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Doctor Syn    Jan 4th

Starring Russell Thorndike and Alma Taylor

Swansea Amateur Players

The Thief           Jan 11th, 13th, 15th, 16th

The Laughing Lady  Jan12th, 14th,16th

Katinka    Feb 1st

Macdonald and Young’s Company

Mixed Doubles    Feb 8th

Lawrence Brough, Reginald Fry and Jenia Ratmirova

The Gorilla    Feb 15th

The Blue Bird    Feb 22nd

Harold Ross’s Company

Dracula    Mar 1st

Hamilton Dean and Company Arthur Ridley as Dracula from Bram Stoker’s Book also with Kim Peacock, Dora Patrick, Nancy Poultney and Stuart Lomalz

Lavender Ladies   Mar 8th

Archibald Nettlefold’s Company with Lydia Sherwood

Katja The Dancer   Mar 15th

George Edwardes’ Company

No No Nanette   Mar 22nd

Macdonald and Young’s Company

The Cardinal    Mar 29th

Charles Doran and Company. By request “Much Ado About Nothing” was performed on 31st March

The Ghost Train   Apr 5th

Westlan Productions, this play was penned by Arnold Ridley, who later became a household name playing Private Godfrey in “Dad’s Army” on Television

Cock O’ The Roost   Apr 12th

Percy Hutchison and Company

The Pelican    Apr 19th

Zillah Carter

Madam Pompadour   Apr 26th

George Edwardes’ Company

It Pays To Advertise   May 3rd

J. Bannister Howard’s Company

Charley’s Aunt    May 10th

Brandon Thomas’s Company

In The Next Room   May 17th

York Stephen’s Company

Saint Joan    May 24th

Charles Macdona’s Company with Miss Holmes-Gore and Peter Madgenick

Scotch Mist    May 31st

Dee Cee Tours Ltd with Brenda Dering, James Holland, J. Edward Whitty and Victor Baggette

Raffles     Jun 7th

Frank G. Cariello and Company with Brenda Harvey

Mrs Dane’s Defence   Jun 14th

Frank G. Cariello and Company

The Walls Of Jericho   Jun 21st

Frank G. Cariello and Company

Once A Thief    Jun 28th

Frank G. Cariello and Company

The Barrier    Jul 5th

Frank G. Cariello and Company

Mrs Gorringes Necklace  Jul 12th

Frank G. Cariello and Company

The Case Of Lady Camber  Jul 19th

Frank G. Cariello and Company

East Lynne    Jul 26th

Frank G. Cariello and Company

Welsh Drama Week

Ffordd Yr Holl Ddaer  Aug 2nd

Pelenni Pitar   Aug 3rd

Tuas Adref   Aug 4th

Pelenni Pitar   Aug 5th

Y Ffon Daff   Aug 6th

Ffordd Yr Holl Ddaer (mat) Aug 7th

Y Ffon Daff   Aug 7th

The Farmers Wife   Aug 9th

Clifton Anderson and W. Payne Seddon

Honour     Aug 16th

Phyllis Neilson-Terry preceded by one –act play “Oh Vicar”

Betty In Mayfair   Aug 23rd

Fred J. Blackman’s Company

The Widow’s Cruise   Aug 30th

Arthur Aubrey and Company

Rose Marie    Sep 6th

From the Theatre Royal Drury Lane with Catherine Ferguson, Phyllis Edwards, Roddy Hughes and George Hayes

Sun Up     Sep 13th

Lucille La Verne and Company

Doyly Carte Opera Company

The Gondolier   Sep 20th

Patience   Sep 21st

Ruddigore   Sep 22nd

Cox And Box    Sep 23rd

Pirates Of Penzance  Sep 24th

Patience (mat)   Sep 25th

The Gondolier   Sep 25th

Ask Beccles    Sep 27th

St James’s Productions

Alf’s Button    Oct 4th

Martin Henry Productions with Jerry Verno and Ambrose Thorne

Lilac Time    Oct 11th

Macdonald and Young’s Company

The Last Of Mrs Cheyney  Oct 18th

Muriel Martin Harvey’s Company with Garry Marsh

Mercenary Mary   Oct 25th

Macdonald and Young’s Company

White Cargo    Nov 1st

Ida Molesworth and Templer Powell’s Company

The Street Singer   Nov 8th

Macdonald and Young’s Company

The Naughty Wife   Nov 15th

Lionel Bute’s Company with Ivy Duke and Owen Roughwood

A Cuckoo In The Nest   Nov 22nd

Tom Wallis and Leslie Henson’s Company

Just Married    Nov 29th

Lionel Bute’s Company

Cabaret Up To Date   Dec 6th

Lydia Kyasht

Swansea Stage Society

The Rising Generation     Dec 13,14,18th

The Ware Case       Dec 15.16,17th

Variety Boy Scout Show  Dec 20th

Theatre Closed from 24th Dec

until Boxing Day


Katja     Jan 10th

George Edwardes’ Company

The Lash    Jan 17th

Arthur Gibbons and Dennis Eadie’s


Is Zat So    Jan 24th

Tom Arnold’s Company with Ronald Adair, Minty Woolf, Carl Harbord and Winifred Catterall

Wild Flower    Jan 31st

Fred J. Blackman’s Company with

Doreen Langton

Loose Ends    Feb 7th

Henry Edwards and Chrissie White’s Company

The Ghost Train   Feb 14th

Westlan Productions

The Belle Of New York  Feb 21st

J. Bannister Howard’s Company with Carson Hicks

A Greek Slave    Feb 28th

Swansea Amateur Operatic Society

The Last Waltz    Mar 7th

Robert Courtneidge’s Company

The Ringer    Mar 14th

Frank Curzon’s Company

Mr What’s His Name   Mar 21st

Seymour Hick’s and Company

The Wooing Of Catherine Parr  Mar 28th

Julia Neilson and Fred Terry

Doctor Syn    Mar 31st

Starring Mr Russell Thorndike – the brother of Dame Sybil Thorndike - And Mr Nelson King

Welsh Drama Week

Castell Martin   Apr 4th

Y Machgen Gwyn I  Apr 5th

Pobl Yr Ymylan  Apr 6th

Y Briordasorford  Apr 7th

Ador O’r Unlliw


Y Machgen Gwyn I  Apr 8th

Pobl Yr Ymylan  Apr 9th

A Report published by the council at the time revealed that the Welsh Drama Week at The Grand had lost 18.00 pounds

Theatre Closed from 11th Apr to 18th Apr

for annual cleaning

Lido Lady    Apr 18th

Horsfield and Woodward’s Company

Aloma     Apr 25th

Daniel Mayer’s Company with Rani Waller and Juliette Joser who both appeared in an advert in the Daily Post that week endorsing Amami Shampoo

No No Nanette   May 2nd.

Macdonald and Young’s Company

Easy Virtue    May 9th

A Noel Coward play presented by Herbert Jay and Anthony Ellis’s Company with Jane Wood

The Whole Town’s Talking  May 16th

M. Barry O’Brien’s Company

It Pays To Advertise   May 23rd

The Black Spider   May 30th

Ida Streatham and Arthur Aubrey

The Silver King    Jun 6th

Frank G. Cariello and Company with Lillian Hallows

The Second Mrs Tanqueray  Jun 13th

Frank G. Cariello and Company with Lillian Hallows

An Ideal Husband   Jun 20th

Frank G. Cariello and Company

The Thief    Jun 27th

Frank G. Cariello and Company

The Yellow Ticket   Jul 4th

Frank G. Cariello and Company

John Claydes Honour   Jul 11th

Frank G. Cariello and Company with Lillian Hallows

The Fake    Jul 18th

Frank G. Cariello and Company with Lillian Hallows

The Outsider    Jul 25th

Frank G. Cariello and Company with Lillian Hallows this week included a benefit performance of “The Walls Of Jericho” for Frank G. Cariello and Lilian Hallows on 29th Jul

The Student Prince   Aug 1st

Macdonald and Young’s Company

Dawn     Aug 8th

Maurice Cowan’s Company with Godfrey Tearle. Tearle was born in the U.S.A but raised in England. He was later Knighted for his services to British Theatre. He later appeared in Hitchcocks “The 39 Steps” in 1935. He also appeared on Broadway many times. Married 3 times he lived out his last few years as the companion of tragic Actress Jill Bennett. It is also interesting to note that another Grand favourite Wilfrid Brambell, made his acting Debut in “The 39 Steps”

Yvonne    Aug 15th

George Edwardes’ Daley Theatre Company with Jay Laurier

Yellow Sands    Aug 22nd

Birmingham Repertory Company

The Joker    Aug 29th

Arthur Gibbons and Dennis Eadie’s Company

Escape     Sep 5th

Ida Molesworth and Templer Powell’s Company with Gerald Ames

Sunny     Sep 12th

Moss Empires Ltd in Conjunction with Lee Ephraim and starring Jack Buchanan. Jack Buchanan was an actor who in 1938 achieved the unusual feat of starring in the London stage musical "This'll Make You Whistle" while concurrently filming a movie version. The movie was released while the stage version was still running; meaning the two productions competed with each other. He best known role was oposite Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse in the 1954 movie “The Bandwagon”. He also provided financial backing to John Logie Baird in his endevours to develop Television.

