Feb 3rd

W.H. Savery and A.S Pigott’s Company starring W.Payne, Minnie Grey and Betty Casalls

Grand Sacred Concert   Feb 8th

W.F Hulley’s orchestra in a charity show for the Mayor’s Benevolent Fund

The Little Muchus   Feb 10th

Charles Macdon’s Company

Sherlock Holmes   Feb 17th

Hamilton Stewart’s Company

The Hypocrites    Feb 24th

Charles Frohman’s Company. Charles Frohman was an American theatrical producer who at one time employed 700 actors per season in plays he produced. He controlled five theatres in London, six theatres in New York City and over two hundred throughout the rest of the US. He died aged 58 on May 7th 1915, a casualty of World War 1, when the RMS Lusitania was sunk by the U-Boat Unterseeboot 20. She journeyed from New York. Lusitania's destination on the return leg of her transatlantic circuit was Fastnet Rock, off the southern tip of Ireland. The great ship sank in just 18 minutes, eight miles off the Old Head of Kinsale Ireland killing 1,198 of the 1,959 people aboard. The sinking turned public opinion in many countries against Germany. The Songwriter Jerome Kern was also due to be on board but he overslept, fortunately, for he went on to pen Ol’ Man River, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, A Fine Romance and scores for more than a Hundred shows and films.

Monsieur Beaucaire   Mar 2nd

Norman Macowen and Violet Sterna’s Company

The Prisoner Of Zenda   Mar 9th

Norman Macowen and Violet Sterna’s Company this play was so popular it carried on for three extra nights the following week

The Lady Of Lyons   Mar 19th

Norman Macowen and Violet Sterna’s Company

The School For Scandal  Mar 23rd

Norman Macowen and Violet Sterna’s Company

David Garrick    Mar 26th

Norman Macowen and Violet Sterna’s Company

The Gay Gordons   Mar 30th

Starring Zena Dare

A Royal Divorce   Apr 6th

W.W. Kelly’s London Company

Grand Benefit Concert   Apr 14th

For the benefit of Ivor Walters

J.W. Turners Opera Company

Faust    Apr 17th

Maritana   Apr 18th

Beside The Bonnie Brier Bush  Apr 20th

William Mollison’s Company starring Evelyn Mcnay

The Pirates Of Penzance  Apr 27th

Swansea Amateur Operatic Society

The Dandy Fifth   May 4th

Clarence C. Corr’s Company

Mrs Ponderbury’s Past   May 11th

Emma Hutchison And Company preceded by one–act play “H Is Landlady”

The Gayer Of The Gay   May 18th

W.W Kelly’s Company

Her Son    May 25th

Desmond M. Raleigh’s Company

The Mystery Of Edwin Drood  Jun 1st

T.Morton Powell’s Company

East Lynne    Jun 8th

Armitage And Leigh’s Company

This Never Never Lasts  Jun 15th

Armitage And Leigh’s Company

The Village Priest   Jun 22nd

Armitage And Leigh’s Company

Trilby     Jun 29th

Armitage And Leigh’s Company

Theatre closed from Jul 5th Until Aug 3rd

The Midnight Wedding   Aug 3rd

Alfred Paumier and Walter Howard’s Company

Man And Wife    Aug 10th

Van Biene and Traynor’s Company

In The Soup    Aug 17th

Earnest Dare’s Company

E.Oswald Brookes became sole lessee of

Swansea Grand Theatre

Diana Of Dobson’s   Aug 24th

Lena Ashwell’s Company

Florodora    Aug 31st

J. Bannister Howard’s Company

Leah Kleshna    Sep 7th

Armitage And Leigh’s Company

The Dairy Maid’s   Sep 14th

Robert Macdonald’s Company

Charley’s Aunt    Sep 21st

Brandon Thomas’s Company

You Never Can Tell   Sep 28th

Taylor, Platt and Trevor Lowe’s Company

Miss Hook of Holland   Oct 5th

George Dance’s Company

The Bondman    Oct 12th

Wentworth Croke’s Company

With Edged Tools   Oct 19th

Armitage And Leigh’s Company

The Merry Widow   Oct 26th

George Edwardes’s Company

Irene Wycherley   Nov 2nd

Monckton Hoffe’s Company

Ian Maclaren’s Opera Company

Merchant Of Venice  Nov 9th

Hamlet    Nov 12th

Romeo And Juliet  Nov 13th

As You Like It (mat)  Nov 14th

Othello  (eve)   Nov 14th

The Thieves    Nov 16th

George Alexander’s Company starring Rupert Lister and Marie Polini preceded by one-act play “To Happy By Half”

