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Swansea Grand Theatre Archive 

2000 - 2010

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not including Grand Theatre pantomimes which are Here


Mark Lamarr    Feb 1st

Diversions Dance Company  Feb 2nd

Anthology Of The Beatles  Feb 4th

Gary Gibson as John Lennon

The Swansea Show   Feb 5th

Local charity show

Bad Finger    Feb 8th

Part of the Welsh Play season

Elkie Brooks    Feb 13th

The Illegal Eagles   Feb 14th

Three Of The Best   Feb 15th

Three one-act plays starring Frank Vickery

Beastly Behaviour   Feb 20th

Howie Watkins from the BBC’s  “Really Wild Show” who up until recently lived in Mary street in Neath.

I know this because my in-laws live in the same street

Dishonourable Ladies   Feb 28th

Starring Honor Blackman in her one-woman show

Flesh And Blood   Feb 29th

Part of the Welsh Play season with music by Mike Peters of “The Alarm” written by Helen Griffin

The New Rocky Horror Show  Feb 21st

Ken Morley, Alex Bourne

Madama Butterfly   Feb 27th

Opera And Ballet International

The Pulse    Mar 5th

Pink Floyd Tribute

Jethro’s Bull’cks to Europe Tour Mar 6th

Solid Silver 60’s Show   Mar 7th

Gerry And The Pacemakers, Peter Sarstedt, The Searchers & The Swinging Blue Jeans

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling  Mar 8th

The Batchelors, The Nolans and Jimmy Cricket

The Royal Family   Mar 9th

Queen Tribute Act

Reach Out    Mar 10th

A feast of Motown magic

Freddie Starr    Mar 11th

Bananas In Pyjamas   Mar 12th

The Blues Brothers Musical  Mar 13th

Swansea’s Pavlov Ballet Company Mar 19th

Calamity Jane    Mar 21st

Swansea Amateur Operatic Society

Romeo and Juliet   Mar 27th

English Shakespeare Company

The Best Is Yet To Come  Mar 28th

Evening Post sponsored talent show

Everything Must Go   Apr 4th

Welsh play in association with The Manic Street Preachers

Abbasolutely    Apr 9th

Abba tribute act

Welsh National Opera Week

Cosi Fan Tutte   Apr 11th & 14th

Turandot   Apr 12th & 15th

The Barber Of Seville  Apr 13th

Jim Davidson    Apr 16th

De*witched and Millennium   Apr 17th

Robbie Williams tribute act

The Musicals II    Apr 18th

The Adventures Of Noddy  Apr 19th

Children’s show

Blood Brothers    Apr 24th

Starring Linda Nolan

In Sunshine And In Shadow  Apr 25th

Part of the Welsh Play season

Pinocchio    Apr 29th

Children’s show

Shakin Stevens    Apr 30th

Naked Flame    May 2nd

Jazz At The Grand   May 7th

Welsh Rugby Past,    May 8th

Present and Future

Featuring Graham Henry

Spirit Of The Dance   May 9th

Howard Marks    May 10th

The Nualas    May 11th

Irish Comedy Trio of Ladies

Dance Competition    May 12th

All winners gala

The Chuckle Brothers   May 13th

The Rat Pack Tribute   May 14th

A Night At The Music Hall  May 15th

Hinge And Bracket And The Krankies

Joe Pasquale    May 17th

The Oyster Catchers   May 20th

Iris Gower play

Beyond The Barricade   May 31st

Magic Queen Tribute   Jun 1st

Swansea Russian Ballet Company Jun 2nd

The Rat Pack    Jun 3rd

Louis Hoover, Peter Straker and Clive Carter

Sian Phillips    Jun 4th

Electric Lipstick   Jun 6th

Sonia and Andrew Lynford

Van Morrison    Jun 12th

Stand By Me     Jun 15th

New Motown Musical

The Phoenix and The Carpet  Jun 16th

Shakespeare Review   Jun 20th

With Clive Francis and Gemma Craven

Senior Citizens Talent Contest  Jun 21st

Think Floyd    Jun 22nd

Voulez Vouz    Jun 23rd

A Gala Concert   Jun 24th

Max Boyce, Dennis O’Neill, Victor Spinetti and Mike Doyle

Annual Youth Drama Project  Jul 3rd

Gorseinon College    Jul 8th

Of Performing Arts

Tribute To The Carpenters  Jul 12th

Patrick Moore The Great Universe Jul 13th

Ultimate 60’s Show   Jul 14th

Playdays    Jul 15th

Spring and Port Wine   Jul 18th

Diana Davies and Michael Tudor

Deathtrap    Jul 25th

Bruce Montague, Glenn Hugill, Amanda Humphrey, Lynette McMorrough and Eric Potts

Stagestruck    Aug 1st

Evan Hunter and Jacki Piper

Wife Begins At Forty   Aug 8th

Christopher Strauli

Murder At The Vicarage  Aug 15th

David Griffin and Margaret Ashcroft

Rosie And Jim’s Music Party  Aug 25th

Brilliant Creatures   Sep 2nd

Terry Nutkins &

Chris Rogers

Sing-A-Long-A Sound Of  Sep 8th


Ken Dodd    Sep 10th

Shane Richie               Sep 11th

The Divas, Steven

Serlin (Terry from Boogie Nights)

An Intimate Evening with  Sep 13th

Mark Rattray

Rockin’ On Heaven’s Door  Sep 15th

The Marriage Of Figaro  Sep 18th

Cirque Eloize    Sep 19th


As You Like It    Sep 22nd

Cwmni Ballet Gwent

Supergirly    Sep 23rd

Louise McClatchy &

Jai Simeone

All’s Fair    Sep 26th

Frank Vickery

West Side Story   Oct 3rd

The Tale Of Little Red   Oct 15th

Riding Hood (afternoon)

The Best Is Yet To Come  Oct 15th

Lee Hurst Tour 2000   Oct 16th

Ga Ga     Oct 17th

Charity Fashion Show   Oct 18th

The Counterfeit Stones   Oct 19th

Dominic Kirwan   Oct 20th

Aida     Oct 21st

Chisinau National Opera

Regards To Jolson   Oct 23rd

Clive Baldwin

The 39 Steps    Oct 24th

Simon Williams, George Sewell,

Catherine Rabett & Kern


Together 2000    Oct 29th

Tan Dance regulars

Dynion, Big Toe, Tan

Youth, Take This &

Samba Tawe

Wayne Dobson   Oct 30th

With ‘Safire’

Roots And Wings   Oct 31st

Frank Vickery

Dangerous Journey   Nov 5th

Elkie Brooks    Nov 6th

Ed Byrne    Nov 7th

Abbasalute    Nov 8th

Defending The Caveman  Nov 9th

Mark Little

Joe Longthorne    Nov 12th

Gypsy     Nov 14th

The Abbey Players

Gilbert & Sullivan Evening  Nov 19th

Swansea Savoyards

Orchestra, Alison

Charlton West, Linda

Hibberd, Phillip Creasy &

Richard Suart

Ceri Dupree    Nov 20th

The Full Diamante

David Essex    Nov 21st

The Naughty Rhythms Tour  Nov 22nd

The Hamsters &

John Otway

The ‘Other’ Beatles   Nov 23rd

Owen Money & Friends  Nov 24th

Dunvant Male Choir

& Dai Vaughan

Harry Hill in ‘Bird Strike’  Nov 25th

Bill Bailey    Nov 26th

The Bewilderness Tour which. This show was recorded and subsequently released on DVD.

The Pulse    Nov 27th

Pink Floyd Tribute act

The Nutcracker   Nov 28th

Swansea’s Ballet Russe

A Child’s Christmas   Nov 29th

In Wales

Dream Xmas    Dec 3rd

Steps Beyond &


Tales Of Maths & Legends  Dec 4th

Johnny Ball

Bumbles Of Mumbles   Dec 6th


Joseph And The    Jan 23rd

Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac  Jan 29th

Saturday Night At The Movies  Jan 31st

Fat Barry’s Soul Band   Feb 2nd

Comedy Charity Concert  Feb 3rd

With Phil Jupitus, Mark Lamarr, Rob Newman

VIP’s Of Jazz    Feb 4th

Kenny Ball and Chris Barber

Swansea Ballet Russe   Feb 5th

Saints And Sinners   Feb 6th

With Edward Fox and Nichola McAuliffe

Iesu Grist Siwpyrstar   Feb 9th

Jesus Christ Superstar in Welsh.