The Constant Nymph   Sep 19th

Dee Gee Company

Mercenary Mary   Sep 26th

Macdonald and Young’s Company

Gala Nights    Oct 3rd

Lydia Kyasht and the Balalaiko Orchestra with Leon Kellaway and the Russian Ballet

The Best People   Oct 10th

Reg Fry and Prince Littler’s Company

With Ena Grossmith

Just A Kiss    Oct 17th

Macdonald and Young’s Company

Royal Carl Rosa Opera Company

Tannhauser   Oct 24th

The Barber Of Seville  Oct 25th

Cavalleria Rusticana and Oct 26th

I Pagliacci

Carmen   Oct 27th

The Valkyrie   Oct 28th

The Barber Of Seville (mat) Oct 29th

Faust    Oct 29th

The Blue Train    Oct 31st

Philip Ridgeway Presentation

The Last Of Mrs Cheyney  Nov 7th

Clayton Green and Company with Stella Patrick Campbell

And So To Bed   Nov 14th

J.B. Fagan’s Company

The Terror    Nov 21st

B.A. Meyer, Mary Glynne and Dennis Neilson Terry’s Company with Peter Laddon

Rookery Nook    Nov 28th

Tom Wallis and Reginald Highley ‘s Company with William Daunt

Royal Italian Circus   Dec 5th

Meet The Wife    Dec 12th

Hilda Stewart

Scout Week    Dec 19th

Variety of fun and frolic

Theatre Closed 22nd Dec

until Boxing Day


The Girlfriend    Jan 9th

Macdonald and Young Co

Lido Lady    Jan 16th

Horsfield and Woodward’s Company

Potiphar’s Wife   Jan 23rd

Lionel Bute’s Company

Interference    Jan 30th

Frank Curzon’s Company

The Blue Mazurka   Feb 6th

George Edwardes Daley Theatre Company

Broadway    Feb 13th

Jed Harris’s Company

The Farmer’s Wife   Feb 20th

Young England    Feb 27th

Swansea Amateur Operatic Society

Lady Luck    Mar 5th

M. Barry O’Brien’s Company

The Scarlet Pimpernel   Mar 12th

Julia Neilson and Fred Terry

Welsh Drama Week

Yr Anfarwol      Mar 15th and 17th (mat)

Ifan Harris

John Jones   Mar 16th

Dros Y Dwr

Art Fasnachol

Y Machgen Gwyn I  Mar 17th

Prince Charming   Mar 19th

Macdonald and Young Co

White Cargo    Mar 26th

Ida Molesworth and Templar Powell’s Company

The Silent House   Apr 2nd

Archie Nettlefield and Company

A Tale Of Alsatia   Apr 6th

Swansea Amateur Operatic Society

The Man Who Took A Chance Apr 9th

Henry Edwards and Chrissie White

The Ringer    Apr 16th

M. Barry O’Brien

Aloma     Apr 23rd

Daniel Mayer’s Company

The Ghost Train   Apr 30th

Westlan Productions

The Sign Of The Cross   May 7th

Charles Doran And Company

Macbeth Matinee on   May 9th

Julius Caesar Matinee on  May 12th

Compromising Daphne   May 14th

J. Bannister Howard’s Company with Eastern Pickering, Edna Howard-Innes, Louis Tinnsley

The Monster    May 21st

Olga Linde Productions

The Garden Of Eden   May 28th

Carnival    Jun 4th

British Legion Amateur’s

The Macdona Players Bernard Shaw Repertory Company

Pygmalion   Jun 11th

Man And Superman  Jun 12th

Mrs Warren’s Profession Jun 13th

Pygmalion   Jun 14th

You Never Can Tell  Jun 15th

Mrs Warren’s Profession Jun 16th

Thark     Jun 18th

Tom Wallis and Reg Highley’s


When Blue Hills Laughed  Jun 25th

Fred Little and George Byrne’s Company

Popular Opera’s Company

Carmen   Jul 2nd

Faust    Jul 3rd

Madam Butterfly  Jul 4th

La Boheme   Jul 5th

Samson And Delilah  Jul 6th

Rigoletto (mat)   Jul 7th

Il Trovatore   Jul 7th

Dracula    Jul 9th

Bram Stoker’s Famous book transferred to the stage by Harry Warburton’s Company

The Big Drum    Jul 16th

Ida Molesworth and Templar Powell’s Company with Connie Ediss

None But The Brave   Jul 23rd

Hugh Bernard’s Company

The Theatre advertised itself as having a system of vents and electric fans making it the coolest house of amusements in Swansea

Two White Arms   Jul 30th

Alma Taylor

Alibi     Aug 6th

Lionel Bute and B.A. Mayer’s


The Macdona Players Bernard Shaw Repertory Company

You Never Can Tell  Aug 13th

Candida    Aug 14th

This was followed by “How He Lied To Her Husband”

Pygmalion   Aug 15th

Arms and The Man  Aug 16th

Mrs Warren’s Profession Aug 17th

Widower’s Houses (mat) Aug 18th

Man And Superman  Aug 18th

Lady Be Good    Aug 20th

Macdonald and Young Company with Olly Barrett, Vera Vere and Sidney Keith

Marigold    Aug 27th

Simon Ord Presentation with Jean


The House Of The Arrow  Sep 3rd

E. Norman and Henry Edward’s


My Son John    Sep 10th

Shaftsbury Attractions Ltd

The Wrecker    Sep 17th

E.Carol and Harry Cotton’s Company

Tip Toes    Sep 24th

Macdonald and Young Company

Yellow Sands    Oct 1st

Barry Jackson’s Company

Lady Mary    Oct 8th

Lee Ephraim’s Company with Ursula Hughes and Ivan Sampson

Lord Babs    Oct 15th

J.Bannister Howard’s Company

The Crooked Billet   Oct 22nd

M. Barry O’Brien’s Company

Rose Marie    Oct 29th

Macdonald and Young Co

Good Morning Bill   Nov 5th

Cecil Barth’s Company with Richard Cooper and Patricia Bradfield

Charley’s Aunt    Nov 12th

Mrs Brandon Thomas’s Co.

