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Swansea Grand Theatre Pantomime Archive


Jack and the Beanstalk


31 days

Dec 11, 2015


Jan 10, 2016

Louie Spence (The Spirit Of The Beans), Kevin Johns (Dame Trot), Peter Piper (Simple Simon) , Zoe George (Princess Apricot), Stefan Pejic (Fleshcreep), Michael Colbourne (Jack Trot), Adele Barlow, Rhys Daniel-Jones, Victoria Edge, Russell Fine, Sophie Morgan, Billie Leigh-Roberts

Producers: Michael Vivyan for Qdos
Musical Director : Griff Harries





31 days

Dec 12, 2014


Jan 11, 2015

John Partridge (The Prince), Kevin Johns (Nurse Nancy), Matt Edwards (Muddles), Valerie Cutko (Queen Lucretia), Shinead Byrne (Snow White), Zeph Gould (Catsmeat),
Erica-Jayne Alden, Samantha Burr, Megan Dawson, Gabriela Garcia, Alex Green, Hampus Lee Strand

Producers: Tudor Davies for Qdos

Musical Director : Griff Harries




31 days

Dec 13, 2013


Jan 12, 2014

Jimmy Osmond (Captain Hook), Kevin Johns (Mrs Smee), Liam Mellor (Starkey), Claire Machin (Mimi The Mermaid), Gemma James (Tinkerbell), Stephanie Siadatan (Tiger Lily), Gwydion Rhys (Peter Pan), Lauren James (Wendy), Alexander Stevens and Evan Extence (John), Emmanuel Lee and Deian Harding-Thomas (Michael), Jack Butterworth, Conor Crown, Jacob Fearey, Sophia Mcavoy, Ella Nonini, Melissa Sharp

Producers: Barbara Evans for Qdos
Musical Director : Griff Harries




31 days

Dec 14, 2012


Jan 13, 2013

Chico (Prince Charming), Mike Doyle (Tulisa- Ugly Sister), Kevin Johns (Jessie - Ugly Sister), Gemma James (Cinderella), Liam Mellor (Buttons), Dawson Chance, Di Botcher, Dale Evans

Producers: Michael Vivian for Qdos
Musical Director : Griff Harries

*This was the first pantomime at Swansea Grand Theatre to feature an animatronic flying horse called Pegasus, and Chico skating on plastic ice.




31 days

Dec 16, 2011


Jan 15, 2012

Jimmy Osmond (Wishee Washee), Kevin Johns

(Widow Twankey), Zoe George (Princess Jasmine), Liam Doyle (Aladdin), Gavin Woods (Abanazar), David

Lawrence (Emperor Of China), Paul Rivers (Chief Of

Police), Lauren Pixie Urquhart (Scherazade), Luke

Bartholemew, Michael Cortez, Rebecca Galloway, Rachel Alice Griggs, Charlotte Hurry, Helen Marie Ladson,

Producers: Andrew Lynford for Qdos

Musical Director : Griff Harries

*Jimmy Osmond being cast in this panto was an inspired choice, drawing audiences from all over the UK and Europe. He was the consummate professional and was very popular amongst cast and crew.







33 days

Dec 15, 2010


Jan 16, 2011

Melanie Walters (Wicked Queen), Kevin Johns (Nurse), Kevin Sacre (Prince), Pete Hillier (Muddles), Sarah Lark (Snow White), Joshua Lovell (Man In The Mirror), Lauran Barrand (Soppy), Glynn Jones (Kip), Kieran Jones (Grouchy), Stijn Keuleers(Pop), Albert Wilkinson

(Twitcher), Tony Cooper (Smiler), Binde Johal (Sneezer), Renee Bull, Emma Harris, Megan Clements, Jake Fearey, Natasha Skippon

Producers: Pete Hillier for UK Productions

Musical Director : Griff Harries

*On the back of the success of Gavin and Stacey, Swansea born Melanie Walters returned to the Grand Theatre where 20 years previously she had appeared alongside Freddie Lees in Educating Rita.





33 days

Dec 16, 2009


Jan 17, 2010

Malandra Burrows (Good Fairy), Helen Fraser (Bad Fairy), Andrew Agnew (Silly Billy), Kevin Johns (Nurse Nelly), Lewis Bradley (Prince), Nia Jermin (Sleeping Beauty),

Adam Price (King), Daniel Bartlett, Eleri Harries, Madeleine Mantock, Benjamin Brook, Amy Punter, Alexandra


Producers: Terry Morrison for UK Productions

Musical Director : Griff Harries

* Lewis Bradley got himself into a bit of trouble with the people of Swansea after slating the area on the social networking site Facebook. All was redeemed however when the story was worked into the script for the final few performances.




33 days

Dec 17, 2008


Jan 18, 2009

Su Pollard (Baroness Hardup), Chris Jarvis (Buttons),

Kevin Johns & Frank Vickery (Ugly Sisters), Sarah Thomas (Fairy Godmother), Nia Jermin (Cinderella), Craig Tyler (Prince Charming), Gavin Lee Rees (Dandini), Richard Dale, Beth Angharad, Janine Esther Cowell, Michelle White, Natalie Marie Dignam, Jonathan Norman,The Sensational Shetland Ponies

Producers: Chris Jarvis for UK Productions

Musical Director : Griff Harries

*Swansea born Nia Jermin who played Cinderella would later go on to tour the UK in professional productions of Seven Brides For Seven Brothers and Legally Blonde.