Roy Chubby Brown   Feb 12th

Diversion Dance Company  Feb 15th

Madam Butterfly   Feb 17th

Illegal Eagles    Feb 19th

Great Balls Of Fire Tribute  Feb 20th

Abba Mania    Feb 21st

Polka Dot Shorts   Feb 22nd

The Best Is Yet To Come  Feb 23rd

S Club Party and Billie Tribute  Feb 24th

Tommy Tiernan   Feb 26th

The Real Monty Comes Again  Feb 27th

Musical Biography of Roy Orbison Mar 5th

The Billy Fury Story   Mar 6th

Boogie Night Fever   Mar 7th

The Hollies    Mar 8th

Sing-Along-A Sound Of Music  Mar 9th

Salute To Sinatra   Mar 10th

Bananas in Pyjamas   Mar 11th

Welsh National Opera

La Traviata   Mar 14th

Beatrice And Benedict  Mar 15th

The Marriage Of Figaro Mar 16th

The Lady Vanishes   Mar 20th Dulcie Gray and Victor Spinetti

Mothers and Daughters   Mar 25th

Sylvia Syms and Jenny Agutter

My Fair Lady and Iolanthe  Mar 27th

Swansea Amateur Operatic Society

Supergirly    Apr 2nd

Solid Silver 60’s Show   Apr 3rd

Missleading Ladies   Apr 7th

Ceri Dupree and Ria Jones

La Boheme    Apr 8th

Chinau Opera Company

Joe Pasquale    Apr 9th

Jethro     Apr 10th

Fever The Making Of Peggy Lee Apr 11th

Postman Pat    Apr 13th

Spirit Of The Dance   Apr 15th

The Chuckle Brothers   Apr 17th

West End Encore   Apr 18th

Shania Twain Tribute   Apr 19th

An Audience With Julian Cope  Apr 30th

Twm     Apr 26th

Little Red Riding Hood   Apr 28th

What A Feeling   Apr 29th

Family Planning    May 1st

Frank Vickery

Look Who’s Coming To Dinner May 8th

George Sewell and Patrick Robinson

Jazz Legends In Concert  May 21st

Acker Bilk, Terry Lightfoot and Band

Looney Tunes    May 15th

Children’s show

Bjorn Again    May 22nd

Abba Tribute

Pure Puccini Opera Classics  May 23rd

Swan Lake    May 24th

Ballet Ireland

Maria Ewing    May 30th

Mortimer’s Miscellany    May 31st

Blues Brothers – Sweet  Jun 1st

Home Chicago

Peter Karrie    Jun 2nd

Nobody’s Perfect   Jun 4th

Puppetry Of The Penis   Jun 11th

Vivaldi By Candlelight    Jun 13th

Beyond The Barricade   Jun 14th

Wheels On The Bus   Jun 15th

Paul Daniels    Jun 19th

Lenny Henry        Jun 20th

The Squadronaires   Jun 21st

Images Of Dance   Jun 22nd

The Borrowers    Jun 26th

Swansea’s Ballet Russe      Jul 7th

Young Person’s Tribute to      Jul 13th

Sir Harry Secombe

Rebecca        Jul 17th

Fenella Fielding, Michael

Tudor Barnes, Christopher

Strauli, Ray Lonnen &

Lisa Williamson

Table Manners        Jul 24th

Kim Hartman

Night Must Fall        Jul 31st

Mark Homer

A Murder Is Announced      Aug 7th

Ruth Madoc, Geoffrey

Davies, Lynette McMorrough

& Swansea’s David Evans

Run For Your Wife      Aug 14th

Jeffrey Holland, Sophie

Lawrence, Eric Potts, David

Kallister, Terry O’Sullivan

& Kevin Johns

Murder By Misadventure     Aug 22nd

Robert Powell & Liza


Elkie Brooks       Aug 29th

A Night At The Musicals     Aug 31st

Duncan Breeze

The Dream Concert   Sep 2nd

All Star Variety Show   Sep 3rd

Vince Hill, Dianne Lee & Rick Price, Ken Goodwin, Wayne Dobson & Jack Seaton

Promo Donnas    Sep 4th

Patsy Cline Music And Memories Sep 5th

George Hamilton IV & Sandy Kelly

Love Me Tender   Sep 6th

Liberty Mounten Elvis Tribute

Gaga     Sep 7th

A tribute To Queen

Van Morrison    Sep 8th

High Society    Sep 11th

Aberystwyth Arts Centre Production

Erogenous Zones   Sep 18th

Frank Vickery

The Glenn Miller Tribute Orchestra Sep 24th

Romeo And Juliet   Sep 25th

Cwmni Ballet Gwent

Solid Gold Rock’n’Roll Show  Sep 26th

Marty Wilde, Joe Brown, John Leyton, Eden Kane And The Vernon Girls

Blackmore’s Night   Sep 27th

Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night

Chiquitita    Sep 28th

Abba Tribute

An Evening With Jack Dee  Sep 29th.

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers Oct 1st

Sam Kane

Fist Of The Dragon   Oct 8th

A Portrait Of Ivor Novello  Oct 9th

The Carpenters Tribute   Oct 10th

Wendy Roberts

David Essex The Wonderful Tour Oct 11th

The Sooty Show   Oct 12th

Lord Of The Flies   Oct 16th

Pilot Theatre Company

Debbie McGee’s Ballet Imaginaire Oct 21st

The wife of Magician Paul Daniels in her own Ballet production

Beyond Broadway   Oct 23rd

Sing-a-long-a Sound Of Music  Oct 24th

Dusty The Concert   Oct 25th

Karen Noble recreates the sound of Dusty Springfield

The Best Is Yet To Come  Oct 26th

Evening Post charity concert directed by Alex Frith

Silly Circus    Oct 27th

Featuring The Singing Kettles

Cooking With Elvis   Oct 30th

From the writer of Billy Elliot

Bonnie Tyler    Nov 4th

Although this appeared in a flyer Bonnie never actually appeared and has never played The Grand

Magic A Kind Of Queen  Nov 5th

The Ceri Dupree Show   Nov 6th

Coppelia    Nov 7th

Swansea’s Ballet Russe

Simply The Best   Nov 8th

Tina Turner tribute

Think Floyd    Nov 9th

Pink Floyd Tribute

Turandot    Nov 10th

Opera And Ballet International

Carmen    Nov 11th

Opera And Ballet International

Grease     Nov 13th

From the West End

Fiddler On The Roof   Nov 20th

Abbey Players

Mike Doyle And Friends  Nov 25th

Dunvant Male Voice Choir

Ready Steady Dance   Nov 26th

Wayne Sleep and Melanie Stace

Death Of A Salesman   Nov 27th

Compass Theatree Company

Dream Xmas    Dec 2nd

Voulez Vouz    Dec 4th

Bumbles Of Mumbles Show  Dec 6th

Welsh National Opera Chorus  Dec 17th


The Enormous Crocodile  Jan 15th

Talent’ Wales Final      Jan 13th

Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac     Jan 24th

The Real Abba Gold      Jan 25th

Joseph And The    Jan 28th

Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Charity Gala Concert      Feb 3rd

Jason Howard, Dunvant

Male Choir & Dynion

Dance Company

The Drifters       Feb 4th

Roy Chubby Brown      Feb 5th

Pure Puccini      Feb 13th

Voices from English,

Welsh & Scottish

National Operas

Salute To Sinatra     Feb 14th

Louis Hoover

Pop Starz      Feb 16th

Michael Conway

The Return Of Return To The    Feb 23rd

Forbidden Planet

At The Hop      Feb 25th

An Evening With Gordon    Feb 26th


Superstars      Feb 27th

Gary Mullen, Raving

Rupert & Claudette


Westenders      Feb 28th

Jae Alexander

The Best Is Yet To Come    Mar 1st

Polkadot shorts   Mar 2nd

Lindisfarne      Mar 4th

Tales Of Blooming Science    Mar 5th

Johnny Ball’s New

Educational Science


Fat Barry’s Soul Band     Mar 6th

Illegal Eagles      Mar 7th

Diversions      Mar 8th

Louise       Mar 10th

The Lavender Hill Mob     Mar 13th

Victor Spinnetti &

Clive Francis

ReelinandaRockin     Mar 17th

Gerry Marsden, Mike

D’Abo, Mike Pender,

Brian Poole, Dave

Berry & The Nolans

Mack & Mabel     Mar 23rd

Swansea Amateur

Operatic Society

Giselle       Mar 25th

Moscow Ballet

Trivial Pursuits      Mar 26th

Frank Vickery

Jim Davidson       Mar 31st

An Audience With Danny     Apr 2nd

La Rue

Westside      Apr 3rd

The Westlife Tribute

Show & Britney

Noddy & The Treasure Chest    Apr 4th

Ken Dodd Happiness Show    Apr 7th

Jethro’s Beyond The Edge     Apr 8th


Africa Africa      Apr 9th

Sing A Long A Abba     Apr 10th

The Magic Of The Musicals    Apr 11th

Marti Webb

Call Up The Groups     Apr 12th

The Barron Knights,

The Tremeloes, The

Fortunes & Marmalade

Nabucco      Apr 13th

Ellen Kent & Opera


Tosca       Apr 14th

Ellen Kent & Opera


Five Blue Haired Ladies     Apr 15th

Sitting On A Green Park Bench

Miquel Brown, Anne

Charleston, Jean Fergusson,

Shirley Anne Field &

Ruth Madoc

Blood Brothers       Apr 22nd

Denise Nolan

My Beautiful Laundrette     Apr 29th

Rope        May 7th

Jonathon Morris &

Mark Homer

The Manfreds    May 13th

Paul Jones, Mike D’Abo,

Tom McGuinness, Mike

Hugg, Rob Townsend,

Marcus Cliffe, Simon

Currie, Long John Baldry,

Chris Farlowe & Colin


Freddie Starr Unwrapped    May 14th

Barbara Dickson   May 15th

The Bible    May 16th

The Reduced

Shakespeare Company

Hank Marvin     May 17th

The Final Tour

Pop Starz    May 18th

The Sleeping Beauty   May 21st

Ballet Ireland

Kak Raider ’02   May 22nd

Joe Pasquale

VIP’s of Jazz    May 23rd

The Big Chris Barber

Band, The Pasadena

Roof Orchestra & The

Dutch Swing College


Hey Rock’n’Roll   May 24th

Showaddywaddy, The

Deevettes, Jason Steele

& Lisa Radclyffe

25th Anniversary Tour

Raiders Of The Lost Bark  May 25th

The Chuckle Brothers

Reservoir Dogs    May 28th

Tarantino’s Masterpiece

The Ghosts Of Ruddigore  May 30th

Opera De La Luna

The Dreamboys   May 31st

Bjorn Again    Jun 1st

Noel James & Company  Jun 5th

Big Band Crazy   Jun 6th

Andy Prior, Andy Prior

Orchestra & from USA

John Miller

Grand Theatre Dance School  Jun 7th

A Tribute To Richard Rogers  Jun 10th

Shan Cothi & Wynne Evans

The Solid Gold Comedy Show     Jun 11th

Jimmy Cricket, Duncan

Norvelle, Frank Carson,

Paul Adams & Norman


Sweet Caroline         Jun 12th

Des O’Connor         Jun 13th

Side-By-Side         Jun 14th

Menna Trussler &

Frank Vickery

An Audience With Tony Benn     Jun 17th

Pam Ayres         Jun 18th

Yours Silver Stars Talent       Jun 19th


That’ll Be The Day        Jun 20th

The Second Young         Jun 21st

Entertainers Tribute To Sir

Harry Secombe

La Traviata        Jun 22nd

Barber Of Seville      Jun 23rd

One Night Only       Jun 26th

Students at Creative

Arts Faculty at Gorseinon


Spirit Of The Dance       Jun 27th

The Squadronaires       Jun 28th

Playdays        Jun 29th

Peggy Patch, Poppy The

Cat & Whybird from


Beyond The Barricade       Jul 1st

Rockin’ On Heaven’s Door      Jul 2nd

Swansea’s Ballet Russe      Jul 5th

Toreadors, T-Birds & Tyranny     Jul 6th

Children From Dylan

Thomas Community


Concert With The Orchestra      Jul 9th

Of Welsh National Opera

Rigoletto        Jul 10th

Gangstars        Jul 11th

When We Are Married   Jul 16th

David Griffin, Sabina Franklyn and Mary Tamm

Living Together    Jul 23rd

Sabina Franklyn and Mary Tamm

The Ghost Train   Jul 30th

Jeffrey Holland, Louise Jameson, Henry McGee and Christopher Strauli

This play was written by Arnold Ridley (Private Godfrey in Dad’s Army)