Percy Crawford And James Page

The Terror    Nov 19th

B.A.Mayer, Mary Gwynn, Dennis Neilson- Terry’s Company with H.Chas Carew

Sunny     Nov 26th

Moss Empire and Lee Ephraim and Jack Buchanan’s Company

Sleeping Partners   Dec 3rd

Seymour Hicks, Olwen Roose and Edmund Gwenn

Other Men’s Wives   Dec 10th

Connie Ediss

Swansea Scout Show   Dec 18th

Welsh Drama Presentation

Y Wyr Pob Merch  Dec 21st


Swansea Hospital Concert  Jan 6th

Swansea and District Royal Male Choir

The Squeaker    Jan 7th

M. Barry O’Brien’s Company

So This Is Love   Jan 14th

Horsfield and Longstaff’s Company

The Man Who Changed His Name Jan 21st

M. Barry O’Brien’s Company

To What Red Hell   Jan 28th

E. Norman and Henry Edward’s Company with Frederick Prisley and Marriott Watson

Oh Kay    Feb 4th

Jack Hulbert, Paul Murray and Prince Littler’s Company

Interference    Feb 11th

M. Barry O’Brien’s Company

Baby Cyclone    Feb 18th

Reginald Fry and Prince Littler’s Company

Princess Ida    Feb 25th

Swansea Amateur Operatic Society

Thark     Mar 4th

J. Bannister Howard’s Company with Stanford Holme, Margery Vere and Fred C. Glover

77 Park Lane    Mar 11th

M. Barry O’Brien’s Company

Lumber Love    Mar 18th

Brit Musical Productions

The Real McCoy   Mar 25th

Arthur Sinclair and Maire O’Neil

Plunder     Apr 1st

Reginald Highley’s Company

The Silent House   Apr 8th

Archie Nettlefield’s Company

Welsh Drama Week

Pobl Yr Ymalon  Apr 15th

Deufor Gyfarfod  Apr 16th

Y Joan Danvers  Apr 17th

Eilunod    Apr 18th

Deufor Gyfarfod  Apr 19th

Eilunod (mat)   Apr 20th

Y Joan Danvers  Apr 20th

The Desert Song   Apr 22nd

Theatre Royal Drury Lane Productions

The Burglar    Apr 29th

Terence Byron

The Letter    May 6th

Hilda Esty-Marsh, Gerald Fitzgerald and Company

The Fourth Wall    May 13th

Murray Carrington’s Company

Compromising Daphne   May 20th

The Flying Squad   May 27th

Knight Errant    Jun 3rd

Ethel Warwick

Bird In Hand    Jun 10th

Barry Jackson’s Company

The Twister    Jun 17th

A Welsh Singer   Jun 24th

Ted Hopkins

When Knights Were Bold  Jul 1st

The 100th Chance   Jul 8th

Owen Reynolds, Ida Dutton and Bruce Baron

Blackmail    Jul 15th

Langley Howard’s Company

Rookery Nook    Jul 22nd

He Walked In Her Sleep  Jul 29th

Juno And The Paycock   Aug 5th

Journey’s End    Aug 12th

Clifford Hamilton presentation with Tom Macauley and Basil Gill

An interesting note on the program stating that smoking is permitted in all areas. How times have changed

The Farmers Wife   Aug 19th

Clifton Alderson

The Trial Of Mary Dugan  Aug 26th

Macdonald and Young’s Company

Hit The Deck    Sep 2nd

Macdonald and Young’s Company

Lucky Girl    Sep 9th

B.A. Meyer’s Company

The Chinese Bungalow   Sep 16th

M. Barry O’Brien’s Company with

George Butler

Rope     Sep 23rd

E. Norman and Henry Edward’s


Marigold    Sep 30th

Simon Ord’s Company with Jean Clyde

Young Woodley   Oct 7th

Clifton Alderson’s Company

A Damsel In Distress   Oct 14th

Margaret Carlisle, Violet Ormonde and Raysen Cousins

Keepers Of Youth   Oct 21st

Norman Loring’s Company

The Sacred Flame   Oct 28th

Gladys Cooper and Company

The Vagabond King   Nov 4th

M. Barry O’Brien’s Company

The Last Hour    Nov 11th

Archie Nettlefield’s Company

This Thing Called Love   Nov 18th

Godfrey Terle and Mary Masson

The Patsy    Nov 25th

Macdonald and Young’s Company

The High Road    Dec 2nd

Frank G. Cariello and Company

Passing Brompton Road  Dec 9th

Connie Ediss and Company

Within The Law   Dec 16th

Carnival Players

The Man At Six   Dec 26th for three nights only


Peter Pan    Jan 13th

Gilbert Millers Principal Company

A Cup Of Kindness   Jan 20th

Starring Laurence Caird and a young Rex Harrison, who after a distinguished career in Hollywood returned to the Grand in 1969 with his then wife Rachel Roberts, who was appearing in the play “Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Wolf?”

The Flag Lieutenant   Jan 27th

Henry Edwards and Chrissie White

Persons Unknown   Feb 3rd

Edgar Wallace Play

The Macdona Players

Pygmalion   Feb 10th

Man And Superman  Feb 11th

Mrs Warren’s Profession Feb 12th

You Never Can Tell  Feb 13th

Mrs Warren’s Profession Feb 14th

Pygmalion (mat)  Feb 15th

Man And Superman  Feb 15th

The Calender     Feb 17th

Edgar Wallace Play

The Duchess Of Dantzic  Feb 24th

Swansea Amateur Operatic Society

The Private Secretary   Mar 3rd

Cecil Barth’s Company

Sorry You’ve Been Troubled  Mar 10th

M. Barry O’Brien’s Company

The First Mrs Fraser   Mar 17th

Tarnish     Mar 24th

E. Norman and Henry Edward’s


Welsh Drama Week

Pelenni Pitar   Mar 31st

Ffordd Yr Holl Ddaer  Apr 1st

Yr Hew Anian   Apr 2nd

Fford Y Menywod

Adar O’r Unlliw  Apr 3rd


Antur Fasnachol

Yr Hew Anian   Apr 4th

Fford Y Menywod

Ffordd Yr Holl Ddaer (mat) Apr 5th

Pelenni Pitar   Apr 5th

Plunder     Apr 7th

Sweet Nell Of Old Drury  Apr 10th

Julia Neilson and Fred Terry

The Woman In Room 13  Apr 14th

Treasure Island    Apr 21st

Kyrle Bellew and Lloyd Osbourne’s Company

The Squeaker    Apr 28th

Edgar Wallace Play

Symphony In Two Flats  May 5th

Ivor Novello Play with Hilda Carmichael and Elsie Wagstaff

French Leave    May 12th

From The Vaudeville Theatre London

Journey’s End    May 19th.

Baa Baa Black Sheep   May 26th

Langley Howard’s Company

My Wife’s Family   Jun 2nd

Fred Duprez

The Green Lamp   Jun 9th

The Stranger Within   Jun 16th

W.T. Ellwanger’s Company with Mary Livingstone

When Blue Hills Laughed  Jun 23rd

M. Carr’s Company with Denise St Ledger and George Pughe

Paddy The Next Best Thing  Jun 30th

Cecil Barth and Company

The Burglar    Jul 7th

Terence Byron

Sarah Ann Holds Fast   Jul 14th

Armitage Productions

Tell Me The Truth   Jul 21st

Clive McKee’s Company

Eliza Comes To Stay   Jul 28th

W. Payne Seddon’s Company

On The Spot    Aug 4th

Edgar Wallace Play

Her First Affair    Aug 11th

Joseph Cunningham’s Company

Third Time Lucky   Aug 18th

Howard Leslie And Company with Cedric Percival, Fred Moule, Louie Tinsley and Margery Weston

Suspense    Aug 25th

Lionel Bute’s Company

The Man In Possession   Sep 1st

Meldike Lito’s Company

A Warm Corner   Sep 8th

Leslie Henson and Firth Shepherd’s Company

Cape Forlorn    Sep 15th

M. Barry O’Brien’s Company with Marie Blanche

Sir Frank Benson Farewell Visit

Twelfth Night   Sep 22nd

The Merchant Of Venice Sep 23rd

The Tempest   Sep 24th

Twelfth Night   Sep 25th

The Merchant Of Venice Sep 26th

The Tempest (mat)  Sep 27th

She Stoops To Conquer Sep 27th

Silver Wings    Sep 29th

Macdonald and Young’s Company

The Limping Man   Oct 6th

Franklyn Dyall, Phyllis Thomas and Arthur Hardy

Murder On The 2nd Floor  Oct 13th

Lionel Bute’s Company

Two Deep    Oct 20th

Hilda Trevelyan, Kathleen O’Brien, Morris Harvey and Watson Hume

Mr Cinders    Oct 27th

Macdonald and Young’s Company

The Middle Watch   Nov 3rd

Basil Foster and Tom Miller’s Company

The Girl Friend    Nov 10th

Macdonald and Young’s Company

The Patsy    Nov 17th

Cecil Barth’s Company

Sarah Ann Holds Fast   Nov 24th

Armitage Productions

Honours Easy    Dec 1st

E. Norman and Henry Edward’s

Company with Lillian Hall-Davis

Alibi     Dec 8th

Serge De Kazarine, Paul Neville, Edward Spreston, Lilian Temple and Idina Scott-Gather