33 days

Dec 19, 2007


Jan 20, 2008

Ray Meagher (King Rat), Kevin Johns (Sarah the Cook), Hannah Waterman (Dick), Anne Charleston (Fairy

Bowbells), Rik Gaynor (Idle Jack), Hayley Gallivan (Alice Fitzwarren), Barry Daniels (Alderman Fitzwarren), Adam Gaskin (Tommy the Cat),

Producers:  Rik Gaynor for UK Productions

Musical Director : Griff Harries

*Hannah Waterman played Dick in this production, her

father Dennis Waterman had appeared in a play called

Enemy at the theatre in 1969.




32 days

Dec 14, 2006


Jan 14, 2007

Mark Little (Abanazar), Mike Doyle (Wishee Washee), Kevin Johns (Widow Twankey), Craig Gallivan (Aladdin), Sianad Gregory (Princess) Gemma James (Slave of the Ring), Phillip Arran (Genie of the Lamp)

Producers:  Michael Vivian for Qdos

Musical Director : Griff Harries

*Mark Little who had appeared as Joe Mangel in Neighbours had won the 2000 Olivier Award for Best Entertainment, Defending the Caveman.







32 days

Dec 22, 2005


Jan 22, 2006

Gillian Taylforth (Wicked Queen  Lucretia), Kevin Johns (Nurse Rhondda), Fogwell Flax (Muddles), Frank Vickery (Chambers), Simon Lipkin (Prince Michael), Rochelle Smith (Snow White),Greg Doherty (Skipper), Ed

Osmond (Surly), Ollie Clarke (Noisy), Scott English

(Blusher), Stijn Keuleers (Wheezy), Lisa Osmond (Dozy), Jo Osmond (Smiler), Alice Chilver, Nicky-Michelle Davlin, Patrick George, Zoe Harries, Cilla Mackenzie, Carl Morris

Producers: Michael Vivian for Qdos

Musical Director : John Quirk

*Simon Lipkin went on to star in Avenue Q and Rock of Ages in the West End.



and the



33 days

Dec 15, 2004


Jan 16, 2005

Mike Doyle (Jack), Kevin Johns (Dame Trot), Gary Beadle

(Fleshcreep),  Kim Gee (Fairy), Frank Vickery (King),

Cathryn Davis (Princess Crumble), Jenny Lloyd, Rhys George, Sianad Gregory, Nicky Michelle Davlin, Sally Anne Chadwick, Tiki Howard, Mathew Davies and Emily Newell (Cerys The Cow alternate), Antonia Williams and Jessica Clark (Cerys The Cow alternate)

Producers: Michael Vivian for Qdos

Musical Director : John Quirk

*Sianad Gregory later appeared as a backing dancer on

ITV’s X Factor.




32 days

Dec 18, 2003


Jan 18, 2004

Michelle Potter (Cinderella),  Dan Paris (Prince Charming), Mike Doyle (Buttons),  Kevin Johns & Quintin Young (Ugly Sisters),  Leanne Masterton (Fairy Snowdrop), Craig Ryder (Dandini), Geoffrey Hayes (Baron Hardup)

Producers: Kerry Michael for Qdos

Musical Director : John Quirk

*Neighbours star Dan Paris later gave up acting to pursue a career as a professional photographer in Australia.



And the




40 days

Dec 18, 2002


Jan 26, 2003

Lisa Riley (Ring Mistress), Sooty, Kevin Johns (Gertie Gemmel)  Mark Jardine (Heinkel),  Rebecca Oglesby (Goldilocks),  Clive Webb & Danny Adams

Producers: Karl Howman for Qdos

Musical Director : John Quirk

*Directing this pantomime was well known television favourite Karl Howman who had starred in Brush Strokes and also fronted a long running advertising campaign for Flash cleaner.


Peter pan


38 days

Dec 14, 2001


Jan 20 2002

Mike Doyle (Smee), Kevin Johns (Starkey), John Challis (Captain Hook), Dora Bryan (Mermaid), Jenna Lee James (Peter Pan), Vicki Randall (Wendy), Bonnie Spencer (Tinkerbelle), Rhoda Montemayor (Tiger Lily), Jordan

Struel-White/ Evan Clements (John Darling), Dominic Thomas-James/ Christopher Woodward (Michael Darling) , The Acromaniacs ( Peter Hill, Paul Gurney, Richard Morgan, Lee Newcombe), Rhoda Montemayor, Anna G Jansson, Kristin Lee Warren, Angela Moody, Louise

Osborne, David Campbell, Sebastian Harris, David Callister

Producers: Michael Vivian for Qdos

Musical Director : John Quirk

*Jenna Lee James went on to play Scaramouche in We Will Rock You in the West End.