And was first performed at The Grand in April of 1926

One For The Road   Aug 6th

Glenda Mckay

Double Double    Aug 13th

Jonathon Morris

Postman Pat in Where’s Jess?     Aug 27th

The Dream Concert        Aug 31st

Summertime Special 2002

The Wizard Of Oz   Sep 12th

The Harry Secombe Youth Musical Theatre Company

A Night To Remember   Sep 16th

Charity show by the Maria Evans Academy Of Dance

Owen Money    Sep 17th

La Fille Mal Gardee   Sep 18th

Swansea Ballet Russe

Elvis     Sep 20th

The Elvis Collection tribute show

Beyond Broadway   Sep 21st

Dance Passion     Sep 23rd

Lee Evans    Sep 24th

The Wired And Wonderful Tour

Lets Go Round Again   Sep 25th

Go West, Curiosity Killed The Cat and Nick Heyward

Norma     Sep 26th

Ellen Kent and Opera International

Cleo Laine and Johnnie Dankworth Sep 27th

Aida     Sep 29th

Ellen Kent and Opera International

Brief Encounter    Oct 1st

Karen Drury, Richard Walsh, Nick Wilton and Lynette McMorrough

Ga Ga     Oct 8th

Queen tribute

Sweet Home Chicago   Oct 9th

Blues Brothers Medley

Jeremy Hardy    Oct 10th

What Mother Never T old You Oct 11th

Stephanie Cole

David Essex    Oct 12th

The Forever Tour

The Sooty Show   Oct 13th

With Richard Cadell

Solid Gold Rock’n’Roll  Oct 23rd

Bobby Vee, Chris Montez, Bryan Hyland, Johnny Preston, The Chiffons and the Vees

Annie     Oct 15th

Su Pollard, Mark Winter, Louise English and Jemma Carlisle

National Youth Ballet   Oct 21st

15th Anniversary tour

Think Floyd    Oct 24th

Pink Floyd tribute act

The Best Is Yet To Come  Oct 25th

Evening post charity night

Pub Landlord    Oct 26th

Al Murray

Level 42    Oct 27th

James and The Giant Peach  Oct 29th

Birmingham Theatre Company

Permanent Revolution V2R  Nov 5th

Union Dance Company

Vienna Boys Choir   Nov 7th

Chwarae Chwaer   Nov 8th

The Red Army    Nov 10th

Direct from the Soviet Union

Welsh National Opera Week

Die Fledermaus  Nov 12th, 15th

Tosca    Nov 13th, 16th

Madam Butterfly  Nov 14th

Scrooge The Musical   Nov 19th

Abbey Players

Mike Doyle And Friends  Nov 24th

Mike Doyle, Dunvant Male Voice Choir and Dai Vaughan

Billy Bragg And The Blokes  Nov 25th

Single Spies    Nov 26th

Robert Powell And Liza Goddard

The Nutcracker   Dec 3rd

Swansea’s Ballet Russe

Bumbles Of Mumbles   Dec 5th

Westenders at Christmas  Dec 10th


Talent’wales The Final    Jan 6th

Chorus Concert    Jan 20th

Welsh National Opera

Fame The Musical    Jan 29th

Carmen     Feb 2nd

Roy Chubby Brown    Feb 3rd

The Glenn Miller Tribute   Feb 6th


Mamma Mia The Concert   Feb 7th

Festival Of Dance     Feb 8th

An Evening With Hannah   Feb 11th

Gordon & Peter Barkworth

Hold Tight It’s 60s Night   Feb 12th

A Night Of Angels    Feb 13th

Ed Byrne     Feb 14th

Circus Hilarious    Feb 15th

Cousin Timoni

Turn On The Taps    Feb 17th

One Night Of Queen    Feb 18th

Gary Mullen

Peter Green Splinter Group   Feb 19th

Phantom And The Opera   Feb 20th

Welsh Musical Theatre    Feb 21st

Young Singer Of The Year


Dunvant Male Choir

The Best Is Yet To Come   Feb 22nd

The Buddy Holly Story    Feb 24th

Jethro      Mar 3rd

Swan Lake     Mar 4th

Swansea’s Ballet Russe

A Midsummer Nights Dream   Mar 5th

Wild Horses Spring Tour eve   Mar 5th

Harry Hill

A Clockwork orange    Mar 6th

Snap Theatre UK

Uri Geller    Mar 10th

The Illegal Eagles    Mar 12th

Paddington Bear    Mar 13th

“ReelinandaRockin”    Mar 16th

Gerry Marsden, Dave

Berry, Mike D’Abo,

Brian Poole, Mike Pender

& The Nolans

Carousel     Mar 18th

Swansea Amateur

Operatic Society

Derren Brown     Mar24th

The Winters Tale    Mar 25th

Welsh National Opera Week

Carmen    Apr 1st

The Elixir Of Love         Apr 2nd

Apr 4th

Cavalleria Rustanica    Apr 5th

And Pagliacci

Jenufa      Apr 3rd

Moscow Ballet La Classique      Apr 7th

George’s Marvellous Medicine  Apr 9th

An Evening With Christine    Apr14th


Mersey Beat     Apr 15th

The Swinging Blue

Jeans, The Merseybeats,

The Fourmost’s & The

Pete Best Band

The Rocky Horror Picture    Apr 16th

Show Timewarp. 30th Anniversary

Mal Pope & The Jacks    Apr 17th

Marion And Geoff Tour  Apr 19th

Rob Brydon

The Blues Brothers Show   Apr 22nd

Jake & Elwood

Solid Silver 60’s    Apr 23rd

The Searchers, Dave

Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick

& Tich, Wayne Fontana

& Barry Ryan

Julian Clary     Apr 24th

Spirit Of The Dance   Apr 25th

Star Doors     Apr 26th

The Chuckle Brothers

Summer Holiday    Apr 28th

Suzanne Shaw, Stefan Booth and Christopher Biggins

Spanish Lies     May 6th

Frank Vickery play

Clive James & Pete Atkin  May 12th

Counterfeit Stones   May 13th

Glitz Blitz & 70’s Hits   May 14th

Sweet, The Rubettes,


The Musical Manhattan   May 15th

Magic – A Kind Of Queen  May 16th

10th Anniversary

The Royal Ballet School  May 17th

Rick Wakeman    May 18th

The Nutcracker   May 20th

10th Anniversary

The Russian Ice Stars

Stones In His Pockets   May 27th

Rupert Degas & Brian


Bobby Davro    Jun 2nd

The Cavern Beatles   Jun 3rd

Kevin Bloody Wilson   Jun 4th

Voulez Vous    Jun 5th

The Big Chris Barber Band  Jun 6th

The Golden Years Of    Jun 7th


Ronnie Ronalde

Heaven Can Wait   Jun 10th

Judith Durham    Jun 17th

Silver Stars Talent Contest  Jun 18th

The Musicals    Jun 19th

Barry Walker & Award

Winning Showgroup


La Boheme    Jun 20th

The Best Is Yet To Come  Jun 21st

An Audience With Ann   Jun 23rd

Widdecombe MP

Men In Coats    Jun 24th

La Fille Mal Gardee   Jun 25th

Swansea’s Ballet Russe

Fat Barry’s Soul Band   Jun 26th

Noddy & The Magical Day  Jun 27th

The Funny Guys   Jul 3rd

Jimmy Cricket, Don

Maclean & Bernie


Children Of Eden    Jul 5th

Mars: The Next Frontier  Jul 7th

Sir Patrick Moore

The Drifters 50th    Jul 8th


89 Minutes To Save The   Jul 9th


Mercury    Jul 10th

Livin La Vida Loca   Jul 11th

The Fantasy Boys

Stage Stars    Jul 12th

Julie Paton, David

Massey, Joanna Lee &

Jay Marcus

Sailor Beware    Jul 15th

Ruth Madoc, Katharine

Monaghan, Michael

Tudor-Barnes & Christopher


My Cousin Rachel   Jul 22nd

Beatie Edney, Andrew

Lynford & Bruce


It Runs In The Family   Jul 29th

Jeffrey Holland, David

Griffin, Geoffrey

Davies, Christopher

Strauli, Judy Buxton,

David Callister & Terry


Tickledom      Aug 3rd

Trap For A Lonely Man    Aug 5th

Jonathan Morris

The Decorator     Aug 23rd

West Side Story              Sep11th

Harry Secombe Youth


Rigoletto               Sep14th

Vladimir Dragos

Peter Karrie & Friends    Sep 17th

At The Hop     Sep 18th

Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers   Sep 19th

Max Boyce Celebrates    Sep 21st

30 Years In Show Business

Madama Butterfly    Sep 22nd

Manami Hama

Elvis      Sep 25th

Tribute Show

Owen Money & The    Sep 26th

Soul Sharks

An Evening With Bob Geldof   Sep 27th

Meat Loaf     Sep 29th

Steve Steinman

Bollywood Nights    Sep 30th

Wizard Of Oz Sing-A-Long   Oct 1st

Playing Burton    Oct 2nd

George Telfer

The Best Is Yet To Come   Oct 4th

Under Milk Wood    Oct 8th

50th Anniversary of Dylan Thomas’s

Death starring Matthew Rhys, who later went on to Hollywood starring in top

rated series Brothers and Sisters. In 2008 he starred as Dylan Thomas

in “The Edge Of Love” with Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley.

The Amazing Chinese     Oct 19th


Ga Ga tribute to Queen   Oct 20th

Jim Davidson     Oct 21st

David Essex     Oct 22nd

The Squadronaires    Oct 23rd

Call Up The Groups    Oct 24th

Tremeloes, Barron

Knights, Marmalade

& Fortunes

Dream Out Loud    Oct 27th

Mal Pope

Tonto Evans     Oct 28th

Frank Vickery

A Night Of Angels    Nov 3rd

The Manfreds     Nov 4th

Paul Jones, Mike D’Abo

Tom McGuiness, Mike Hugg,

Alan Price, Colin

Blunstone & PP Arnold reunited

ABBA        Nov 7th


The Full Diamante   Nov 8th

Ceri Dupree

Welsh National Opera Week

The Marriage of Figaro Nov11th


Il Trovatore    Nov12th

Nov 14th

Parsifal     Nov 15th

Annie Get Your Gun              Nov 18th

Abbey Players

Saturday Night Fever              Nov 24th

Bee Gees’ Broadway

& West End Smash Hit

Grand Charity Concert             Nov 30th

Jason Howard And The

Dunvant Male Choir

Joe Longthorne      Dec 1st

‘Rockin’ On Heaven’s Door’   Dec 2nd

The Bumbles of Mumbles       Dec 4th

Children’s Spectacular

The Nutcracker   Dec 7th

Ballet Russe

Beyond Broadway   Dec 9th

West End Cast


Joseph And The    Jan 26th

Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Andrew Derbyshire who was a runner up on Pop Idol

Australian Pink Floyd Show  Jan 22nd

Kings Of Swing   Jan 23rd

Cinderella Goes Pop   Jan 24th

Pop Pantomime

Barbara Dickson   Feb 5th

The Circus Of Horrors   Feb 2nd

Dennis Locorriere   Feb 6th

The Voice Of Dr Hook

Circus Hilarious   Feb 7th

Cousin Timoni, Clive Webb, Danny Adams

A Viennese Strauss Gala  Feb 9th

All The Great Books   Feb 10th

The Reduced Shakespeare Company

Ysgol Y Strade    Feb 13th

Roy Chubby Brown   Feb 16th

Turandot    Feb 15th

Ellen Kent and Opera International

Gala Performance   Feb 19th

Swansea’s Ballet Russe

Welsh Musical Theatre   Feb 20th

Young Singer Of The Year

Dunvant Male Voice Choir

Bananas In Pyjamas   Feb 21st

Malachi    Feb 23rd

From Fame Academy

The Woman In Black   Feb 24th

Starring Paul Webster and Damien Matthews and adapted by Stephen Mallatratt

who made a welcome return to the Grand where he appeared in Rep in the 1972 season