Lady Frederick    Nov 23rd

Hutchison and Hutchison’s Company

Starring Mabel Love and Robert Minster

Mrs Dot    Nov 30th

Hutchison and Hutchison’s Company starring Decima Moore

The Last Ever appearance of Sir John Hare

The Gay Lord Quez  Dec 7th

Caste    Dec 8th

A Pair Of Spectacles  Dec 9th

Ian Maclaren’s Opera Company

Henry Of Lancashire  Dec 10th

Lote Esmond’s Company

The Sorrows               Dec14,16,17,19th

Of Sabia

Nana                     Dec15,18,19th

Lovel and Kenmore’s Company

A Dolls House             Dec 21,24th

Hedda Gabler              Dec 22nd

The Master Builder             Dec 23rd

Peter’s Mother              Dec 8th

Hutchison and Hutchison’s Company


The New Housemaid   Jan 4th

E.Oswald Brookes’s Company

The Fatal Wedding   Jan 11th

Percy Williams’s Company

The Prodigal Son   Jan 18th

Wentworthe Croke’s Company

Samson    Jan 25th

Arthur Bourchier’s Company starring Violet Vanbrugh

The Cingalee    Feb 1st

George Edwardes’s Company

The Hypocrites    Feb 15th

Charles Frohman’s Company

Raffles     Feb 22nd

Leonard Coyne’s Company starring Eille Norwood. Norwood was a British actor who spent most of his screen career playing Sherlock Holmes. From 1920 to 1923 he played Holmes in forty-seven silent films lasting about 20 minutes each. He stands as the actor who played Holmes the most times on film.

The Sins Of Society   Mar 1st

F.W. Bolam’s Company

Edward Terry and Company

Sweet Lavender  Mar 8,9,10th

Liberty hall   Mar 11,12,13th

The Magistrate (eve)  Mar 13th

Brewster’s Millions   Mar 15th

Percy Hutchison’s Company starring Lilian Earle and Cicely Stuckey

Butterflies    Mar 22nd

Harrison Brookbank’s Company

The Christian    Mar 29th

Wentworth Croke’s Company

Convict 99    Apr 5th

William Mollison’s Company

Beside The Bonnie   Apr 12,13,16th

Brier Bush

Merchant Of Venice  Apr 14th

David Garrick (mat)  Apr 17th

Julius Caesar (eve)  Apr 17th

Dorothy    Apr 20th

Swansea Amateur Operatic Society

Message From Mars   Apr 26th

Mouillot’s Company

Arthur Henderson M.P.  May 2nd

Mass Meeting

Stanley James Company

My Wife   May 3rd

The Breed Of The   May 6th


The Only Way             May 7,8th

The Flag Lieutenant   May 10th

Lyn Harding And Sidney Cooper’s Company

The Chatelaine    May 17th

Ian Maclaren’s Comic Opera Company

Benefit Concert    May 26th

A benefit took place for the Comic Opera Company who had their Engagement terminated and had not been paid for the previous month

Her Majesty’s Guest   May 31st

Fred Karno’s Company

The Theatre Then Closed until Jul 31st for its summer break

Sexton Blake    Jul 31st

The Stepmother   Aug 9th

William Holtes and Namie Goodman and Company

His Excellency The Governor  Aug 16th

Earnest Dare And Company

Admiral Guinea    Aug 23rd

H.V Neilson’s Company starring Orlando Barnett

Fanny And The Servant Problem Aug 30th

Lovel And Kenmore’s Company

The Explorer    Sep 6th

Lewis Waller’s company

Our Miss Gibbs   Sep 13th

George Dance’s Company

Horniman’s Company

Candida              Sep 20,21,23, 25th

Cupid And The Styx            Sep 22,24th

Each performance was preceded by

one –act play “The Subjection Of Kezia”

Havana     Sep 27th

George Dance’s Company

A Country Mouse   Oct 4th

J.P Watson’s Company starring Sybil Walsh preceded by one-act play “Judged By Appearances”