The Purple Mask   Dec 15th

Carnival Players

A Midsummer Nights Dream  Dec 22nd

Theatre Closed from 23rd Dec to Boxing Day

Simba     Dec 26th

For 8 nights


The Silent Witness   Jan 19th

Almost A Honeymoon   Jan 26th

Arthur Gibbon’s Company

The Arcadians    Feb 2nd

Swansea Amateur Operatic Society

The Macdona Players

Man And Superman  Feb 9th

Misalliance   Feb 10th

Pygmalion   Feb 11th

The Doctor’s Dilemma  Feb 12th

Getting Married  Feb 13th

The Doctor’s Dilemma (mat) Feb 14th

Man And Superman  Feb 14th

Odd Numbers    Feb 16th

The beginning of a twice-nightly season

Nine Till Six    Feb 23rd

Margery Caldicott

None So blind    Mar 2nd

Terence Byron

Abie’s Irish Rose   Mar 9th

Terence Byron and Percy Leonard’s Company

Darling I Love You   Mar 16th

This show was once nightly only due to its length

Welsh Drama Week

Y Ddraenen Wen  Mar 23rd

Y Pwyllgorddyn   Mar 24th

Canmwydd   Mar 25th

Jane Clegg   Mar 26th

Canmwydd   Mar 27th

Jane Clegg (mat)  Mar 28th

Y Pwyllgorddyn  Mar 28th

Traffic     Mar 30th

Lilac Time    Apr 6th

Leon Underwood and Company with Hughes Macklin, Sinclair Cotter, Edna Rees, Nellie Griffiths and

Seven Days Leave   Apr 13th

This was the first visit to Swansea of the Denville Players who became famed for their extremely long runs at theatres all around the country Swansea was no exception as they played consecutively for 60 shows in this run ending on Jun 25th 1932

Daddy Long Legs   Apr 20th

Premier Denville Company

Proof     Apr 27th

Premier Denville Company

The Black Moth   May 4th

Premier Denville Company

Lord Richard In The Pantry  May 11th

Premier Denville Company

Lady Windermere’s Fan  May 18th

Premier Denville Company

The Rosary    May 25th

Premier Denville Company

A Sinner In Paradise   Jun 1st

Premier Denville Company

If Four Walls Told   Jun 8th

Premier Denville Company

Her Past    Jun 15th

Premier Denville Company

The Lie     Jun 22nd

Premier Denville Company

A Woman Of No Importance  Jun 29th

Premier Denville Company

Bulldog Drummond   Jul 6th

Premier Denville Company

The Naughty Wife   Jul 13th

Premier Denville Company

Moths     Jul 20th

Premier Denville Company

Spring Cleaning   Jul 27th

Premier Denville Company

Gentleman Jim    Aug 3rd

Premier Denville Company

The Hypocrites    Aug 10th

Premier Denville Company

Carnival    Aug 17th

Premier Denville Company

The Story Of The Rosary  Aug 24th

Premier Denville Company

His House In Order   Aug 31st

Premier Denville Company

A Bunch Of Violets   Sep 7th

Premier Denville Company

Loose Ends    Sep 14th

Premier Denville Company

Smouldering Fires   Sep 21st

Premier Denville Company

The Man From Toronto  Sep 28th

Premier Denville Company

Polly With A Past   Oct 5th

Premier Denville Company

The Barrett’s Of Wimpole Street Oct 12th

Premier Denville Company

The Underdog    Oct 19th

Premier Denville Company

The Faker    Oct 26th

Premier Denville Company

The Christian    Nov 2nd

Premier Denville Company

Paddy The Next Best Thing  Nov 9th

Premier Denville Company

The Walls Of Jericho   Nov 16th

Premier Denville Company

The Manxman    Nov 23rd

Premier Denville Company

The Cat And The Canary  Nov 30th

Premier Denville Company

The Maid Of Cefn Ydfa  Dec 7th

Premier Denville Company

Maria Marten    Dec 14th

Premier Denville Company

story reworked by Alfred Denville himself

The Grand closed the following week for redecoration and re-opened on Dec 26th

The Life Guardsman   Dec 26th

Premier Denville Company


Tilly Of Bloomsbury   Jan 4th

Premier Denville Company

A Butterfly On A Wheel  Jan 11th

Premier Denville Company

The Yellow Ticket   Jan 18th

Premier Denville Company starring Peggy Page

Tom, Dick and Harry   Jan 25th

Premier Denville Company

The Silent House   Feb 1st

Premier Denville Company

Baby Mine    Feb 8th

Premier Denville Company

The Last Of Mrs Cheyney  Feb 15th

Premier Denville Company

The Silver King    Feb 22nd

Premier Denville Company

Interference    Feb 29th

Premier Denville Company

Donald Edwards, Walter Leybourne, Peggy Page and Betty Nelson

The Squall    Mar 7th

Premier Denville Company 49th consecutive week of same company

Nobody’s Daughter   Mar 14th

Premier Denville Company

The Passing Of The Third   Mar 21st

Floor Back

Premier Denville Company

The Light Of The World  Mar 28th

Premier Denville Company

The speckled Band   Apr 4th

Premier Denville Company

Welsh Drama Week

Y Pwyllgorddyn  Apr 11th

Pen-Y-Daith   Apr 12th

Ann Marlow   Apr 13th

Streic    Apr 14th

Ann Marlow   Apr 15th

Streic (mat)   Apr 16th

Pen-Y-Daith   Apr 16th

Under Two Flags   Apr 18th

Premier Denville Company

Concert In Aid Of The    Apr 24th

Denville Homes for

Aged Actors

Easy Virtue    Apr 25th

Premier Denville Company

The Man Who Stayed At Home May 2nd

Premier Denville Company

The Bird Of Paradise   May 9th

Premier Denville Company

The Face At The Window  May 16th

Premier Denville Company

Peg O’ My Heart   May 23rd

Premier Denville Company

The Blindness Of Virtue  May 30th

Premier Denville Company

The Crooked Billet   Jun 6th

Premier Denville Company

Rain     Jun 13th

Premier Denville Company

Outcast    Jun 20th

Premier Denville Company listed as its 60th and last week at Swansea

A Butterfly On A Wheel  Jun 24th

This play for one night only was by request of the theatregoers of Swansea performed by the Premier Denville Players with Phillip Cunningham, Walter Leybourne and Betty Larke Smith

The O’Mara Opera Company then began a six-week season at the Grand, the longest Operatic run in its history, before or since

The O’Mara Opera Company

Il Trovatore   Jun 27th

Faust    Jun 28th

Maritana   Jun 29th

Il Trovatore   Jun 30th

Faust    Jul 1st

Maritana   Jul 2nd

The O’Mara Opera Company

Rigoletto   Jul 4th

Carmen   Jul 5th

The Bohemian Girl  Jul 6th

Rigoletto   Jul 7th

Carmen   Jul 8th

The Bohemian Girl  Jul 9th

The O’Mara Opera Company

Madam Butterfly  Jul 11th

La Traviata   Jul 12th

Lily Of Killarney  Jul 13th

Madam Butterfly  Jul 14th

La Traviata   Jul 15th

Lily Of Killarney  Jul 16th

The O’Mara Opera Company

Tales Of Hoffman  Jul 18th

The Barber Of Seville  Jul 19th

Daughter Of The Regiment Jul 20th

Tales Of Hoffman  Jul 21st

The Barber Of Seville  Jul 22nd

Il Trovatore   Jul 23rd

The O’Mara Opera Company

Faust    Jul 25th

Featuring Ivor John from Morriston

Carmen   Jul 26th

Rigoletto   Jul 27th

Tannhauser   Jul 28th

Maritana   Jul 29th

Tales Of Hoffman  Jul 30th

The O’Mara Opera Company

Il Trovatore   Aug 1st

The Barber Of Seville and Aug 2nd

Lily Of Killarney

Tales Of Hoffman  Aug 3rd

Carmen   Aug 4th

Rigoletto    Aug 5th

Bohemian Girl (mat)  Aug 6th

Maritana   Aug 6th

Eliza Comes To Stay   Aug 9th

The Premier Denville Company return for a new season

John Glayde’s Honour   Aug 15th

The Premier Denville Company

The Barrier     Aug 22nd

The Premier Denville Company

Brown Sugar    Aug 29th

The Premier Denville Company

The Trial Of Mary Dugan  Sep 5th

The Premier Denville Company

Diplomacy    Sep 12th

The Premier Denville Company

Grumpy    Sep 19th

The Premier Denville Company

The Sign On The Door   Sep 26th

The Premier Denville Company

Three Wise Fools   Oct 3rd

The Premier Denville Company

The Silent Witness   Oct 10th

The Premier Denville Company

The Rookery Nook   Oct 17th

The Premier Denville Company

My Old Dutch    Oct 24th

The Premier Denville Company starring Charles Denville

A Royal Divorce   Oct 31st

The Premier Denville Company

The Eleventh Commandment  Nov 7th

The Premier Denville Company

Facing The Music   Nov 11th

The Premier Denville Company in their last production in Swansea

The Improper Duchess   Nov 14th

Reginald Fry’s Company with Mary Byron, Derek Cotter, Leslie Kyle and A.W. Tyrone

The Barrett’s Of Wimpole Street Nov 21st

Prince Littler’s Company

While Parents Sleep   Nov 28th

Arthur Gibbon’s Company

Dangerous Corner   Dec 5th

W. Foster Horsfield Ltd

Autumn Crocus   Dec 12th

Alexander Ivo and Ann Titley

Theatre Closed From Dec 19th until Boxing



Lilac Time    Jan 9th

Clive brooks and Company

Michael And Mary   Jan 16th

Clive brooks and Company

Blackmail    Jan 23rd

Clive Brooks and Company.