Snow white

And the




37 days

Dec 15, 2000


Jan 20, 2001

Mike Doyle (Muddles), Kevin Johns (Nurse), Poppy Tierney (Snow White),  Jansen Spencer (Prince), Shaun Scott

(Oddjob), Nikki Diamond (Queen Lucretia), Seven Dwarfs: Malcolm Dixon (Pops), Steve Haze (Wheezy), Stijn

Keuleers (Jolly), Phillip Matthews (Dozy), Terence

Weijnschenk (Snoozy), Oliver Ferriman (Surly), John

Dignam (Surly Alternate), Oliver Llewellyn Jernkins

(Blusher), Peter Guiney (Blusher Alternate), Richard

Alliston, Gary Amers, Sarah Dunning, Tracy Gunn, Danielle McClaren, Caroline Renno

Producers: Kerry Michael for E&B Productions

Musical Director : John Quirk

*Malcolm Dixon played an Oompa Loompa in the original 1971 movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.




46 days

Dec 17, 1999


Jan 31, 2000

Tim Vincent (Aladdin), Ria Jones (Princess), Barry Howard

(Widow Twankey), Andrew Lynford (Wishee Washee), Vikki Michelle (Genie of the Ring),  Kevin Johns (Emperor of

China), Phil Corbitt (Abanazar), Simmons Brothers

(Chinese Policemen), Selina Brooks, Anthony Cranwell,

Alexander Jessop, Nicki Moffett, Hannah Ruddy, Susan Shaw

Producer: Keith Simmons for E&B Productions

Musical Director : John Quirk

*Swansea born Ria Jones returned for her third pantomime at her hometown theatre. Ria was the youngest to play Eva Peron in the musical Evita, followed by her West End debut in Chess playing the roles of Svetlana and Florence.




46 days

Dec 17, 1998


Jan 31, 1999

Melinda Messenger (Cinderella), Jonathon Morris (Buttons), Steven Houghton (Prince Charming), Andrew Mackintosh (Dandini), Owen Money (Baron Hardup), John Tearney & Maurice Thorogood (Ugly Sisters), Barbara Bruce (Fairy Godmother), Ray Tizzard (Lord Chamberlain) , Dawn

Carrington, Tim Claydon, Edward Grundy, Annette Harry, Rebecca Smaller, Leonine Summers

Producers: Graham Watkins for E&B and AMG

Musical Director : John Quirk

*Melinda Messenger had just married her long term partner, Swansea born Wayne Roberts just before the pantomime rehearsals began.


Peter pan


46 days

Dec 18, 1997


Feb 1, 1998

Michaela Strachan (Peter Pan),  Norman Bowler (Mr Darling/Captain Hook),  Deborah McAndrew (Wendy),  Owen Money (Smee), Warrior (Starkey),  Carol Cleveland (Mrs Darling), Joe Sait/ Jack Webster (John Darling),

Matthew Davies/Gary Willis (Michael Darling), Hayley Williams (Tinkerbelle), Natalie Cleverly (Tiger Lily) ,The Acromaniacs ( Peter Hill, Paul Gurney, Richard Morgan, Lee Newcombe),

Producer: Graham Watkins for Artist Management Group (Nick Thomas & Jon Conway)

Musical Director : John Quirk

*Carol Cleveland had appeared in Monty Python’s Flying Circus TV series and also in Life Of Brian, which was banned in Swansea when released in 1979.


Robin hood


46 days

Dec 19, 1996


feb 2, 1997

Little and Large (The Troubadours), Ruth Madoc (Fairy), Sarah Vandenbergh (Maid Marian),  Mark Cameron (Robin Hood), Mike Burns (Nurse Blodwen), Kevin Johns (Will Scarlett), Paul Keown (Sheriff of Nottingham), Adrian Lee (Little John), Tony Wilder (Guard),

Producers: Ken Robertson-Scott for Nick Thomas & Jon Conway

Musical Director : John Quirk

*Ruth Madoc was brought up in Swansea and remembers visiting the Grand to see the pantomime Babes in the Wood in 1947!



And the



53 days

Dec 14, 1995


feb 4, 1996

The Chuckle Brothers (The Giant Killers), Dan Falzon (Jack Trott) , Vicki Michelle (Fairy Courgette), Patrick Mower (Blackspider), Owen Money (Dame Trott), Zoë Nicholas (Princess Apricot), Carl Brent (King Crumble), Stratfield Turgis (The Giant), Annette Harry, Jill Rennie, Joanne Urch, Rachel West,

Producers:  Martin Hughes for Nick Thomas & Jon Conway

Musical Director : John Quirk

*Patrick Mower had made his name playing tough television detectives, He is more familiar now for playing Rodney Blackstock in Emmerdale.




46 days

Dec 15, 1994


Jan 29, 1995

Joe Pasquale (Wishee Washee), John Altman (Abanazar), Adam Woodyatt (Aladdin), Owen Money (Widow Twankey), Jean Fergusson (Empress), Cobra (Genie of the Lamp), Sally Ann Matthews (Princess Tai Lu),  Stella Taoushanis (Slave of the Ring), Russell Lane (Grand Vizier), Shirley Ann Hull (The Mute),The Acroloons ( David Finch, Paul Colborn, Tim Lawrence, Phil Seaman, Paul Trenchard),  

Producer: Russell Lane for Nick Thomas & Jon Conway

Musical Director : John Quirk

*Jean Fergusson had previously appeared at the Grand in the 1970 rep season and is better known for her role as Marina in Last of the Summer Wine.