The Builder Of Bridges   Oct 11th

George Alexander’s Company

With Edged Tools   Oct 18th

Moody Manners Opera Company

Carmen   Oct 25th

Lohengrin   Oct 26th

Faust    Oct 27th

The Masked Ball  Oct 28th

Tanhauser   Oct 29th

Maritana   Oct 30th

An Englishman’s Home   Nov 1st

Jag and Mann’s Company

Man To Man     Nov 8th

Clifford Down’s Company

Somebody’s Sweetheart  Nov 15th

Under The Red Robe   Nov 22nd

Diana Of Dobson’s   Nov 29th

Brewster’s Millions   Dec 6th

Percy Hutchison’s Company

John Glayde’s Honour   Dec 13th

George Alexander’s Company

An Anniversary Concert  Dec 20th

Benefit for E.Oswald Brooks

Her Love Against The World  Dec 27th


Political Meeting    Jan 3rd

A Royal Divorce   Jan 4th

The Merry Widow   Jan 10th

When Knight’s Were Bold  Jan 17th

The Dairymaids   Jan 24th

The Woman In The Case  Jan 31st

You Never Can Tell   Feb 7th

The Sign Of The Cross   Feb 14th

Thro’ The Divorce Court  Feb 21st

The Dollar Princess   Feb 28th

The Little Damozel   Mar 7th

Driving A Girl To Distraction  Mar 14th

The Luck Of Roaring Camp  Mar 21st

Ida Molesworth And Mark Blow’s Company

The Midnight Wedding   Mar 28th

The Mikado    Apr 4th

Swansea Amateur Operatic Society

The Little Duke    Apr 11th

Starring Zena Dare. Zena & Phyllis Dare were sisters and were enormously popular at the turn of the century.  There are more sepia glamour postcards of these two girls than most other actresses of the period.  Zena was hugely popular from 1904 onwards, but she retired from the stage just seven years later, when she married one of the sons of the famous Viscount Esher.  She made a comeback in the late 1920s.  Soon after, Ivor Novello persuaded her to join him in one of his shows and thereafter she appeared in many of Ivor Novello's shows.  She was just as successful in this second phase of her career - this time accalimed as an actress rather than a beauty!  She carried on working right through the 30s and 40s.

In 1949 she and her sister both appeared in the two year run of Ivor Novello's "King's Rhapsody" at the Strand. When Ivor died in 1951, Zena announced her retirement, but was quickly persuaded to make yet another "come-back" in 1954 in Noel Coward's "Nude with Violin".   In 1958 - at the age of 71 – she played Mrs Higgins opposite Julie Andrews, Rex Harrison and Stanley Holloway in "My Fair Lady" at Drury Lane.  The show ran for five and a half years - 2281 performances.  Zena Dare was the only member of the cast to stay for the complete run.  When "My Fair Lady" finished, Zena Dare finally retired, aged 77  .  Her very first stage appearance had been at the age of 12 in pantomime - so her career had lasted some 65 years!

The Private Secretary   Apr 18th

Tom Jones    Apr 25th

Those Terrible Twins   May 2nd

King Edward VII dies on May 6th

The Cruise Of The Constance  May 9th

Drink     May 16th

Ben-My-Chree    May 23rd

Theatre Closed for a week

A Sacred Pictorial Service  Jun 5th

A performance of “ Their Death In The Submarine” for the benefit of the Grand Stock Company

This brought the curtain down on the Management of E. Oswald Brooks

Theatre closed from Jun 6th until a grand re-opening On Aug 1st and again under the management of Frederick Mouillot

On His Majesty’s Service  Aug 1st

Starring Andrew Emm also known as Andrew Melville II, the fourth son of Andrew Melville

Hush Money    Aug 8th

Niobe (all smiles)   Aug 15th

The Silver King    Aug 22nd

The Speckled Bird   Aug 29th

A Sherlock Holmes story

A White Man    Sep 5th

Herbert Sheath’s London Company

The Greater Love   Sep 12th

Our Miss Gibbs   Sep 19th

Leah Kleschna    Sep 26th

Miss Hook of Holland   Oct 3rd

Mr Preedy And The Countess  Oct 10th

Compton Comedy Company  Oct 17th

She Stoops To Conquer  Oct 18th

The Road To Ruin   Oct 19th

School For Scandal   Oct 20th

A Reformed Rake   Oct 21st

Davy Garrick    Oct 22nd

Sherlock Holmes   Oct 24th

King Of Cadonia   Oct 31st

Mr Bertram Wallace

The Fires Of Fate   Nov 7th

The House Of Temperley  Nov 14th

Old Heidelberg    Nov 21st

The Geisha and A Greek Slave  Nov 28th

Lord And Lady Algy            Dec 5,7,9th

The marriage Of Kitty            Dec 6,8,10th

Theatre closed for the next two weeks

Re-opening on Boxing Day

The Prince And The Beggar man Dec 26th