On the 26th of January the theatre was closed with immediate effect due to the Flu Epidemic sweeping the Nation “Almost A Honeymoon” scheduled for Jan 30th and featuring the same company was also cancelled. It Re-opened on Apr 3rd with Welsh Drama Week it is interesting to note that the Grand was the only theatre or cinema in Swansea to close due to the flu outbreak, which I believe concealed, some financial troubles behind the scenes. It seemed that its days as a theatre were numbered

Welsh drama Week

Gwraig Y Ffermwr  Apr 3rd

Dewis Anorfod   Apr 4th

Gwraig Y Ffermwr  Apr 5th

Ffordd Yr Holl Ddaer  Apr 6th

Dewis Anorfod   Apr 7th

Ffordd Yr Holl Ddaer (mat) Apr 8th

Gwraig Y Ffermwr  Apr 8th

Theatre Closes again and as a last throw of the dice it re-opens on May 29th as a Shilling Theatre “so the masses could enjoy the Theatre”

Her First Affair    May 29th

Jack O’Shea and George Laurence’s Company Starring Zillah Bateman

The Ghost Train   Jun 5th

Jack O’Shea and George Laurence’s Company Starring Zillah Bateman

The Last warning   Jun 12th

Jack O’Shea and George Laurence’s Company Starring Zillah Bateman

A Bill Of Divorcement   Jun 19th

Jack O’Shea and George Laurence’s Company Starring Zillah Bateman

Bought And Paid For   Jun 26th

Jack O’Shea and George Laurence’s Company Starring Zillah Bateman

Important People   Jul 3rd

Jack O’Shea and George Laurence’s Company Starring Zillah Bateman, there was a benefit for Zillah Bateman on Jul 7th when “Room 87” was performed

Sadly the shilling theatre idea failed as the grand was to become a cinema, opening as the Grand Cinema and Variety on August 14th 1933 with the film “East Of Fifth Avenue”. Obviously still managed by the same management, as a gimmick together with the film they would have dancers or conjurers as an added live feature. The Management signed off with the annual Pantomime “Babes In The Wood” which began on 23rd Dec 1933 and ended on Jan 12th 1934. It closed that night and as the last patrons left, with the laughter of the pantomime still ringing, little did they know that there would not be a Grand Theatre again until thirteen years later. A Chapter in the history of Swansea theatre had closed with it.


Choral and orchestral concert  Jan 14th

In aid of Swansea Hospital with the Swansea Festival Orchestra and Swansea and District Royal Mail Choir

Welsh Drama Week

Points    Mar 19th

Y Briodas Arian  Mar 20th

Dirgel Ffyrdd   Mar 21st

Y Briodas Arian  Mar 22nd

Dirgel Ffyrdd   Mar 23rd

Points (mat)   Mar 24th

Y Briodas Arian  Mar 24th

The theatre was taken over by new management and opened as a fully fledged Cinema now called the New Grand Cinema On March 26th 1934


Welsh Drama Week

Gwraig Y Ffermwr  Apr 8th

Cwm Glo   Apr 9th

Awel Dro   Apr 10th

Cwm Glo   Apr 11th

Awel Dro   Apr 12th

Gwraig Y Ffermwr (mat) Apr 13th

Cwm Glo   Apr 13th


King George V dies on January 22nd 1936

Welsh Drama Week

Bugail Y Fan   Mar 30th

Y Ferch O Cefn Ydfa  Mar 31st

Dau Dylwyth   Apr 1st

Bugail Y Fan   Apr 2nd

Dau Dylwyth   Apr 3rd

Y Ferch O Cefn Ydfa  Apr 4th

King Edward VIII Abdicates on December 11th 1936


Welsh Drama Week

Y Praith   Mar 15th

Y Dyn Hysbys

Tylwyth Ei Dy Ei Hun  Mar 16th

Yr Oruchwyiaeth Newydd Mar 17th

Y Praith   Mar 18th

Y Dyn Hysbys

Tylwyth Ei Dy Ei Hun Mar 19th

Tylwyth Ei Dy Ei Hun (mat) Mar 20th

Yr Oruchwyiaeth Newydd Mar 20th


Welsh Drama Week

Pobl Yr Ymylon  Mar 28th

Y Bachgennyn Hwn  Mar 29th

Castell Garth

Arian Ac Aur   Mar 30th

Y Bachgennyn Hwn  Mar 31st

Castell Garth

Arian Ac Aur   Apr 1st

Y Bachgennyn Hwn (mat) Apr 2nd

Castell Garth

Pobl Yr Ymylon  Apr 2nd


Welsh Drama Week

Llain Y Delyn   Mar 27th

Llywelyn Ap Gruffydd  Mar 28th

Tywysog Cymru

Dewis Anorfod   Mar 29th

Llywelyn Ap Gruffydd  Mar 30th

Tywysog Cymru

Llain Y Delyn   Mar 31st

Llywelyn Ap Gruffydd (mat) Apr 1st

Tywysog Cymru

Dewis Anorfod   Apr 1st

World War II began on September 1st 1939


Welsh Drama Week

Tywydd Mawr   May 6th

Yr Erodrom   May 7th

Castell Martin   May 8th

Tywydd Mawr   May 9th

Yr Erodrom   May 10th

Castell Martin (mat)  May 11th

Tywydd Mawr   May 11th


The Grand was exclusively a cinema at this point


The Grand was exclusively a cinema at this point


The Grand was exclusively a cinema at this point


The Grand was exclusively a cinema at this point


The Grand was exclusively a cinema at this point

World War II ends on September 2nd 1945


The Grand was exclusively a cinema at this point


On July 10th 1947 Captain Billy Willis Of Willis Cinemas acquires The Theatre


Frieda     Mar 8th

My Wife’s Family   Mar 15th

See How They Run   Mar 22nd

The Shop At Sly Corner  Mar 29th

Smilin’ Through   Apr 5th

Jane Steps Out    Apr 12th

Pygmalion    Apr 19th

They Walk Alone   Apr 26th

Arsenic And Old Lace   May 3rd

The Guinea Pig    May 10th

Pink String And Sealing Wax  May 17th

While The Sun Shines   May 24th

This Happy Breed   May 31st

The Night Must Fall   Jun 7th

Grand National Night   Jun 14th

A Hasty Heart    Jun 21st

The Man From The Ministry  Jun 28th

Claudia     Jul 5th

Rope     Jul 12th

Anna Christie    Jul 19th

Blithe Spirit    Jul 26th

Rebecca    Aug 2nd

Ten Little Niggers   Aug 9th

The Corn Is Green   Aug 16th

Thunder Rock    Aug 23rd

When We Are Married   Aug 30th

The Shining Hour   Sep 6th

French Without Tears   Sep 13th

The Crime Of Margaret Foley  Sep 20th

Love In Idle    Sep 27th

An Inspector Calls   Oct 4th

The Sacred Flame   Oct 11th

The Light Of Heart   Oct 18h

The First Mrs Fraser   Oct 25th

Ladies In Retirement   Nov 1st

Pride And Prejudice   Nov 8th

Fools rush in     Nov 15th

Swansea Repertory Company

Present laughter    Nov 22nd

The Little Foxes   Nov 29th

You Can’t Take It With You  Dec 6th

All Through The Night   Dec 13th

Swansea Little Theatre


Arms and the Man   Feb 7th

Patrick Lawrence and Company starring Audrey Edwards

Murder Without Crime   Feb 14th

Patrick Lawrence and Company starring Audrey Edwards, Jane Fitzgerald and Patrick Young