St David’s Day Concert  Mar 1st

Zipp 100 Musicals   Mar 2nd

Giles Brandreth

All That Jazz    Mar 3rd

Mark Rattray

The Hollies    Mar 4th

Mal Pope    Mar 5th

With Steve Balsamo

The Best Is Yet To Come  Mar 6th

Evening Post Charity Show

Jongleurs On The Road  Mar 10th

Shakespeare 4 Kidz

Macbeth           Mar 8th Midsummer Nights Dream Mar 9th

Jethro Off The Wall Tour  Mar 11th

An Evening With Mike Sterling  Mar 12th

Spirit Of The Dance   Mar 13th

The Vagina Monologues  Mar 15th

With Lesley Joseph

Swing Mania    Mar 17th

Derek Acorah    Mar 18th

Swan Lake    Mar 19th

Ellen Kent and Ballet International

Jesus Christ Superstar   Mar 23rd

Swansea Amateur Operatic Society

Tony Hadley and Peter Cox  Mar 29th

The Civic Celebration   Apr 4th

Hosted by Kevin Johns

Shakespeare’s R & J   Mar 30th

Direct from the West End

Welsh National Opera Week

Eugene Onegin   Apr 6th

Hansel And Gretel  Apr 7th

Madam Butterfly         Apr 8th, 10th

Dave Willetts    Apr 13th

Side-By-Side    Apr 14th

Frank Vickery and Menna Trussler

Also starring Nia Trussler-Jones, Tim Richards and Leanne Masterton

Super Troupers   Apr 15th

Abba And Bee Gees tribute

Bill & Ben & Andy Pandy  Apr 16th

Oh What A Night   Apr 19th

With Kid Creole

Van Morrison    Apr 25th

Derren Brown Live   Apr 26th

Dynion Euroman   Apr 27th

Ultimate Energy   Apr 28th

Magic A Kind Of ELO   Apr 29th

Grand Charity Celebration  Apr 30th

Hosted by Kevin Johns

Belinda Carlisle    May 1st

That’s Life    May 4th

An audience with Esther Rantzen

Think Floyd    May 5th

Tribute act

The Cavern Beatles 2004  May 6th Tribute act

Beyond The Barricade   May 7th

Tribute To Riverdance   May 8th

One Night Of Queen   May 11th

“Stars in the Eyes” winner Gary Mullen as Freddie Mercury

Freddie Starr    May 12th

Jongleurs On The Road  May 13th

Marty And Joe Are Back  May 14th

Joe Brown and Marty Wilde

Cosi Fan Tutte    May 15th

Swansea City Opera

The Sleeping Beauty On Ice  May 18th

Russian Ice Stars

Tell Me On A Sunday   May 24th

My Fat Friend    May 25th

Paul Usher and Sally Ann Matthews

Illegal Eagles    Jun 1st

Eagles tribute

The Animals 40th Anniversary Tour Jun 2nd

Coppella    Jun 3rd

Swansea Ballet Russe

Glenn Miller Tribute   Jun 4th

The Chamber Of Horrors  Jun 5th

The Chuckle Brothers

Pullin’ The Wool   Jun 8th

Frank Vickery Play

Stones In His Pockets   Jun 14th

Direct from the West End

From Basin Street In Broadway Jun 17th

Georgie Fame And Keith Smith

Tosca     Jun 16th

Ellen Kent and Opera International

The Best Is Yet To Come  Jun 18th

Evening Post Charity Concert

The Spencer Davis Group  Jun 17th

Also The Yardbirds

The Best Musicals Ever  Jun 21st

The Westenders

Silver Years Talent Contest  Jun 23rd

Over 60’s talent show

Fine Young Cannibals   Jun 22nd

Abba The Story   Jun 24th

Voulez Vous

Dream Street    Jun 26th

Bill Bailey Part Troll   Jun 28th

Diane Lazarus    Jun 29th

Swansea Psychic

Pinocchio    Jul 1st

The Sherman Theatre Company

Heartbeat     Jul 6th

Musical celebration

Elkie Brooks    Jul 13th

The Little Shop Of Horrors  Jul 8th

The Harry Secombe Youth Musical Theatre Company

Images Of Dance   Jul 12th

Directed by Margaret Barbieri former principal with the Royal Ballet

Night At The Philharmonic  Jul 14th

Sian Cothi

Blithe Spirit    Jul 20th

Judy Cornwell and David Griffin

Killing Time    Jul 27th

Marc Bannerman

Don Quixote    Aug 1st

Swansea’s Ballet Russe

Out Of Order    Aug 3rd

Paul Shane, Vicki Michelle, Giles Watling, Scott Wright, Tina Hall

The Turn Of The Screw  Aug 10th

David Griffin

Outside Edge    Aug 17th

Craig Fairbrass, Robert Duncan, Frazer Hines, Glenda McKay, Sabina Franklyn, Anita Graham

The Gentle Hook   Aug 25th

Googlewhack Adventure           Sep 2nd

Dave Gorman, filmed at the theatre and released on DVD

The Wheels On The Bus  Sep 3rd

Singalong In Sing Song City  Sep 8th


Sian Cothi, Wyn Davies and Leah Martin Jones

The Morriston Big Band   Sep 9th

Owen Money

The Sound Of Music    Sep16th

Sir Harry Secombe Youth Musical Theatre Company

Giselle      Sep 19th

Swansea Ballet Russe

Gervase Phinn     Sep 20th

Puppetry Of The Penis    Sep 21st

High Spirits    Sep 22nd

Tony Stockwell

Moscow By Night   Sep 23rd

Mamma Mia    Sep 24th

The Wales Theatre Company

Twelfth Night   Sep 30th

Cymbeline   Oct 1st

The Merchant Of Venice Oct 2nd

Keith Barret show Live   Oct 3rd

Rob Brydon

Welsh National Opera Week

Turandot   Oct 12th & 16th

Iphegenie En Tauride  Oct 14th

Ariadne Auf Naxos  Oct 15th

The Drifters      Oct 18th

Swing Like Crazy    Oct 19th

The Jeff Hooper Big Band Concert Orchestra

VIP’s Of Jazz      Oct 20th

Dutch Swing College Band &

Pasadena Roof Orchestra

Cinderella      Oct 21st

Moscow City Ballet

The Sleeping Beauty   Oct 22nd

Moscow City Ballet

Mum’s The Word     Oct 24th

‘H’ from Steps, Claire

Louise Hammacott,

Anthony Stuart Lloyd,

Chris Watkins & Full

Supporting West End Cast

With Phillip Arran

Sixties Gold      Oct 27th

P.J.Proby, The Troggs,

Herman’s Hermits & The

Ivy League

A Night At The Musicals    Oct 28th

Duncan Breeze,

The Best Is Yet To Come  Oct 29th

Evening Post Charity Concert

Best Of The 80’s Tour     Oct 30th

Toyah, Nick Heyward,

Curiosity Killed The Cat

& Altered Images

A Night At The Opera     Oct 31st

Denise Leigh & Jane


Givin’ It Tour     Nov 1st

Kevin Bloody Wilson

Love Forty     Nov 2nd

Frank Vickery Play with Menna Trussler, Kelvin Lawrence Jones, Nia Trussler-Jones and Richard Tunley

Mark Thomas      Nov 8th

The Bootleg Beatles    Nov 9th

Russian Cossack    Nov 10th

State Dance Company

Dial M For Murder   Nov 11th

Steven Pinder, Joy Brook

Richard Walsh & Richard Grieve

Swansea Sound 30 Years          Nov 14th

On The Radio

Kevin Johns

Aida Opera     Nov 15th

Ellen Kent & Chisinau National Opera

Cavalleria Rusticana &     Nov 16th


Mihai Munteanu & Ion Stanca

Solid Gold Rock’n’Roll Show  Nov17th

Showaddywaddy, Eden

Kane, John Leyton & Freddy Cannon

BBC Big Band                Nov 18th

The Blues Brothers   Nov 19th

The Elvis Collection   Nov 20th

The Scarlet Pimpernel   Nov 23rd

The Abbey Players

Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac    Nov 29th

ABBA     Nov 30th

Bjorn Belief

The Bumbles Of Mumbles   Dec 2nd

Children’s Spectacular

Christmas Concert   Dec 4th

The Nutcracker   Dec 5th

Swansea Ballet Russe

The Chippendales   Dec 7th


Night Of Angels   Jan 14th

La Fille Mal Gardee   Jan 18th

Swansea’s Ballet Russe

The Circus Of Horrors   Jan 20th

Something’s Afoot   Jan 25th

Peter Ellis, Maggie Tulip, Genevieve Walsh, Richard Sinnott, Arthur Duncan and Michael Luxton

The Calculating Mr One  Feb 2nd

Tony Hadley V Martin Fry & ABC Feb 3rd

Sing-a-long-a Sound Of Music  Feb 4th

The Best Is Yet To Come  Feb 5th

Evening Post Charity Concert

An Evening With Mo Mowlam  Feb 7th

Sharon Neil    Feb 8th

Medium from Ireland

GaGa     Feb 9th

Queen Tribute

Madama Butterfly   Feb 10th

Ellen Kent and Opera International

Starring Rosa Lee Thomas Korean Soprano

Jongleurs Comedy On The Road Feb 11th

Roy Chubby Brown   Feb 22nd

Unfortunately Roy had to pull out of this show but did come back later in the year

Sleeping Beauty   Feb 15th

Maureen Nolan, Sue Douglas, Richard Swerrun and Mike Newman Junior

Welsh Musical Theatre Young   Feb 25th

Singer Of The Year

Dunvant Male Choir

Laughing All Over The World  Feb 26th

Circus Hilarious with Clive Webb and Danny Adams

A Viennese Strauss Gala  Feb 28th

St David’s Day Concert  Mar 1st

Local Schools

Mike Doyle In Concert   Mar 2nd

Glitz, Blitz and 70’s Hits  Mar 3rd

The Sweet, Rubettes and Sailor

Kings Of Swing   Mar 4th

Derek Acorah    Mar 6th

TV medium

Paul Childs and Friends  Mar 9th

Dave Spikey    Mar 10th

Solid Silver 60’s Show   Mar 11th

Gerry and The Pacemakers, The Searchers, The Merseybeats and The Swinging Blue Jeans