46 days

Dec 16, 1993


Jan 30, 1994

Joe Pasquale (Silly Billy), Windsor Davies (King), Carol Lee Scott (Grotbags), Paul Shane (Dame), Bruce Roberts (Prince) , Suzanne Dando (Beauty), Cory Pulman (Fairy) Rachel Blewett, Tim Claydon, Peter Cunningham, Darren McGarry, Darren McLoughlin, Jill Rennie, Eleanor Rhys Thomas, Bethan Thomas

Producers: Brian Marshall for Nick Thomas & Jon Conway

Musical Director : John Quirk

*Very early in the run Carol Lee Scott was taken ill and with just an hour’s notice, Company Manager Ian Sandy had to take over.  Wardrobe found some kind of skull-cap and cloak, the name “Grotbags” was changed to “ Grot-Wizard”, and a quaking Ian was pushed onstage, playing the role for the rest of the run.





46 days

Dec 17, 1992


Jan 31, 1993

Rod Hull and Emu (Captain & Mate), Joe Pasquale (Billy

Bonehead), Cheryl Baker (Maid Marian), Mark Greenstreet (Robinson Crusoe), Owen Money (Mrs Crusoe), Karen

Ashley (Megan the Mermaid), Dave Benson-Phillips (Man Friday), Alan Meadows (Bluebeard)

Producers: Alan Meadows for Nick Thomas & Jon Conway

Musical Director : John Quirk

*Mark Greenstreet was the great nephew of legendary

Hollywood actor Sydney Greenstreet who amongst his many roles appeared as The Fat Man in the 1941 classic The Maltese Falcon and alongside Humphrey Bogart in  Casablanca in 1942.




46 days

Dec 18, 1991


feb 1, 1992

Bobby Davro (Buttons), Linda Nolan (Cinderella), Paul Gyngell (Prince Charming), Phillip Day (Dandini), Trevor Bradford & Peter Thorne (Ugly Sisters), Owen Money (Baron Hardup), Claudie Cairoli (Fairy Godmother),

Charlie Cairoli Jr (Broker’s Man)

Producers: Jon Conway for Nick Thomas Enterprises

Musical Director : John Quirk

*Paul Gyngell (1959 - 2010) was a musical theatre star

appearing in many musicals. His sister was one of the

original members of the 1980s pop group Tight Fit and for a time his brother in law was music producer Pete Waterman.







47 days

Dec 19, 1990


feb 3, 1991

Linda Lusardi (Snow White), Stu Francis (Muddles), Neil Morrissey (Oddjob), Owen Money (Dame Clara Voyant), Mike Holoway (Prince), Nikki Kelly (Queen Natasha), Leon De Ste Croix (Valet). Malcolm Dixon (Fang), Jack Purvis (Fancy), Kenny Baker (Smiler),  Mark Lisle (Speedy),

Carole Read (Dusty), Melanie Dixon (Dozy), Eileen Baker (Noisy)

Producer: Ian Masters for Nick Thomas Enterprises

Musical Director : John Quirk

*Kenny Baker appeared as Smiler, he was also very

famously R2D2 in the Star Wars movies. He also had

a successful double act with Malcolm Dixon called

the Minitones.



In the



53 days

Dec 20, 1989


Feb 10, 1990

Little And Large (Good & Bad Robbers), Paul Keown

(Robin Hood), Frankie Desmond (Nurse Megan),  Douglas Fielding (Sheriff of Nottingham), Patsy Ann Scott (Maid Marian) , David Hopkins (Will Scarlett), Mark Waghorn (Little John), Ian Adamson (Friar Tuck), Peter Saxon (Alan

A-Dale), Richard Cleverly/Alexander Wilkinson (Boy Babe), Lauren Allchurch/Sara Fardoe (Girl Babe)

Ian Stanley (Spirit of Sherwood)

Producer: Brian Sullivan for Swansea Grand Theatre

Musical Director : John Quirk

*Opportunity Knocks winners, Rosser and Davies wrote

the opening number for Frankie Desmond.



And the




53 days

Dec 21, 1988


Feb 11, 1989

John Inman (Dame Wanda), Susan Maughan (Rudi),  Susie Lee Hayward (Goldilocks), David Copperfield (Dizzy

Danny),  Martin Hughes (Father Bear), Darren Traynor (Mother Bear), Jimmy Jemain (Baby Bear), Debbie Paul (Spirit of the Circus),  Richard Stockwell (King of the Polar Bears), Howard Grace (Horse), Terry Hall & Lenny the Lion (Box Office Manager & Lion Tamer), Bruce Montague (Ringler)

Producer: Brian Sullivan for Swansea Grand Theatre

Musical Director: John Quirk

*Jimmy Jemain appeared in 1990 in  television’s Stars in Their Eyes as Cliff Richard and won. He is considered as one of the world’s best Cliff Richard tribute acts.





54 days

Dec 22, 1987


feb 13, 1988

Ken Goodwin (Idle Jack),  Bobby Crush (Dick Whittington), Glyn Houston (Alderman Fitzwarren), Nigel Pivaro (King Rat), Roy Lance (Sarah the Cook), Anthony Lyn & Andrew Ryan (Bosun & Mate), Derek Holt (Tommy the Cat), Lynne Winslow (Fairy Bowbells), Ralph Meanley (Sultan of

Morocco), Gavin Dunn & Mel Warren (Palace Guards)

Producer: Brian Sullivan for  Swansea Grand Theatre

Musical Director : John Quirk

*Coronation Street’s Nigel Pivaro arrived very late one evening and missed the start of the show. The understudy, Andrew Ryan was hurriedly made ready and was pushed on stage with the Coronation Street theme being played by the

orchestra in front of a bemused audience.