Continental Ballet Company  Feb 21st

Starring Molly Lake and Travis Kent

George and Margaret   Feb 28th

Starring Jean Sheridan, Jeanette Joyce and Alistair Audsley

Wishing Well    Mar 7th

Swansea Little Theatre

The Last Of Mrs Cheyney  Mar 14th

The Swansea Theatre Company this play ran for two weeks

The Years Between   Mar 28th

The Swansea Theatre Company

On The Spot    Apr 4th

The Swansea Theatre Company

The Linden Tree   Apr 11th

The Swansea Theatre Company

The Winslow Boy   Apr 18th

The Swansea Theatre Company

Miranda    Apr 25th

The Swansea Theatre Company

The Shop At Sly Corner  May 2nd

The Swansea Theatre Company

Rain on the Just   May 9th

The Swansea Theatre Company starring Joseph James, Phillipa Sparrow and Anne Padwick

The Eagle Has Two Heads  May 16th

The Swansea Theatre Company

Storm in a Teacup   May 23rd

The Swansea Theatre Company

Jane Eyre    May 30th

The Swansea Theatre Company

Bird in Hand    Jun 6th

The Swansea Theatre Company

Juno And The Paycock   Jun 13th

The Swansea Theatre Company

The Amazing Doctor   Jun 20th


The Swansea Theatre Company

Dark Summer    Jun 27th

The Swansea Theatre Company

Doctor Angelus   Jul 4th

Swansea Theatre Company

Saloon Bar    Jul 11th

Swansea Theatre Company

Fumed Oak/ The Browning  Jul 18th

Version double bill

Gaslight    Jul 25th

The Scarlet Pimpernel   Aug 1st

Winterset    Aug 15th

Fresh Fields    Aug 22nd

Desire Under The Elms   Aug 29th

Wilfrid Bramble, Beatrix Lehman

Quiet Weekend   Sept 5th

Goodbye Mr Chips   Sep 12th

Wilfrid Bramble

Black Limelight    Sep19th

Clutterbuck    Sep 26th

The Paragon    Oct 3rd

Guilty     Oct 10th

By Candlelight    Oct 17th

Duet For Two Hands   Oct 24th

King Lear    Oct 31st

Hugh Griffith and Wilfrid Brambell

The Chiltern Hundreds   Nov 7th

Hugh Griffith

The Importance of    Nov 14th

Being Earnest

Ghosts     Nov 21st

Beatrix Lehman, Wilfrid Brambell

The Arabian Night   Nov 28th

The Druid’s Rest   Dec 5th

The Man Who Came   Dec 12th

To Dinner


The Rose Without A Thorn  Jan 23rd

Candida    Jan 30th

Doctor’s Joy    Feb 6th

The Old Ladies    Feb 13th

Born Yesterday   Feb 20th

The Second Mrs Tanqueray  Feb 27th

Wilfrid Brambell

The Whirligig of Time   Mar 6th

The Circle    Mar 13th

The Enemy of the people   Mar 20th

Wilfrid Brambell

Daughters of the parsonage  Mar 27th

On Approval    Apr 3rd

Wilfrid Brambell

Oliver Twist    Apr 10th

Starring Russell thorndyke

Welsh Drama Festival    Apr 17th

The Happiest days of    Apr 24th

Your life

Swansea Theatre Company

Lovers leap    May 1st

Mary Rose    May 8th

They fly by Twilight   May 15th

Wilfrid Brambell

The Respectable Prostitute  May 22nd

See how they run   May 29th

Wilfrid Brambell

Murder at the vicarage   Jun 5th

The Continental Ballet    Jun 12th


It’s you I want    Jun 19th

Adventures of Tommy    Jun 26th


Pygmalion    Jul 3rd

Starring Jessie Matthews as Eliza Doolittle. Jesse was a famous singer, dancer and actress. She went on to star as the mother of Russ Tamblin in the 1958 movie “Tom Thumb”. Jesse was a very graceful and charismatic performer, whose private life suffered greatly; married three times she died in 1981. On the 17th July 1950 she stayed at the Castle Hotel in Neath, whilst appearing in “Pygmalion” at the Public Hall Briton Ferry – the interior of the Public Hall In Briton Ferry is shown in the film “Only Two Can Play” with Peter Sellars.

The Sacred Flame    Jul 10th

With Mary Jerrold and her daughter Joan Harben

Reluctant Heroes    Jul 17th

Brian Rix with Dermot Walsh and Colin Morris. This production was fraught with problems I reproduce a letter sent to the Grand Theatre Club by Brian Rix. “We arrived at the grand Theatre, Swansea, on Monday 17th July (1950). Apparently the electrician had drunk more than was good for him on the previous Saturday night – had been sacked and proceeded to avenge himself by smashing up the switchboard with a five-pound hammer. So there we were; 2 sets, 11 actors and actresses, a few advance bookings but no lights, but, as always seemed to happen in those days, a good Samaritan was there to give us a hand – this time in the person of Archie Pipe. He’d looked after the lighting for a number of amateur shows and offered his services – which were gratefully received. He slaved away all day trying to create some order out of the chaos and at 7.30 up went the curtain on a stage lit in what can best be described as stygian Gloom, but that Swansea Audience is one of the warmest in Britain. They Peered through the Murk and laughed and laughed. Perhaps they were all miners and found our lighting positively dazzling! At any rate Archie Pipe decided to stay in the business and eventually became a big success in America – in the production side of Religious programmes. Lead, Kindly Light…”

Worm’s eye view   Jul 24th

O’Donovan Shiell

Family Portrait    Aug 1st

Rachel Roberts, Barbara Cole, Kenneth Williams

Little Lambs Eat Ivy   Aug 14th

Kenneth Williams and Wilfrid Brambell

The Seagull    Aug 28th

Richard Burton, Kenneth Williams, Wilfrid Brambell, Clifford Evans and Lydia Sherwood

Blithe Spirit    Sep 11th

Monica Cairns

St Joan     Sep 25th

Hello Out There   Oct 9th

And Harlequinade (double bill)

Bonaventure    Oct 23rd

Rachel Roberts, Barbara Cole

Crime Passionnel   Nov 6th

Wilfrid Brambell, Kenneth Williams, Rachel Roberts

Castle In The Air   Nov 20th

David Morrell, Annette Kerr

Twelfth Night    Dec 4th

Wilfrid Brambell, Kenneth Williams, Rachel Roberts


The Rambert Ballet   Mar 5th

The Student Prince   Mar 12th

Queen Elizabeth Slept Here  Mar 19th

Party Manners    Mar 26th

Here We Came Gathering  Apr 2nd

 Derek Bond, Helen Haye, Hugh Lattimer

Home At Seven   Apr 9th

Kevin Stoney, Nancy Poultney, Peggy Burt and John Derrick

The Devil’s Bride   Apr 16th

 Patrick Holt and Anne Wrigg

Shw’ Mae Heno   Apr 23rd

Stars from Welsh Rarebit including Alun Williams, The Royalettes, Ossie Noble, Frank Desmond, Les Jones, Marjorie Scott and Richard Payno (hypnotist)

No, No, Nanette   Apr 30th

Mrs Warren’s Profession  May 7th

I Must Have Hush   May 14th

With Ossie Morris, Stan Stennett and Rita Page

A Guardsman’s Cup Of Tea  May 21st

Bed, Board and Romance  May 28th

 Patricia Plunkett and Mark Daly

Welsh Drama Week   Jun 4th

Llygad Y Geiniog         M, Th & Sat

Pen Llanw          T & Sat Mat

Llywelyn Ap Gruffydd W and F

King Of The Castle   Jun 11th

Swansea Little Theatre

Don’t Listen Ladies   Jun 18th

The Maudie Edwards Players Season Begins

Fair And Warmer   Jun 25th

Black Chiffon    Jul 2nd

While Parents Sleep   Jul 9th

The Dominant Sex   Jul 16th

This Was A Woman   Jul 23rd

Count Your Blessings   Jul 30th

With Hilda Braid who is famous for playing Florence Johnson in “Citizen Smith” with Robert Lindsay and more recently as Nana Moon in “Eastenders” Sadly Hilda Braid Died On November 6th 2007 after a short illness