An Evening With Jane McDonald Mar 12th

The Slipper And The Rose  Mar 15th

Swansea Amateur Operatic Society

Amazing Grace    Mar 25th

Written by Frank Vickery music by Mal Pope

An Inspector Calls   Apr 4th

Nicholas Day, Sandra Duncan and David Roper

Three Other Tenors   Apr 11th

From Welsh National Opera

Tony Christie    Apr 12th

Van Morrison    Apr 10th

Manhattan Nights   Apr 13th

Supertroupers    Apr 14th

Abba and Beegees tribute

Call Up The Groups   Apr 15th

Barron Knights, The Fortunes, The Tremeloes and Marmalade

Elvis The Vegas Years   Apr 16th

Tribute show

Grand Charity Show   Apr 18th

Stones In His Pockets   Apr 20th

Broadway    Apr 21st

Jekyll And Hyde   Apr 25th

Paul Nicholas

The Manfreds    May 3rd

With special guest Paul Young

Phoenix Dance Theatre   May 5th

Jack Dee Live    May 6th & 9th

The Barber Of Seville   May 7th

Swansea City Opera

One O’clock From The House  May 11th

Frank Vickery

Freddie Starr    May 15th

A Midsummer Night’s Dream  May 16th

Independent Ballet Wales

Jongleurs Comedy On The Road May 18th

Rudi Lickwood, Harvey Oliver, Sean Meo and Richard Morton

The Complete Works Of   May 19th

William Shakespeare (abridged)

The Reduced Shakespeare Company

The Kings Of Swing   May 20th

Lynn Kennedy

Pirates Of The River Rother  May 21st

The Chuckle Brothers

The Improvisers   Jun 7th

Stephen Frost, Jim Sweeney, Steve Steen, Andy Smart and Richard Vranch

Welsh National Opera Week

The Magic Flute         Jun 1st & 4th

Iolanta    Jun 2nd

Rigoletto   Jun 3rd

At The Hop    Jun 8th

Diane Lazarus    Jun 9th

Swansea Medium

The Best Is Yet To Come  Jun 10th

Alix Frith Production with proceeds to Barnardo Cymru

A Grand Concert   Jun 12th

Dunvant Male Voice Choir and guests

Mad About The Musicals  Jun 13th

U2 Two    Jun 14th

U2 Tribute

Spirit Of The Dance   Jun 15th

Irish dancers and Irish Three Tenors

Magic     Jun 16th

Queen Tribute

Glenn Miller Tribute Orchestra  Jun 17th

Dr Bunhead’s Recipe For Disaster  Jun 18th

Roy Chubby Brown     Jun 20th, 23rd and Jul 16th

Rescheduled performances

Jethro     Jun 21st

Silver Stars Talent Contest  Jun 22nd

Over 60’s presented by Kevin Johns

Thank you For The Music  Jun 24th

Abba and Bee Gees Tribute

The Little Humpbacked Horse  Jun 25th

Grand Theatre School Of Dance

Art     Jun 28th

Simon Shepherd, Michael Garner and Russell Boulter

Singing In The Rain   Jul 6th

The Harry Secombe Youth Theatre Company

Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers  Jul 11th

Movie Magic    Jul 12th

Tan Dance “Taking part”  Jul 14th

Images Of Dance   Jul 15th

Beauty And The Beast   Jul 19th

Present Laughter   Aug 2nd

Sally Ann Matthews

Jane Eyre    Aug 9th

Peter Amory, Bruce Montague

Jim Davidson    Aug 14th

Just Desserts    Aug 16th

Britt Ekland, Malandra Burrows, Giles Watling, Sabina Franklyn, Anita Graham and David Callister

I’ll Be Back Before Midnight  Aug 23rd

Tony Scannell, Abigail Fisher and Andrew Lynford

Caught On The Net   Aug 30th

Trevor Bannister, Carol Harrison, Julie Buckfield, Judy Buxton and Terry O’Sullivan

My Fair Lady    Sep 8th

The Harry Secombe Youth Theatre Company and West Glamorgan Youth Orchestra

Porgy And Bess   Sep 13th

Tony Stockwell   Sep 14th


The Drifters    Sep 15th

Night At The Musicals   Sep 16th

Max Boyce    Sep 17th

Carmen     Sep 19th

Ellen Kent and Opera International

The Elvis Collection   Sep 20th

Billy J. McGregor

The Rat Pack Party   Sep 21st

Postman Pat    Sep 23rd

Ken Dodd    Sep 25th

The Happiness Show

Gaslight    Sep 27th

Peter Amory, Sylvester McCoy and Leah Bracknell

Joe Pasquale    Oct 2nd

Ardal O’Hanlon   Oct 3rd

Star of “My Hero” on his stand up tour

Voulez Vous    Oct 6th

Abba Tribute

The Red Army    Oct 5th

The Best Is Yet To Come  Oct 7th

Evening Post Charity Concert

A Diaghilev Gala   Oct 8th

Swansea Ballet Russe

Annie     Oct 10th

Ruth Madoc, Mark Wynter and Louise English

A Bilingual Hamlet   Oct 19th

Wales Theatre Company

Greg Lake    Oct 30th

The voice of Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Killer Queen    Oct 31st

Patrick Myers

All Through The Night   Nov 5th

Frank Vickery And Sue Roderick star in this two hander followed by “Sleeping With Mickey Mouse”

The Pearl Fishers   Nov 7th

Swansea City Opera

The Illegal Eagles   Nov 8th

Tribute act

Thatha     Nov 10th

Zimbabwe Dance Troupe

Guys And Dolls   Nov 15th

Abbey Players

Mal Pope    Nov 21st

Jimmy Carr    Nov 22nd

Welsh National Opera Week

The Merry Widow  Nov 24th, 26th

Starring Lesley Garret

The Barber Of Seville  Nov 25th

Romeo And Juliet   Nov 28th

Shakespeare 4 Kidz

Ben Elton    Nov 29th

Bumbles Of Mumbles   Dec 1st

Merry Xmas Everybody  Dec 5th

Slade, Mud and T-Rextacy

Christmas Gala    Dec 6th

Swansea ballet Russe

Life Of Ryan And Ronnie  Dec 8th

Al Murray The Pub Landlord  Dec 12th


The Holly And The Ivy   Jan 24th

Starring Tony Britton who as well as being a star of British television over the past

40 years is the father of “This Morning’s” Fern Britton

The Story’s     Jan 27th

Steve Balsamo and his band

The Sir Harry Secombe    Jan 30th

Musical Youth Theatre Company

An’ That’s Jazz     Feb 2nd

Omid Djalili     Feb 3rd

Chris Needs & Friends    Feb 4th

Colin Fry     Feb 7th

Alexander O’Neal    Feb 13th

Swan Lake     Feb 9th

Moscow City Ballet

The Nutcracker    Feb 11th

Moscow City Ballet

The Bert Kaempfert    Feb 14th


Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac     Feb 15th

GA GA     Feb 16th

The Magic Of The Musicals      Feb 17th

In Concert

Marti Webb & Wayne Sleep

Rent A Ghost     Feb 18th

Joe Pasquale

The Gruffalo     Feb 21st

The Best Is Yet To Come   Feb 26th

Jethro      Feb 27th

Owen Money     Feb 28th

Soul Sharks &

Paul Childs

The Solid Silver 60’s Show   Mar 1st

Gerry & The Pacemakers,

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky,

Mick & Titch, Wayne

Fontana & PJ Proby

Mrs Jessop & The Maths   Mar 2nd

Lesson of Doom

Night Of Angels    Mar 3rd

Young Singer Of The Year   Mar 4th


Dunvant Male Choir and the Winner was future “How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria” winner Connie Fisher

La Boheme     Mar 6th

Ellen Kent

Think Floyd     Mar 7th

The Jive Aces     Mar 8th

The Hollies     Mar 9th

Mike Doyle     Mar 10th

The Bootleg Beatles    Mar 11th

Titanic The Musical    Mar 14th

Swansea Amateur

Operatic Society

The Mighty Boosh    Mar 19th

Broadway     Mar 20th

Natya Kala               Mar 22nd

The Best Blues Brothers  Mar 23rd

Show In The World….Ever

Jake & Elwood

A Grand Concert    Mar 24th

Fflur Wyn, Jason Bells

& Rakhi Singh

Fireman Sam To The    Mar 25th


Tunes Of Glory     Mar 28th

Patrick Ryecart & Stuart


Seven Brides For Seven   Apr 4th


Dave Willetts &

Shona Lindsay

Welsh National Opera week

The Marriage Of    Apr 11th

Figaro                             & Apr 13th

Jephtha     Apr 12th

The Flying Dutchman    Apr 15th

Stuart Little     Apr 17th

Beyond Reasonable Doubt   Apr 25th

Lesley Grantham,

Alexandra Bastedo &

Simon Ward

An Evening With Joan            Apr 30th


4 Poofs And A Piano

The Magical Dance Of Ireland        May 2nd

Completely Hollywood           May 3rd

Reduced Shakespeare Company

Moscow By Night                   May 4th

A 40th Anniversary Musical   May 5th


Mal Pope & Steve


Young Talent Show              May 6th

Abid Hossain

The Jungle Book              May 9th

Rigoletto               May 15th

A Kiss On The Bottom            May 16th

Frank Vickery and Di Botcher

A Grand Wedding Fayre          May 21st

Lady Chatterley’s Lover          May 22nd

Derren Brown               May 23rd

Derek Acorah               May 24th

Dara O’Brian               May 26th

Elvis In Concert              May 27th

Soweto Gospel Choir              May 30th

Love Of A Nightingale            May 31st

Roy Chubby Brown              Jun 1st

The Chuckle Brothers              Jun 3rd

Abba Mania               Jun 5th

The Kings Of Swing              Jun 13th

Nelson Riddle Tribute

Orchestra & Lynn


Jongleurs Comedy On The      Jun 14th


This Is My Song              Jun 15th

A Tribute to Sir Harry Secombe

The Best Is Yet To Come        Jun 16th

Cinderella               Jun 17th

Swansea Ballet Russe

Bugsy Malone               Jun 22nd

Sir Harry Secombe

Musical Youth Theatre


Tony Stockwell              Jun 26th

Joe Longthorne               Jun 29th

Images Of Dance              Jun 28th

The Rhythm Of Life                Jun 30th

The Grand Theatre

School Of Dance

Celebrates its 20th


Saturday Night Fever                  Jul 3rd

Rebecca Dent

Oliver        Jul 13th

Richard Digance      Jul 17th

Giselle        Jul 18th

Swansea Ballet Russe

One Night Of Queen      Jul 19th

Gary Mullen

The Rock n Roll Years      Jul 20th

The Glenn Miller Tribute            Jul 21st


Magic Of The Dance      Jul 24th

Bedroom Farce      Aug 1st

Judy Cornwell, Clare

Buckfield & Geoffrey


Wuthering Heights      Aug 8th

Michelle Hardwick,

Tony Scannell, Barny

Clevley, Robert Beck &

Chris Rankin

Funny Money    Aug 15th

Chris Ellison, Vicki Michelle, John Altman, Peter Blake, Sally Ann Matthews and David Callister