74 days

Dec 17, 1986


Feb 28, 1987

Les Dennis (Billy Goose), Christopher Biggins (Mother Goose), Aiden Waters (Jack), Julie Paton (Jill), Dorothy Vernon (Good Fairy) Christina Shepherd (Lucy Lockett), Geoffrey Russell (Mayor Sneakers), Peter Rutherford (Squire Nettle), Michael Boothe (Mr Leek & Mr Pound), Noel Butler (Priscilla the Goose), Stuart Morrison (Sneak Junior).

Producer: Dudley Stevens for Swansea Grand Theatre

Musical Director : John Quirk

* Les Dennis filmed The Les Dennis Laughter Show in Swansea during the run. Christina Shepherd’s legs were used  during the advertising campaign for Pretty Polly stockings at the time.




74 days

Dec 18, 1985


mar 1, 1986

Bernie Clifton (Wishee-Washee), Freddie Lees (Widow Twankey-Jones),  Simon Oates (Abanazar), Ria Jones (Princess Sugar), Mark White (Aladdin), Simon Wallis & Peter Dayson (Chinese Policemen), Judith Hibbert (Genie),  Stephen

Robinson Stafford, Tim Ward, Christopher Wilcox, Neil Owens, Michael Mullen, Christopher Jenkins.

Producer: Dudley Stevens for Swansea Grand Theatre

Musical Director : John Quirk

*Controversially there were two posters released for this pantomime. The first (left) was hastily withdrawn as there was no reference to Swansea City Council on it. The second one was hurriedly designed.




74 days

Dec 19, 1984


Mar 2, 1985

Paul Henry (Buttons), Roy Barraclough & Robyn Denys (Ugly Sisters), Caroline Berry (Cinderella), Mark Bond (Prince Edward), Menna Trussler (Fairy Godmother), Michael Harding (Baron Hardup), Jonathan Kiley (Mr

Simpson), David Morgan-Young (Cat), Phillipa York &

Leesa Harrison (Cow), Michael Nielson (Broker’s Man),

Richard Chance (Palace Envoy), Catherine McCord (Shoe Fairy)

Producer:Dudley Stevens for  Swansea Grand Theatre

Musical Director : John Quirk

*One of the children’s chorus was Liz Fuller, and the lavish

costumes in this production were the costumes used in the 1976 movie The Slipper and the Rose.



In the



69 days

Dec 26, 1983


Mar 3, 1984

Windsor Davies (Bad Robber), Melvyn Hayes (Good

Robber), Desmond Barrit (Nurse Glucose), Gareth Snook (Robin Hood), Aliki (Maid Marian), John Conroy (Sheriff of Nottingham), Michael Loughnan (Friar Tuck), Robert

Hughes (Will Scarlett), Stephen Robinson Stafford (Alan A-Dale), David Kort (Little John),  Rodney Madden (Mutch the Miller’s Son), Wendy Weaver (Forest Fairy)

Producer: Dudley Stevens for Swansea Grand Theatre

Musical Director : Martin Yates

*Desmond Barrit who played the dame would later

completely transform his theatre career as a highly respected

Shakespearian and television actor.



And the



62 days

Dec 27, 1982


Feb 26, 1983

Don McClean (Don), Freddie Lees (Dame Trott), Graham Cole (King Hearty), Paul Keown (Jack),  Jackie Marks (Princess Sylvia), Steve Dewitt (Giant’s Henchman), James Marston (Giant Blunderbore), Keefe and Annette (Daisy the Cow), Wendy Weaver (Good Fairy)

Producer: John Chilvers (as guest) for Swansea Grand


Musical Director : Martin Yates

*Jackie Marks would later become part of the original cast of Les Miserables in the West End.





72 days

Dec 26, 1981


Mar 7, 1982

Harry H. Corbett (Alderman Fitzwarren), The Chuckle Brothers (Captain & Mate), Mike Holoway (Dick Whittington), Desmond Barrit (Sarah the Cook), Wendy Smith (Alice Fitzwarren), Derek Holt (Tommy the Cat),

Peter Holbrook (King Rat), Menna Trussler (Sultana of

Morocco), Duval (Court Magician), Wendy Weaver (Fairy Bowbell), Richard Oriel, Colin Small, Ian Fricker

Producer: John Chilvers for Swansea Grand Theatre

Musical Director : Martin Yates

* This was the last pantomime directed by John Chilvers as administrator of The Grand, although he did return for some future guest productions.