The Family Upstairs   Aug 6th

Suspect    Aug 13th

 Grace Pool

High Temperature   Aug 20th

Dangerous Corner    Aug 27th

 Joanne Hilliard

The Perfect Woman   Sep 3rd

Private Lives    Sep 10th

Double Door    Sep 17th

London Wall    Sep 24th

George and Margaret   Oct 1st

The Heiress    Oct 8th

Eliza Comes To Stay   Oct 15th

Mother Of Men   Oct 22nd

The Tolerant Husband   Oct 29th

The Shining Hour   Nov 5th

Love Let Loose   Nov 12th

A Murder Has Been   Nov 19th


The Holly And The Ivy   Nov 26th

Tons Of Money   Dec 3rd

The Late Christopher Bean  Dec 10th

Maudie Edwards as Gwenny last in the season


King George VI dies on February 6th 1952

Full House    Feb 18th

Maudie Edwards Players begin second season with Salvin Stewart, Joanne Hilliard and Glyn Davys

Without A Prince   Feb 25th

Love From A Stranger   Mar 3rd

It’s a Boy    Mar 10th

Granite     Mar 17th

Love In A Mist    Mar 24th

Wandering Jew    Mar 31st

Laburnum Grove   Apr 7th

Two-Dozen Red Roses  Apr 14th

The Silver Chord   Apr 21st

The Girl Who Couldn’t   Apr 28th


Payment Deferred   May 5th

What Anne Brought Home  May 12th

Larger Than Life   May 19th

Maudie Edwards

Guignol Drama    May 26th

At The Grand

Coals Of Fire

In Death They Were Not Divided

Titus Andronicus

The Magic Cupboard   Jun 2nd

The Gathering Storm   Jun 9th

The Cat And The Canary  Jun 16th

School For Husbands   Jun 23rd

Rookery Nook    Jun 30th

The Two Mrs Carrolls   Jul 7th

Isle Of Umbrellas   Jul 14th

Fifty Mark    Jul 21st

Doctor Brent’s Household  Jul 28th

Up The Garden Path   Aug 4th

The Enchanted Cottage   Aug 11th

The Good Young Man   Aug 18th

To Kill A Cat    Aug 25th

The Dover Road   Sep 1st

Lady Audrey’s Secret   Sep 8th

Gooseberry Fool   Sep 15th

Night Was Our Friend   Sep 22nd

Crystal Clear    Sep 29th

A lady Mislaid    Oct 6th

The Chinese Bungalow   Oct 13th

For The Love Of Mike   Oct 20th

Peg O’ My Heart   Oct 27th

French For Love   Nov 3rd

Spring At Marino   Nov 10th

Murder Out Of Time   Nov 17th

Don’t Call Me Madam   Nov 24th

Johnny Belinda    Dec 1st

Welsh Drama Week   Dec 8th

The Hasty Heart   Dec 15th

Young Welsh Theatre Group


After the famous disagreement with the management of The Grand Maudie Edwards refurbished the Palace Theatre and opened it on Jan 26th 1953 and began a repertory season in direct opposition to the Grand

Charley’s Aunt    Feb 9th

Terence Dudley’s Repertory season starts in direct opposition to Maudie Edwards Company across town in the newly refurbished Palace Theatre

To Dorothy a Son   Feb 16th

The Winter Journey   Feb 23rd

The River Line    Mar 2nd

The Bat    Mar 9th

The Male Animal   Mar 16th

Maria Marten    Mar 23rd

The Vigil    Mar 30th

When Knights Were Bold  Apr 6th

Random Harvest   Apr 13th

The Seventh Veil   Apr 20th

White Sheep Of The Family  Apr 27th

Interference    May 4th

The Outsider    May 11th

Smilin’ Through   May 18th

Will Any Gentleman   May 25th

Queen Elizabeth   Jun 1st

A Woman Or Two    Jun 8th

The Young Madame Conti  Jun 15th

The Patsy    Jun 22nd

White Cargo    Jun 29th

Starring a young Mollie Sugden who is most famous for her role as Mrs Slocombe in “Are You Being Served”