A Party To Murder   Aug 22nd

Sabina Franklyn

Star Quality     Aug 29th

David Griffin, Nichola

McAuliffe & Judy Buxton

Paddy McGuinness   Sep 4th

One Man Star Wars Trilogy  Sep 5th

Charles Ross

Hot Chocolate    Sep 6th

The Canterbury Tales   Sep 7th

Independent Ballet Wales

Dora’s Pirate Adventure  Sep 8th

Dora The Explorer Live

Fame The Musical   Sep 14th

The Harry Secombe Youth Theatre Company

RNIB Charity Concert    Sep 17th

With Sion Probert

Die Fledermaus   Sep 19th

Illegal Eagles    Sep 20th

Tribute Band

Magic A Kind Of Queen  Sep 21st

Thank You For The Music  Sep 22nd

The supergroups 30th anniversary show

Luv Esther    Sep 23rd

Blood Brothers    Sep 25th

Linda Nolan

Puppetry Of The Penis   Oct 2nd

Gina Yashere – I Don’t Think So Oct 5th

Jimmy Carr Gag Reflex   Oct 8th

The Spencer Davis Group   Oct 9th

Welsh National Opera Week

La boheme    Oct 11th

Chorus    Oct 12th

La boheme    Oct 13th

Jim Davidson     Oct 14th

A Child’s Christmas In Wales   Oct 17th

Amazing Grace      Oct 26th

Peter Karrie, Shan Cothi,

Margaret Williams, Kevin

Johns & Richard Mundy

A Christmas Carol     Oct 31st

Starring Ron Moody as Scrooge

Spirit Of The Dance     Nov13th

Ireland’s Three Tenors

Family Planning    Nov 14th

Frank Vickery

The King And I    Nov 21st

The Abbey Players

Mark Thomas     Nov 26th

Joe Brown     Nov 27th

The Daughter Of The     Nov 28th


Swansea City Opera

The Bumbles Of Mumbles   Nov 30th

Children’s Spectacular

Merry Xmas Everybody   Dec 4th

Mud, T-Rextasy &


Lenny Henry     Dec 17th


Lenny Henry             Jan17/18th

The show on the 18th was recorded for television

Toshack Or Me            Jan 19th

Kevin Johns

A Night To Remember   Jan 22nd

A tribute to Ben Bellamy the young

17-year-old Swansea lad murdered in 2006 hosted by Richard Mylan

September Tide           Jan 23rd

Kate O’Mara and David Griffin

Jimmy Carr    Jan 28th

Showbiz    Jan 31st

The Harry Secombe Youth Theatre Company

Romeo And Juliet   Jan 29th

Moscow City Ballet

Swan Lake    Jan 30th

Moscow City Ballet

Onke Ose    Feb 1st

Voulez Vous    Feb 2nd

Abba tribute band

The Mark Jermin Stage   Feb 3rd

School Awards

Joseph And The Amazing           Feb 5/10th

Technicolor Dreamcoat

A Viennese Straus Gala  Feb 12th

The Tempest    Feb 13th

Magical Midsummer   Feb 14th

Mayhem In The Woods

Jethro     Feb 14th

Killer Queen    Feb 15th

Steven Seagal    Feb 17th

And Thunderbox

The Bootleg Beatles   Feb 19th

Sing-a-long-a Sound Of  Feb 20th


Aida     Feb 21st

The Drifters    Feb 22nd

Off The Wall     Feb 23rd

Pink Floyd Tribute Band

Welsh Musical Theatre   Feb 24th

Singer Of The Year

Stephen Howe    Feb 28th

Show Of Hands

The Last Pirate    Feb 27th

The Storys    Mar 1st

Sarah Kendall    Mar 5th

Peter Grant    Mar 6th

Rambert Dance Company            Mar 8th

The Big Drip    Mar 12th

Peter Pan On Ice           Mar14th

Thoroughly Modern           Mar 20th


Swansea Amateur Operatic Society

The Big Ballet    Mar 26th

Honor Blackman story   Mar 27th

Solid Silver 60’s Show   Mar 28th

With The Searchers, Wayne Fontana, Merseybeats, John Walker Of The Walker Brothers and The Dakotas.

The Image Of Cliff Richard  Mar 29th

And The Shadows

Max Boyce           Mar 30th

Welsh National Opera Week

Madam Butterfly  Apr 3rd

Carmen   Apr 4th

Khovanshchina   Apr 7th

Tracey Beaker Gets Real           Apr10th

The Contender            Apr 20th

Mike Doyle, Peter Karrie

Could It Be Magic   Apr 30th

Darren Day

Stardust    May 1st

Mike Holoway, Maureen Nolan and Rachael Holoway

London Community    May 3rd

Gospel Choir

Friday Night Is Music Night  May 4th

Joe Longthorne    May 8th

The Kings Of Swing   May 10th

Lynn Kennedy

Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers  May 11th

An Enchanting Evening Of   May 14th

Tchaikovsky at The Ballet

Swansea Ballet Russe

Granny Annie           May 15th

Frank Vickery Play

Marty Wilde & The Wildcats  May 21st

Phoenix Dance Theatre   May 23rd

Masters Of The Musical  May 24th

Freddie Starr    May 25th

Spooky Goings On 2   May 26th

The Chuckle Brothers

The Wizard Of Oz   Jun 1st & 2nd

The Sir Harry Secombe Musical Youth Theatre Trust

Swansea Institute Of Performing  Jun 5th

Arts Final Degree Show

Tosca     Jun 6th

Ellen kent and Opera International

Magic A kind Of Queen  Jun 7th

The Best Is Yet To Come  Jun 8th

Charity performance

Make Way For Noddy   Jun 9th & 10th

And Friends

Colin Fry    Jun 11th & 12th


An Evening With Gervase Phinn Jun 13th

The Great Gilbert And    Jun 14th

Sullivan Show

Abba Mania    Jun 15th

Images Of Dance   Jun 16th

London Studio Centre

Buddy               Jun 18th

The Buddy Holly Story

The Billie Holiday Story  Jun 24th

Starring Rain Prior (the daughter of legendary American comedian Richard Pryor)

and Louis Emerick best known as Mick Johnson In Brookside

Beyond The Barricade   Jun 26th

Tribute to the musical’s

Elkie Brooks    Jun 27th

Real Diamond    Jun 28th

John Hylton in Neil Diamond tribute


Talon The Best Of The Eagles  Jun 29th

Glenn Miller Tribute Orchestra  Jul 4th

Humph ‘N’ Acker   Jul 5th

Humphrey Lyttelton And His Band and Acker Bilk And His Paramount Jazz Band

Bound For Broadway   Jul 6th

Starring Swansea’s own Nia Trussler-Jones, Phillip Arran and Luke Stephens

Ken Dodd’s Happiness Show  Jul 7th

The Railway Children   Jul 10th

Lynette McMorrough and Zara Dawson

High School Musical   Jul 19th Class Act Theatre Productions

Summer Repertory Season 2007

Cash On Delivery   Jul 24th

Starring Kevin Kennedy (Coronation Street), Melvyn Hayes (It Ain't Half Hot Mum),

Barry Howard (Hi-De-Hi), Victoria Bush (Casualty), David Callister, and Geoffrey Davies.

Coppelia    Jul 29th

Swansea Ballet Russe

The Lady Boys Of Bangkok  Jul 30th

The Decorator    Jul 31st

Starring Leslie Grantham (Eastenders), Sarah Manners (Casualty, Strictly Come Dancing),

and Sabina Franklyn (Keep it in the Family, Full House).

The Secretary Bird   Aug 7th

Dangerous Corner   Aug 14th

Starring Shirley Anne Field (Alfie, Saturday Night Sunday Morning), Nicola Wheeler

and Peter Amory (Emmerdale) and Chloe Newsome (Coronation Street).

Dead Guilty    Aug 21st

Starring Lorraine Chase, Gary Turner and Abigail Fisher (Emmerdale),

and Clair McGlinn (Coronation Street).

The Elvis Collection   Aug 29th

Tweenies Live    Aug 31st

Annie     Sep 10th

Starring Ruth Madoc

An Audience Wuth Sian Phillips Sep 16th

Ross Noble    Sep 17th

Spirit Of The Dance   Sep 18th

Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac  Sep 19th

Mad About The Musicals  Sep 20th

Gaga     Sep 21st

Jake And Elwood’s Best   Sep 22nd

Blues Broth4ers In The World Ever

Carmen    Sep 24th

Ellen Kent and Romale Gypsy Dance Troupe

A Night On The Tiles   Sep 25th

Frank Vickery play starring Frank Vickery, Stan Stennett and  Ian “H” Watkins

Abba Forever    Oct 1st

Mal Pope    Oct 2nd

The Servant Of Two Masters  Oct 8th

Essence Of Ireland   Oct 15th

The Best Is Yet To Come  Oct 19th

Circus Hilarious 2.30 pm Oct 20th

Ceri Dupree    Oct 20th

A Chance To Dance   Oct 21st

South Pacific    Oct 23rd

Dave Willetts and Helena Blackman who was the

runner up on BBC Televisions “How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria”-

Jenny Éclair    Oct 31st

Dynion     Nov 3rd

Godspell    Nov 6th

Stephen Gately

Jimmy Carr    Nov 13th

Swansea Girls    Nov 16th

Menna Trussler

Anything Goes    Nov 20th

The Abbey Players


The Masters of the House  Jan 24th  

featuring former stars from Les Miserables performing in concert

The Sir Harry Secombe Trust    Jan 25th

The Company perform songs from hit musicals

The Magic Flute     Jan 26th

Swansea City Opera Company Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Libretto by Emanuel Schikaneder.

Jimmy Carr    Jan 29th

This was another chance to see Jimmy Carr's: Repeat Offender tour after November's sell out date!

Call up the Groups   Jan 30th

Barron Knights, Fortunes, Marmalade & Tremeloes

Toshack or Me!   Jan 31st

Presented by Fluellen in association with Swansea Grand Theatre. By Peter Read. With Kevin Johns

To Hull and Back    Feb 1st

Fluellen Theatre Company presents Peter Read`s eagerly awaited sequel to Toshack Or Me! Again with Kevin Johns

Jethro      Feb 4th

After 32 years of touring

ScrapArtsMusic    Feb 5th

Direct from Canada

Sharon Neill     Feb 6th

Second Sight Tour

On the Stage and Off   Feb 7th

Elsewhere Theatre presents a World Premiere. Rodney Bewes one half of Televisions Likely Lads

Oh What a Night!      Feb 8th

Put on your platforms, zip up your cat suit and boogie on down for a great night out. With Kid Creole

Moscow City Ballet

Romeo and Juliet   Feb11th

The Sleeping Beauty         Feb12.13th

Artistic Director Victor Smirnov-Golovanov

Cerys Matthews    Feb14th

Best is Yet to Come    Feb15th

All proceeds to go to The Alzheimer's Society

Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings    Feb16th

A show imbued with absolute quality.