73 days

Dec 26, 1980


mar 8, 1981

Davy Jones (Colin), Kenny Smiles (Kenny Trott), Freddie Lees (Dame Trott), Peter Holbrook (Cobbler/Wizard),

Graham Cole (King), Menna Trussler (The Witch), Katrina Tanzer (Puss), Diana Gibson (Princess Maria),  Graeme Verroken & Martin Jackson –“Two’s Company” (Miller’s Men) , Jenny Alwen (Fairy), Cherry Willoughby Dancers

Producer: John Chilvers for Swansea Grand Theatre

Musical Director : Martin Yates

*Davy Jones got married during the run of this pantomime

at Swansea Registry Office and the whole cast and crew






75 days

Dec 26, 1979


Mar 9, 1980

Kenny Smiles (Kenny Crusoe), Barry Howard (Mrs Crusoe),  Philip Griffiths (Robinson Crusoe), Maggie Ryder (Polly Perkins),  Ben Ellison (Man Friday), Charles Jamieson (Will Atkins), Maria Mann (Fairy Silverfoam), Oliver Robbins (King Neptune), Leo Andrew (Davy Jones), Peter Holbrook (Salty Sam), Chris Covington’s Star Puppets,Tomfoolery (Lyn Mittell, Jeff Davies, Jethro Bodean, Mike James & Scott Golbourn), The  Cherry Willoughby Dancers

Producer: John Chilvers for Swansea Grand Theatre

Musical Director : Martin Yates

* An unknown Brian Conley was called in to replace Lyn

Mittell in Tomfoolery. Lyn became better known as the solo

performer, Owen Money.




75 days

Dec 26, 1978


mar 10, 1979

Anne Aston (Aladdin), Ivor Emmanuel (Abanazar),

Freddie Lees (Widow Twankey), Kenny Smiles

(Wishee Washee), Graham Cole (Emperor), Carolyn

Alexander (Princess), Vicky Kimber (Genie of the Ring), Steve Whatley (Slave of the Lamp), Nicholas & Nickleby (Chinese Policemen), Cherry Willoughby Dancers

Producer: John Chilvers for Swansea Grand Theatre

Musical Director : Meurig James

*Ivor Emmanuel starred in this pantomime in his last

pantomime engagement in the UK before retiring to live in

Spain. He died in 2007.




83 days

Dec 26, 1977


mar 18, 1978

Clive Dunn (Buttons), Bryn Williams (Baron Hardup),

Burden and Moran (Ugly Sisters), Debbie Young

(Cinderella), Frank Leyton (Prince Charming), Nicholas Wakeham (Dandini), Edmond Christopher & Julian Ashton (Broker’s Men), Mandy Demetrious (Fairy Godmother),

Steve Whatley & Steve Lee Wilson (Daisy the Cow),  

Jingles, Cherry Willoughby Dancers, The Phyllis Jones Swansea Babes

Producer: John Chilvers for Swansea Grand Theatre

Musical Director : Meurig James

*Ria Jones appeared as one of the Phyllis Jones Swansea Babes. At the age of 19 she became the youngest actress

ever to play the role of Eva Peron in the musical Evita.



In the



83 days

Dec 27, 1976


Mar 19, 1977

Ryan Davies (Good Robber), Glyn Houston (Bad Robber), Barry Hopkins (Robin Hood), Elaine Gibbs (Maid Marian),  Roger Tolliday (Nurse Glucose), Mak Wilson & Gaynor Macauley (The Babes), Ben Tabiner (Sheriff of Nottingham), Geoffrey Brightman (Friar Tuck), Tim Raffles

(Alan A-Dale), Robert Howie (Will Scarlet), Andy Barker (Mutch the Miller’s Son), Karen Williams (Forest Fairy) ,  Golden Brandy, Cherry Willoughby Dancers

Producer: John Chilvers for Swansea Grand Theatre

Musical Director : Meurig James

*This was Ryan’s last pantomime: he died just a month later while on a family holiday in New York. Wales had lost its King of Pantomime.



And the



79 days

Dec 15, 1975


Mar 13, 1976

Ryan Davies (Simple Simon) , Bryan Evans (Jack),

Freddie Lees (Dame Durden), Kay Colman (Princess

Sylvie),  Geoffrey Brightman (King Hearty), Ben Tabiner (Giant’s Henchman), Beverley Kay (Beanstalk Fairy),  Paul Kidd (Giant Blunderbore), June & Paul Kidd (Daisy the Cow), Golden Brandy, Cherry Willoughby Dancers

Producer: John Chilvers for Swansea Grand Theatre

Musical Director : Meurig James

*Swansea born Bryan Evans had earlier played the lead role in the first UK tour of the musical Hair.





80 days

Dec 26, 1974


Mar 15, 1975

Ryan Davies (Mother Goose), Bryn Williams (Squire Small), Alita Petrof (Priscilla the Goose), Roger Howlett (Colin),  Calli (Jill), Kevin Darby (Goose Chief Justice),  Timothy Wales (Goose Prosecutor), Alison Temple Savage (Queen of Light), Billy James (King of Darkness), Manoff Puppets, Cherry Willoughby Dancers

Producer: John Chilvers for Swansea Grand Theatre

Musical Director : Meurig James

*This was Ryan’s only appearance as dame. It was not a role he enjoyed, since playing a “motherly woman” restricted his well-established “Ryan” character.  





72 days

Dec 20, 1973


mar 1, 1974

Ryan Davies & Ronnie Williams (Captain & Mate), Bryn Williams (Alderman Fitzwarren), Clifford Henry (Fanny the Cook), Barry Dean (Dick Whittington), Gaynor Williams (Alice Fitzwarren), Terry Doogan (Tommy the Cat), Fernand Monast (King Rat), Paul and Danny Denver (Sultan & Slave), Jill Fitzjohn (Fairy Bowbells), Raymond Harries (Town Crier), Cherry Willoughby Dancers

Producer: John Chilvers for Swansea Grand Theatre

Musical Director : Meurig James

*This was to be the last pantomime Ryan and Ronnie

appeared in as a double act their partnership ended shortly afterwards.