The Green Pack   Jul 6th

Mollie Sugden

The Fan Dancer   Jul 13th

Mollie Sugden

The Day Is Gone   Jul 20th

Mollie Sugden

Husbands Don’t Count   Jul 27th

A Little Bit Of Fluff   Aug 3rd

The Hollow     Aug 10th

Mollie Sugden

Rain     Aug 17th

Mollie Sugden

Maiden Ladies    Aug 24th

Mollie Sugden

To What Red Hell   Aug 31st

Mollie Sugden

The Gift    Sep 7th

Mollie Sugden

Murder Mistaken   Sep 14th

Mollie Sugden

Written For A lady   Sep 21st

Mollie Sugden

Sleeping Partnership   Sep 28th

Mollie Sugden

The Letter    Oct 5th

The Barretts Of   Oct 12th

Wimpole Street

Too Young To Marry   Oct 19th

Mollie Sugden

Mantrap    Oct 26th

The Case Of The   Nov 2nd

Frightened Lady

Her Past    Nov 9th

Mollie Sugden

Reefer Girl    Nov 16th

Mollie Sugden

Golden Rain    Nov 23rd

Mollie Sugden

Ghost Train    Nov 30th

Mollie Sugden

Jane     Dec 4th

Mollie Sugden

Death Takes A Holiday  Dec 14th


Ambrose Applejohn’s   Feb 15th


Meet Mr Callaghan   Feb 22nd

The Man In Grey   Mar 1st

Paddy The Next Best Thing  Mar 8th

The Maniac    Mar 15th

The Painted Veil   Mar 22nd

The Fanatics    Mar 29th

The Happy Marriage   Apr 5th

The Vigil    Apr 12th

Separate Rooms   Apr 19th

Safe Harbour    Apr 26th

Tell Tale Murder   May 3rd

The Seven-Year Itch   May 10th

Four Winds    May 17th

Down Came A Blackbird  May 24th

Madame Tic-Tac   May 31st

The Wild Oat    Jun 7th

No Other Verdict   Jun 14th

The Happy Prisoner   Jun 21st

Deadlock    Jun 28th

Dial ‘M’ For Murder   Jul 5th

The Dashing White Sergeant  Jul 12th

Someone Waiting   Jul 19th

For Better Or Worse   Jul 26th

Honeymoon Beds   Aug 2nd

East Of Suez    Aug 9th

Spring Model    Aug 16th

Give Me Yesterday   Aug 23rd

Deliver My Darling   Aug 30th

Where There’s A Will   Sep 6th

Her Shop    Sep13th

A Man With Red Hair   Sep 20th

Beside The Seaside   Sep 27th

Rebecca    Oct 4th

Jane Steps Out    Oct 11th

Voices On The Wind   Oct 18th

The Burning Glass   Oct 25th

The Running Tramp   Nov 1st

Pygmalion    Nov 8th

All Done With Mirrors   Nov 15th

Murder Story    Nov 22nd

As Long As They’re Happy  Nov 29th

The Wind And The Rain  Dec 6th

The Soul Of    Dec 13th

Nicholas Snyders


Pin-ups From Paris   Feb 21st

Late Love    Feb 28th

The Prisoner    Mar 7th

Yes And No    Mar 14th

Maid Of Cefn Ydfa   Mar 21st

Its Never Too Late   Mar 28th

Outward Bound   Apr 4th

High Temperature   Apr 11th

Come Back Little Sheba  Apr 18th

Whispering Gallery   Apr 25th

Jinny Morgan    May 2nd

Tilly Of Bloomsbury   May 9th

Human Passion    May 17th

Vice In The Street   May 23rd

The Party Spirit   May 30th

The Secret Tent   Jun 6th

Relations Are Best Apart  Jun 13th

Someone At The Door   Jun 20th

Dangerous Corner   Jun 27th

Swansea Theatre Scandal  Jul 4th

Yours Faithfully   Jul 11th

The Dark Horse   Jul 18th

Serious Charge    Jul 25th

A Bed For Two   Aug 1st

Bed, Board And Romance  Aug 8th

Granite     Aug 15th

Manor Of Northstead   Aug 22nd

Witness For The Prosecution  Aug 29th

Third Party Risk   Sep 5th

Intimate Relations   Sep 12th

Alibi     Sep 19th

Lord Arthur Saville’s crimes  Sep 26th

I Am A Camera   Oct 3rd

The Rotters     Oct 10th

The Fall Of The Sparrow  Oct 17th

The Ticking Clock   Oct 24th

Jane Eyre    Oct 31st

The Squall    Nov 7th

Peril At End House   Nov 14th

Poor Dad    Nov 21st

I’ve Been Here Before   Nov 28th

On Approval    Dec 5th

The Four Poster   Dec 12th


It’s a Small World   Feb13th

With the Harry Hanson Court Players

Life Begins At fifty   Feb 20th

The Golden Earring   Feb 27th

Smith     Mar 5th

Love On The Never-Never  Mar 12th

Children Of Wrath   Mar 19th

Widows Mite    Mar 26th

Mad About Men   Apr 2nd

Sabrina Fair    Apr 9th

Lady Look Behind You  Apr 16th

Friendly Relations   Apr 23rd

Desire In The Night   Apr 30th

Blackmail    May 7th

I Hold You Prisoner   May 14th

Jackie     May 21st

Wuthering Heights   May 28th

Autumn Crocus   Jun 4th

Holiday For Simon   Jun 11th

Ten Green Bottles   Jun 18th

The Age Of Indiscretion  Jun 25th

The Shining Hour   Jul 2nd

Draw The Blinds Slowly  Jul 9th

Daughter Of My House  Jul 16th

September Tide   Jul 23rd

Black Chiffon    Jul 30th

Reluctant heroes   Aug 6th

The Shadow Of Doubt   Aug 13th

The Tender Trap   Aug 20th

Dead On Nine    Sep 3rd

All For Mary    Sep 10th

Mrs Moonlight    Sep 17th

Doctor Morelle    Sep 24th

The Love Match   Oct 1st

Doctor Angelus   Oct 8th

Spider’s Web    Oct 15th

My Three Angels   Oct 22nd

The Whole Truth   Oct 29th

Death Of A Rat   Nov 5th

William Moore

Love In A Mist    Nov 12th

Indoor Sort    Nov 19th

Nobody’s Fool    Nov 26th

Nightmare    Dec 3rd

The Moon Is Blue   Dec 10th


We Proudly Present   Feb 4th

The beginning of the John Chilvers Era

This first play starred Tom Bell, Rosamunde Hartley, Elaine Mitchell, Daphne Wetton and James Beattie

Ten Little Niggers   Feb 11th

Trespass    Feb 18th

No Escape    Feb 25th

The Facts Of Life   Mar 4th

Freddie Lees first appearance at the Grand

No Trees In The Street   Mar 11th

Hip Hip Hooray Circus   Mar 18th

Belle Of New York   Mar 25th

Swansea Amateur Operatic Society

Disc Doubles    Apr 1st

Welsh Drama Festival   Apr 8th

Pick Of The Town   Apr15th

Four Jones Boys   Apr 22nd

Girls In Cellophane   Apr 29th

The Bed    May 6th

Legs That Thrill    May 13th

Ballet Rambert    May 20th

Murder On The Nile   May 27th

Master Of Arts    Jun 3rd

South Sea Bubble   Jun 10th

Ring For Catty    Jun 17th

Reluctant Debutante   Jun 24th

Strange Request   Jul 1st

Waters Of The Moon   Jul 8th

Book Of The Month   Jul 15th

A Man About The House  Jul 22nd

Waiting For Gillian   Jul 29th

Tabitha     Aug 5th

The Man    Aug 12th

Mr Kettle And Mrs Moon  Aug 19th

Black Coffee    Aug 26th

Dance Of Death   Sep 2nd

Touch Of Fear    Sep 9th

Plaintiff In A Pretty Hat   Sep 16th

Doctor In The house   Sep 23rd

Double Image    Sep 30th

Breakfast In Bed   Oct 7th

Wind Of Heaven   Oct 14th

A likely Tale    Oct 21st

Murder When Necessary   Oct 28th

Welsh National Opera   Nov 4th

Look Back In Anger   Nov 11th

The Opium Eaters   Nov 18th

Our Dear Delinquents   Nov 25th

A Picture Of Autumn   Dec 2nd

Bell, Book And Candle   Dec 9th


After the Pantomime “Cinderella” starring Des O’Connor finished on February 8th, it was announced by the Manager, Ewert Evers that the Grand would have to close, ironically barely a year earlier the same man announced that the Empire (where he was then the manager) would close, luckily the Grand was saved and re-opened with the John Chilvers Repertory Season on March 3rd

The House By The Lake  Mar 3rd

With Tom Bell, Freddie Lees, Margaret John and Joanna Field

Cosh Boy    Mar 10th

Oklahoma    Mar 17th

Swansea Amateur Operatic Society

The Diary Of Anne Frank  Mar 24th

The Rainmaker    Mar 31st

This Happy Home   Apr 7th

Summer Of     Apr 14th

The Seventeenth Doll

Silver Wedding    Apr 21st

Subway In The Sky   Apr 28th

Separate Tables   May 5th

Wanted, One Body   May 12th

For Pete’s Sake   May 19th

Towards Zero    May 26th

Johnny Belinda    Jun 2nd

Night Of The Fourth   Jun 9th

Nude With Violin   Jun 16th

The Shadow Between   Jun 23rd

Picnic     Jun 30th

Paddle Your Own Canoe  Jul 7th

The Food Of Love   Jul 14th

A Hatful Of Rain   Jul 21st

Hippo Dancing    Jul 28th

Dry Rot    Aug 4th

The Chalk Garden   Aug 11th

Sailor Beware    Aug 18th

Beth     Aug 25th

Something To Hide   Sep 1st

The Little Foxes   Sep 8th

Mrs Gibbon’s Boys   Sep 15th

Murder At The Vicarage  Sep 22nd

The Bride And     Sep 29th

And The Batchelor

Variations On A Theme  Oct 6th

The Lovebirds    Oct 13th

Time Murderer Please   Oct 20th

Welsh Drama Week   Oct 27th

Wythnos Y Ddrama Gymraeg 1958

Dear Delinquent   Nov 3rd

Family On Trial    Nov 10th

Three Way Switch   Nov 17th

The Bad Seed    Nov 24th

A Touch Of The Sun   Dec 1st

Mist Over The Mistletoe  Dec 8th


Dancing Years    Mar 9th

Swansea Amateur Operatic Society

Films were shown from March-April

and for two weeks in May

Welsh National Opera

Die Fledermaus  Apr 13,18th

Rigoletto   Apr 14th

I Lombardi   Apr 15th

Cavalleria Rusticana &         Apr 16,18th

I Pagliacci

Nabucco   Apr 17th The Tunnel Of Love   May 18th

Speaking Of Murder   May 25th

George Dillon    Jun 1st

Verdict     Jun 8th

Ride A Cock Horse   Jun 15th

Flowering Cherry   Jun 22nd

Gigi     Jun 29th

By A Hand Unknown   Jul 6th

A View From A Bridge  Jul 13th

The Hollow    Jul 20th

The Gentle Savage   July 27th

You, Too Can Have   Aug 3rd

A Body

Tea And Sympathy   Aug 10th

Breakout    Aug 17th

Bus Stop    Aug 24th

Breath Of Spring   Aug 31st

Murder On Arrival   Sep 7th

The Open Cage   Sep 14th

Friends And Neighbours  Sep 21st

How Say you?    Sep 28th

The Telescope    Oct 5th

Caught Napping   Oct 12th

The Light Of Heart   Oct 19th

Not In The Book   Oct 26th

The Love Match   Nov 2nd

The Ten Commandments  Nov 9th

Welsh Drama Festival   Nov 16th

Films shown from 23rd November – 12th December


Films shown from February – May except SAOS w/s 21st March

Hit The Deck    Mar 21st

Swansea Amateur Operatic Society

The Unexpected Guest   May 23rd

Guilt And Gingerbread   May 30th

The French Mistress   Jun 6th

The Sound Of Murder   Jun 13th

Power Without Glory   Jun 20th

The Grass Is Greener   Jun 27th

Films shown first two weeks in July

Loves A Luxury   Jul 4th

Five Finger Exercise   Jul 11th

The Pleasure Of His Company  Jul 18th

Murder At Midnight   Jul 25th

Basinful Of The Briny   Aug 1st

Roar Like A Dove   Aug 8th

Spider’s Web    Aug 15th

The Corn Is Green   Aug 22nd

High Temperature   Aug 29th

And Suddenly It’s Spring  Sep 5th

The Chinese Bungalow   Sep 12th

This Thing Called Love   Sep 19th

A Shred Of Evidence    Sep 26th

Rookery Nook    Oct 3rd

The Circle    Oct 10th

The Complaisant Lover   Oct 17th

Key Of The Door   Oct 24th

See How They Run   Oct 31st

Love From A Stranger   Nov 14th

A Taste Of Honey   Nov 21st

Murder At Quay Cottage  Nov 28th

Charley’s Aunt    Dec 5th

Swansea Grand Theatre Archive 

1926 - 1960

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not including Grand Theatre pantomimes which are Here