Dad's Army     Feb 18th

They were Britain's last line of defence!

These are the lost episodes from the 1960’s, which were erased. Recreated for the stage with Leslie Grantham playing Private Walker

On the Trail of the Countback Kid   Feb 25th

A new play on numeracy for Key Stage 2.

Ellen Kent and Opera International

Madama Butterfly   Feb 26th

La Traviata   Feb 27th

Mike Doyle     Feb 28th

In Concert

The Circus of Horrors    Feb 29th

Dunvant Male Choir    Mar 1st

Welsh Musical Theatre Young Singer Of The Year Competition - The Final

The Bootleg Beatles    Mar 3rd

Rambert Dance Company   Mar 5th with its Associate Orchestra London Musici.

Gordon Hendricks.    Mar 8th

Vocal Tribute to Elvis

On March 10th 2008 John Chilvers died aged 88 after a short illness; he is credited with

saving the Grand Theatre and his hard work ensured that it still thrives today

Hello Dolly     Mar 11th

Swansea Amateur Operatic Society presents Hello Dolly! Supported by Welsh Amateur Music Federation

Over the Rainbow   Mar 17th

The Life Story of Eva Cassidy starring Faye Tozer from Steps

Buddy Holly and the Cricketers      Mar 20th

Buddy Holly's Official 50th Anniversary Tour!

Basil Brush     Mar 22nd

Basil of the Caribbean

Angelina Ballerina's    Mar 26th Star Performance

English National Ballet presents this magical star performance. Music by Tchaikovsky, Choreography by Antony Dowson

Voulez Vous     Mar 28th

Abba Tribute Show

Roofless     Mar 29th

How far would you go to support Wales? A new play By Geraint Thomas

Roy Chubby Brown    Mar 31st

The Californians   Apr 2nd

John Culshaw    Apr 3rd

Comedy Impressionist

Derek Acorah    Apr 4th

Hamlet     Apr 7th


Under Milk Wood   Apr 8th

Fluellen Theatre Company presents starring Kevin Johns

Solid Silver 60’s Show   Apr 12th

Gerry and The Pacemakers. The Swinging Blue Jeans, Dave Berry and Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich

Derren Brown    Apr 13th

Mind-Reader tour

Buttons Undone   Apr 15th

Adult Panto starring Owen Money and Sam Broad, Phil Howe and Sue Roderick

Welsh National Opera Week

The Magic Flute            Apr 22,25th

Eugene Onegin             Apr 23,26th

Falstaff              Apr 24th

Danny The Champion Of The World Apr 29th

Roald Dahl’s book adapted by the Birmingham Stage Company

Paul Merton    May 6th

Impro Chums

Dave Spikey    May 7th

Think Floyd    May 8th

Pink Floyd Tribute

Viva Las Vegas Live   May 9th

Elvis Tribute

The Chuckle Brothers   May 10th

Indiana Chuckles and The Kingdom Of The Mythical Sulk

Aspects Of Love   May 12th

Fireworks At The Ballet  May 18th

Swansea Ballet Russe

Ricky Tomlinson’s Laughter Show May 19th

Roots and Wings   May 20th

Frank Vickery Play

Thomas The Tank and Friends  May 27th

Live on stage

The Afternoon Show   May 29th

With Chris Needs at 2.30 pm

Peter Karrie    May 29th

A Man and His Music

Sensational 60’s Show   May 30th

The Tremeloes, The Merseybeats and The Dreamers

Those Musical Gals   May 31st

Swansea Amateurs

Richard Digance   Jun 5th

The Rat Pack    Jun 9th

Rupert Bear Follow The Magic Jun 13th

Simply Ballroom    Jun 16th

Featuring a cast of International Championship Dancers, with choreography by

TV’s Dancing Stars Anton Du Beke and Erin Boag.

Swansea Girls    Jun 26th

Menna Trussler, Nia Trussler-Jones, Lynne Mackay and Sophie Brown

Swansea Metropolitan University - Tues 3rd and Wed 4th June


Richard Digance - Thurs 5th June

Performing his unique blend of music and comedy

Gorseinon College presents Oklahoma! - Fri 6th & Sat 7th June


The Rat Pack Live from Las Vegas - Mon 9th - Wed 11th June

After numerous critically acclaimed national tours since 2000 and FOUR years in London's West End, the Olivier award nominated Frank, Sammy & Dean - The Rat Pack Live From Las Vegas really is the coolest party in town!

Antigone - Mon 9th & Tues 10th June, 7.15pm (Arts Wing)

Presented by Gorseinon College

Images of Dance - Thurs 12th June (7.30pm)

Artistic director: Margaret Barbieri (former principal with the Royal Ballet).

Simply Ballroom - Mon 16th June (7.30pm)

The Sensational Ballroom Dance Spectacular!

Siyaya presents Onke Ose - Tues 17th June (7.30pm)


One Night of Queen - Weds 18th June (7.30pm)

Stunning live 2 hour concert recreating and celebrating the music of Queen

The WestEnders - Thurs 19th June (7.30pm)

A night in London's West End at your local theatre!

The Best is Yet to Come - Fri 20th June (7.00pm)

All proceeds in aid of Neath Hospitals League of friends, covering Cimla, Tonna, Neath and Port Talbot.

Thank You For the Music - Sat 21st June (7.30pm)

A celebration of the music of ABBA and The Bee Gees

The Spirit of Pavarotti - Mon 23rd June (7.30pm)

Starring Lee Bradley

Little Howard and the Magic Pencil of Life and Death - Tues 24th June (7.00pm)

The second epic family show from Big Howard and Little Howard, as seen on the 2007 Royal Variety Performance!

Swansea Girls (14+) - Thurs 26th - Sat 28th June (7.30pm)

Back by popular demand!

Honk! - Thurs 3rd - Sat 5th July (7.30pm, Sat mat - 2.30pm)

The Sir Harry Secombe Trust

The UK Beach Boys - Mon 7th July (7.30)

Ultimate tribute to The Beach Boys

LazyTown Live!- Weds 9th (10.30am, 1.30pm & 5pm) & Thurs 10th (1.30pm & 5pm) July


Rockin' on Heaven's Door - Fri 11th July (7.30pm)


Morriston Phoenix Choir - Sat 12th July (7.30pm)

Musical Director Sian Pearce

Class Act Theatre presents Celebration! - Thurs 17th - Sat 19th July (7.00pm, Sat mat - 2.00pm)


One-Man Star Wars™ Trilogy - Mon 21st July (7.30pm)

A 60-minute Star Wars spectacular!

Ian Dickens Productions and Swansea Grand Theatre presents 5 great plays

Tues 22nd – Sat 26th July (7.30pm)                                                                                                                        
See How they Run By Philip King
All the ingredients for a classic British Comedy.

Tues 29th July – Sat 2nd August (7.30pm)
The Business of Murder By Richard Harris
A psychological thriller with many twists and turns.

Tues 5th August – Sat 9th August (7.30pm)
Daisy Pulls it Off By Denise Deegan
An affectionate, keenly observed parody of life from a bygone era.

Tues 12th August – Sat 16th August (7.30pm)
Don't Look Now By Daphne Du Maurier
Adapted for the stage by Neil Leyshon. What begins as a moving

examination of grief becomes a chilling tale with a dark and terrifying climax in this classic thriller.cancelled

Tues 19th August – Sat 23rd August (7.30pm)
Run for Your Wife By Ray Cooney
Riotous entertainment for all, in perhaps one of the most famous of modern farces.

Swansea Ballet Russe - Sun 3rd August, 2.00pm (Arts Wing)

Summer Masterclass Gala

Diane Lazarus - Mon 18th August (7.30pm)

The Psychic Experience

Chas and Dave in Concert - Tues 26th August (7.30pm)

The legendary cockney duo have a cult following of young and old after appearing at Glastonbury on three separate stages in 2007.

Bless 'em All - Weds 27th August (2.00pm)

With Stan Stennett

Jive Talkin' - Fri 29th August (7.30pm)

The Bee Gees Story

Tim Vine - Tuesday 2nd September


Beyond The Barricade - Thursday 4th September 7.30pm

Featuring all your favourite West End songs

Tony Stockwell - Friday 5th September 7.30pm

Spirit Messages Tour

Summer Holiday - Thursday 11th - Saturday 13th September

The Sir Harry Secombe Trust

Romeo and Juliet - Thursday 18th - Saturday 27th September

By William Shakespeare. Presented by Wales Theatre Company

Ellen Kent & Amphitheatre Productions present La Boheme - Sunday 28th September 7.00pm


Killer Queen - Monday 29th September

The ultimate tribute to Queen

Erogenous Zones   Sep 30th

Frank Vickery play with Ian ‘ H’ Watkins

Puppetry Of The Penis - Tuesday 7th October

Russell Howard -Thursday 9th October, 7.30pm


CBeebies at the Theatre - Friday 10th - Sunday 12th October

CBeebies at the Theatre is the first ever theatre adventure starring many of your favourite friends from CBeebies.

The Big Ballet - Tuesday 14th October 7.30pm

A comedy ballet of weighty elegance and adorable humour

Welsh National Opera - Thursday 16th - Saturday 18th October 7.00pm

Join WNO's world-class Chorus and Orchestra and a powerful cast of soloists in two outstanding productions.

The Jungle Book - Tuesday 21st - Saturday 25th October

My Brilliant Divorce - Tuesday 28th October

Starring Dillie Keane

The Motown Show - Wednesday 29th October

Celebrating The Music Of Motown Legends The Four Tops & The Temptations

The Reduced Shakespeare Company present 'The Bible: The Complete Word of God' (abridged) - Thursday 30th October

The good book just got better!

Jimmy Carr - Friday 31st October

Joke Technician (16+)

Joe Brown - Saturday 1st November

with The Bruvvers and Special Guests Sam Brown and Pete Brown

Disney's Beauty and the Beast - Tuesday 4th - Saturday 15th November

Back by popular demand!

Rob Brydon - Sunday 23rd November 7.30pm

The stars from The Commitments - Wednesday 26th November 7.30pm

All the Heart! All the Soul! All The Music!

Talon:The Best of the Eagles - Thursday 27th November

Take It Easy To Eden

Ladyboys of Bangkok - Friday 28th and Saturday 29th November

Devils and Angels - 10th Anniversary Tour

Colin Fry - Monday 1st & Tuesday 2nd December

An evening of clairvoyance

Merry Xmas Everybody - Tues 9th December

Now in its 15th successful year, this is the must see, must be at, pre-Christmas concert party!