82 days

Dec 26, 1972


mar 17, 1973

Ryan Davies & Ronnie Williams (Broker’s Men), Suzanna Page (Cinderella), Ian Calvin (Prince Charming), Jonty Miller (Dandini),  Desmond King (Buttons),  Gary Grande & David Mars (Ugly Sisters),  Selina Lauder (Fairy

Godmother), Stan McGowan (Town Crier), Hugo Myatt (Baron Hardup)

Producer: John Chilvers for Swansea Grand Theatre

Musical Director: Meurig James

* This was the first pantomime to star Ryan and Ronnie, it was fantastically successful and broke box office records at the theatre. They sold enough ice-cream and sweets to keep the theatre running through the repertory seasons.




79 days

Dec 27, 1971


Mar 11, 1972

Reg Dixon (Widow Twankey),  Noel Talbot (Wishee

Washee), Barry Hopkins (Aladdin), Nicky Stevens (Princess Balroubadour), Eddie Caswell (Emperor), Ann Rutherford (Genie of the Ring), Colin Cresswell (Abanazar), The

Fourmost (Chinese Policemen), Jonathan Blake (Slave of the Lamp) , Anna Lou & Maria, Francis Mortimer (Dragon), Cherry Willoughby Dancers.

Producer: John Chilvers for Swansea Grand Theatre

Musical Director: Meurig James

*Nicky Stevens would later become part of the pop group

Brotherhood of Man, who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1976 with Save Your Kisses For Me.






69 days

Dec 26, 1970


mar 4, 1971

Derek Roy (Queen), Barry Hopkins (Colin), Dave Swan (Simple Simon), Cindy Williams (Princess Maria), Danny O’Dea (King), Mike Fields (Puss), Vivien Black (Fairy), George McClaren (Witch), Colin Cresswell (Cobbler),

Simmons Brothers (Miller’s Men), Pavlov’s Puppets, Cherry Willoughby Dancers

Producer: John Chilvers for Swansea Grand Theatre

Musical Director:  Meurig James

*Swansea born comedian Dave Swan appeared with his wife who played the princess. They would later move to Las

Vegas where Dave had great success as an opening act for some of the most Iconic entertainers of all time, including Frank Sinatra, George Burns, Sammy Davis Junior, Tony Bennett, Tom Jones and Roy Orbison.





72 days

Dec 26, 1969


mar 7, 1970

Stan Stennett (Billy Crusoe), Ronné Coyles (Mrs Crusoe), Iain Sinclair (Will Atkins), Eddie & Eileen Falcon (Bosun & Mate), Johnny Tudor (Robinson Crusoe), Angela Barclay (Polly Perkins), Johnny Worthy (Man Friday), Gary Allen (Davy Jones), David Evans (Salty Sam), Judy Fielder (Fairy Seafoam), Currie’s Waltzing Waters, The Cherry

Willoughby Dancers

Producer: John Chilvers for Swansea Grand Theatre

Musical Director : Meurig James

*Stan Stennett organised charity football matches involving cast and crew during the panto run and made a request to Swansea Town to provide a kit for the team, this was

ignored so Stan sourced the kit from Cardiff City instead. It made for interesting comments at the games!







73 days

Dec 26, 1968


Mar 8, 1969

Wayne Fontana (Jack), Roy Lance (Simple Simon), Sian Hopkins (Princess Sylvia), Trevor Moreton (Dame Durden), Harman Brothers, (Policemen/Jessie the Cow), Jonathan Prince (King Hearty), Jean Barbour (Spite), Peter  Barbour (Giant Blunderbore), Sandra Wrennall (Fairy)

Producer: John Chilvers for Swansea Grand Theatre

Musical Director : Meurig James

*This panto included Paul and Barry Harman, The Harman Brothers would later find fame as the children’s television

entertainers, The Chuckle Brothers.





65 days

Dec 22, 1967


feb 24, 1968

Johnny De Little (Dick), Peter Kaye (Idle Jack),  Roz Early (Alice Fitzwarren) , Tommy Rose (Martha the Cook),

Sandra Wells (Tommy the Cat),  Manetti Twins (Captain & Mate), Bob Denzar (Alderman Fitzwarren),  Gordon

Pleasant (Emperor of Morocco), Berwick Kaler (King Rat), Sula Cartier (Fairy Bowbells/Princess Almeida), Du-Marte & Denzar (‘Skeletons Alive’) , Cherry Willoughby Dancers.

Producer: John Chilvers for Swansea Grand Theatre

Musical Director : Meurig James

*Johnny De Little became a protege of composer John Barry and had a few hits in the early 1960’s,  also appearing in the Tommy Steele film Its All Happening.