Paul Carrack     Jan 21

The Nutcracker Swansea Ballet Russe Jan 22

Sing a Long a Sound Of Music   Jan 23

Sounds Of The Glenn Miller Era  Jan 24th

Stephen K Amos    Feb 2nd

Coppelia    Jan 25th

Ellen Kent

Swan Lake    Jan 26th

Ellen Kent    

Murder With Love   Jan 27

Leslie Grantham, Stephen Beckett and Neil Stacey

Ian Dickens Productions   

An Evening With Tony Benn  Feb 3rd

Four Poofs and a Piano   Feb 4

A Gala Night at the Musicals  Feb 5

Sir Harry Secombe Trust

Jethro     Feb 6

Peter Grant    Feb 7

The Nelson Riddle Orchestra  Feb 11

Stones In His Pockets   Feb 9

Masters Of The House   Feb 12

The Best Is Yet To Come   Feb 13

Bjorn Again    Feb 16

Vienna Strauss Gala   Feb 17

Magic A Kind Of Queen   Feb 18

The Drifters In Concert   Feb 19

Teenage Love Affair   Feb 20

Dani Dee School Of Dance

Welsh Musical Theatre Young Singer  Of The Year Feb 21

Sally Morgan    Feb 25

Rhod Gilbert and the Award Winning Mince Pie  Feb 26

Aidi     Feb 23

Ellen Kent

Carmen     Feb 24

Ellen Kent

Jake and Elwood The Best Blues Brothers Show in the World Ever Feb 27

Circus Of Horrors    Mar 2

Solid Silver 60’s Show   Mar 3

The Searchers, Wayne Fontana, The Merseybeats and John Walker

The Jimi Hendrix Experience   Mar 4

The Californians    Mar 5

A Vision Of Elvis    Mar 6

Chris Needs and Friends   Mar 7

Golden Days Of Music Hall   Mar 9

Stan Stennett Johnny Tudor,

Peter Lewis, Linda Watts,

Jill Fletcher, David Harper and

The June Bois Dancers with

your chairman Eric Latimer.

Cirque De Glace    Mar 15

Noises Off    Mar 17

HMS Pinafore    Mar 24th

Swansea Amateur Operatic Society

The Thorn Birds    Apr 3

Wales Theatre Company

Welsh National Opera Week

The Elixir Of Love   Apr 7

Salome     Apr 8

The Marriage Of Figaro   Apr 9,11

All The Fun Of The Fair   Apr 27

David Essex

Chuckle Brothers chuckle Trek  Apr 18

Only Men Aloud    Apr 26

Max Boyce    Feb 28

Trivial Pursuits    May 5

The Naked Truth    May 11

Lisa Riley

Gaga     May 14

The Worlds Greatest Elvis Gordon Hendrix May 16

Turandot     May 24

Ellen Kent

Ross Noble    May 26

Ceri Dupree    May 27

Milkshake Live    May 30

Blood Brothers    May 18

Maureen Nolan    

Shaken Not Stirred   May 28

Joe Longthorne    May 29

Shaolin Warriors    Jun1

The Songs Of Sister Act   Jun 2

Tony Stockwell    Jun 3

Masters Of The Musical   Jun 4

Alice’s Adventures in Clubland  Jun 5

Side-By-Side    Jun 9

Gorseinon College

Roy Chubby Brown   Jun 10

The Best Is Yet To Come   Jun 12

String Of Pearls    Jun 15

Broadway Lights and Hollywood Nights Jun 17

Scales and Scandal   Jun 18

Abba Mania    Jun 19

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers  Jun 22

Images Of Dance    Jun 29

5x60 Dance Evolution   Jun 30

Off The Wall-Spirit Of Pink Floyd Jul 1

An Evening With Pam Ayres  Jul 2   

Noise Ensemble – The Percussion Spectacular  Jul 3

The Cavern Beatles   Jul 6

Magic of the Dance   Jul 13

Le Grand Cirque   Jul 8

The Life and Music Of Ivor Novello Jul 16

The Vagina Monologues   Jul 17

Here Come The Boys   Jul 18

Strictly Murder    Jul 26

The Great Pretender   Jul 21

Rattle Of A Simple Man   Jul 28

The Tart And The Vicar’s Wife  Aug 4th

Write Me A Murder   Aug 11

Pools Paradise    Aug 18

Hayley Westenra    Jul 26

You Don’t Bring Me Flowers  Jul 27

Oyster Bay    Aug 3

Forces Sweethearts   Aug 17

Derek Acorah    Aug 25

Tweenies Live    Aug 27

Mad About The Musicals   Aug 26

Tim Minchin    Sep 5

The Doctor and the Devils   Sep 2

Jane Macdonald    Sep 14

Footloose    Sep 10

Sir Harry Secombe Trust

Babe The Sheep Pig   Sep 15

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain  Sep 16

Afternoon Delights with Kevin Johns Sep 17

Mike Doyle    Sep 18

Variety Magic    Sep 21

Jimmy Cricket, Don Maclean

and Dana

Fashion Spectacular   Sep 22

Shirley Bassey Tribute   Sep 23

Think Floyd    Sep 25

Ken Dodd    Sep 27

Over The Rainbow - The Life Story of Eva Cassidy Sep 28

Zoe Tyler

Diane Lazarus    Sep 29th

Abba Forever    Sep 30

The Elvis Years    Oct 1

The Best is Yet to Come   Oct 2

Musicals in Motion   Oct 3

Soweto Gospel Choir   Oct 10

WNO Week

La Traviata    Oct 7

Madam Butterfly    Oct 8

Sing-A-Long-A Rocky Horror Picture Show Oct 12

Fascinating Aida    Oct 13

Chas and Dave    Oct 14

Boogie Pete Live    Oct 15

Stewart Lee    Oct 15

Rhod Gilbert The Cat That Looked Like Nicholas Lyndhurst Oct 16

David Essex    Oct 17

Company    Oct 19

Kismet     Nov 17

Abbey players

Cappuccino girls    Nov 25

Bob The Builder Live   Oct 18

How Green Is My Valley?   Oct 20

Independent Ballet Wales

Rat Pack Vegas Spectacular  Oct 21

India Dance Wales: Life   Oct 22

Andy Parsons    Oct 24

Hooray For Hollywood   Oct 26

Tonto Evans    Oct 27

Vagina Monologues    Nov 2

Kevin Bloody Wilson   Nov 3

One Night Of Queen   Nov 4

Alistair McGowan   Nov 5

The Stylistics    Nov 6

Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings  Nov 9
Pam Ann    Nov 10

Colin Fry & TJ Higgs   Nov 30

LazyTown Live! - The Pirate Adventure Nov 12

The Nutcracker Swansea Bnallet Russe Nov 29
A Family Christmas Concert  Dec 1

Steve Dewitt

Bumbles Of Mumbles   Dec 3

Beyond The Barricade   Dec 7

Steeleye Span    Dec 8


Elkie Brooks     Jan 21
The Winner Takes It All   Jan 22
Paul Carrack    Jan 25
Buddy Holly and the Cricketers  Jan 28
West End to Broadway    shst  Jan 29
Mark Jermin stage school awards Jan 30
Side By Side       Feb 2
Gorseinon College
Joe Brown In Concert   Feb 3
That'll Be The Day    Feb 4
Jimmy Carr     Feb 5
Tim Vine     Feb 8
Circus Hilarious    Feb 15
Derren Brown Enigma   Feb 10
The Pearl Fishers    Feb 16
Swansea City Opera

Stephen K Amos    Feb 17

Chinese New Year Concert  Feb 18
The Best Is Yet To Come   Feb 19
Welsh Musical Theatre Young Singer Of The Year Feb 20
Living TV's Most Haunted(cancelled)  Feb 22
The Circus Of Horrors   Feb 23
The Stones Tribute Band   Feb 24
Jethro     Feb 25
How Sweet It Is    Feb 26
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Show Feb 27
A Slice Of Welsh Rarebit   Mar 1
The Searchers    Mar 2
Snow White On Ice         Mar 3

To Kill A Mocking Bird  Mar 9

Porridge    Mar 15

Shaun Williamson

Kenny Ball, Chris Barber & Acker Bilk(postponed)   Mar 22.

An audience with Sally Morgan Mar 23

Solid Gold Country Legends  Mar 24

Solid Silver 60’s Show (Dave Berry, Mike Pender, Brian Poole, Peter Sarstedt,

all backed by Vanity Fare with

The Swinging Blue Jeans and

The Troggs.

Des O’Connor    Mar 26

Talon The Best Of The Eagles   Apr 6

The Woman In Black   Mar 29

Noddy In Toyland   Apr 7

Abba Mania    Apr 9

Back For Good   Apr 10

Frankie Boyle    Apr 12

A Night out with Tommy Cooper Jus’ Like That! Apr 13

Pirates Of Penzance   Apr 20

WNO Week

Tosca     Apr 16

Carmen    Apr 17

Boy George    Apr 26

Paul Merton’s Impro’ Chums  Apr 27

Katy Brand    Apr 28

Real Diamond-John Hylton  Apr 30

What Black Women Want  Apr 29

An Audience With The Chuckle Brothers May 1

Loose Ends    May 4

The Hairy Bikers Big Night Out May 10

Die Roten Punkte   May 11

POP Star!(cancelled)   May 12

Billy Elliot    May 20

Harry Secombe Trust

Jim Davidson    May 26

One Night In Vegas   May 27

Brendan Cole Live and Unjudged May 29

Piaf     June 1

Hi-De-Hi(cancelled)   Jun 7

Roy Chubby Brown   Jun 14

We’ll Meet Again   Jun 15

The Full Monty   Jun 16

Dancing Queen   Jun 17

The Storys    Jun 19

A Night At The Opera   Jun 21

Lee Memphis King (cancelled) Jun 22

The Dream Boys   Jun 24

The Best Is Yet To Come  Jun 25

Billy Elliot BACK BY DEMAND  Jun 28

Harry Secombe Trust

The Ladyboys Of Bangkok  Jun 29

5x60 Dance Evolution 3  Jul 1

Oh Lord What A Knight  Jul 2

Curtain Up     Jul 3

Peppa Pig    Jul 7

Godspell    Jul 10

Sounds Of The Glenn Miller Era Jul 13

ELO Tribute    Jul 14

Bon Jovi Experience   Jul 15

Dance Energy Production  Jul 17

The Late Edwina Black   Jul 20

Dolly! The Show   Jul 26

The Trouble With Old Lovers  Jul 27

Inside Job    Aug 3

Love’s A Luxury   Aug 10

Murdered to Death   Aug 17

The Platters    Sep 2

Abba Forever     Sep 3

Dynion Pro    Sep 4

Tell Me On A Sunday   Sep 6

Claire Sweeney

Stan At Ease    Sep 7

Stan Stennett