85 days

Dec 10, 1966


Mar 4, 1967

Marty Wilde (Robin Hood), Ivor Owen (Nurse Glucose),  Bud Smart & Peter Tracey (Friar Tuck & Will Scarlet),   Joyce Baker (Maid Marian),  Maralynn Burt & Rosemary Faith (Babes), Jennifer Haley (Fairy), George Truzzi &

Danny O’Dea (Good & Bad Robbers), Peter Thorne,  John Hay, The Cherry Willoughby Dancers

Producer: John Chilvers for Swansea Grand Theatre

Musical Director: Meurig James

*Marty Wilde and his wife Joyce Baker appeared together in this and would bring their young children with them to the theatre, one of which is Kim Wilde the 1980’s pop singer. Marty’s big hit Abergavenny was composed by Marty at this time after noticing a signpost during their long drives home.

Every Swansea Grand Theatre Pantomime to date. The theatre achieved the milestone 100th pantomime during the production of Cinderella in 20012/13 the first theatre in Britain to do so. A 50 page full colour brochure marking the milestone called For The 100th Time Its Behind You

Is available to buy for £2 free post (UK only)

PayPal: Buy For the 100th time its behind you

Puss In Boots - 27th Dec 1965-5th Mar 1966

Jess Conrad

Keith Harris                  (as puss)

Jennifer Creighton

Bryan Burden

Grande and Mars

Cast photo Puss In Boots 1965/66

Jess Conrad                                     Jess and Puss (Keith Harris)

Aladdin - 26th Dec 1964-27th Feb 1965

Vince Eager

Duggie Clark

Alan Wells

Lynton Boys                             (Chinese policemen)

Lesley king

Hymas and Cece                (Celia and Johnnie Hymans)

Frank Ellis

Cherry Willoughby Dancers

Jonathan Prince

Emerson and Jane                 Flying Carpet Speciality

Cast photo Aladdin 1964/65

Cinderella - 26th Dec 1963-29th Feb 1964

Johnny Stewart

Johnny De little

Sian Hopkins

Grande and Mars

Jonathan Prince

Brian Freeman and Monty Bond            (acrobats)

 Debbie Dean

Wendy Roberts

Dick Whittington - 22nd Dec 1962-23rd Feb 1963

Johnny Stewart

Sylvia Norman

Peter Boyce

Jill Alison

Reginald Vincent

Linda Lee

Ted Gatty

Pat Somers                   as Tommy the Cat she become ill and was hospitalised for a week with Bronchitis during the run, and had to be replaced at short notice by Johnny Stewart’s wife, Pat.

The Three Lesters  ,Trio Vitalites  ,The Lynvettes  , Nico and Co

12 Jack Horton Dancers

Phyllis Jones’s Swansea Babes

Cast Photo Dick Whittington 1962/63

Babes in the Wood - 26th Dec 1961-24th Feb 1962

Ossie Morris

Kenneth Earle

Malcolm Vaughan

Karl Heinz live Chimpanzees            with Barbara

Phyllis Mellor

Stan Sanders

Howell Evans

Pat Evans

Jack and the Beanstalk - 10th Dec 1960-28th Jan1961

Wyn Calvin As a Pantomime Dame he is considered one of this country’s Finest, he plays the Dame in a very masculine yet traditional way and has many admirers. A complete performer as a Dame, he plays the role in a brash, extremely loud fashion, often dressed in red boots, red nose and a red dress. His style is said to be in the tradition of George Robey and Tommy Trinder. Immaculate timing is the key to Wyn’s laughter making.George Bolton

Rex Rashley

Haval and Byl

Alan Wells

Yvoe Marlow, Sylvia Norman, The Five Romas, Eddie Fields, Tom Kyffin, Elizabeth Richards, The Corps De Ballet and Phyllis Jones Juveniles

Mother Goose - 12th Dec 1959-20th Feb 1960

Stan Stennett

Sylvia Norman

Eddie Henderson

Tony Snape

Alan Taylor

Stan Stennett with the stage crew

Aladdin - 13th Dec 1958-14th Feb 1959

Ossie Morris

Alan Wells

Lynne Hughes

Reginald Vincent

Robert Marlowe

John Cartier

Helen Du Toit

Phyllis Jones’s Swansea Babes

The Robertis

Flip And Bobi Roberts

Barbara Willoughby

Cinderella - 21st Dec 1957-8th Feb 1958

Des O’Connor  , Jacqueline Farrell  , Sheila Atha  , Melody Scott  , Ramoni Brothers  , Billy Wells  , Charlie Jones  , The Brockways  , Dale Williams  , Margaret Edwards  , Kathleen Grasby’s Four Shetland Ponies  , Corps De Ballet  , 12 Swansea Babes

Sleeping Beauty - 26th Dec 1956-2nd Feb 1957

Cyril Dowler  Productions

Joe O’Gorman             he died at Weybridge on August 26 1974, aged 84, was famous as the other half of a comedy act with brother Dave - they appeared at the Swansea Empire in Oxford Street many times - but he always delighted in his cricket adventures with Surrey, which included batting with Jack Hobbs. This gave him as much pleasure as seeing his name in lights on Broadway. An all-rounder, he played in three Championship matches for the county in 1927, sharing with Andy Sandham a partnership of 119 in sixty-five minutes, against Essex. O'Gorman hit 42 of those runs, with Sandham scoring altogether 230. A slow bowler, he took a wicket with his first ball in county cricket against Glamorgan at The Oval when he dismissed W. E. Bates, the opening batsman. For many years he and his brother played club cricket for Richmond for which club he took over 1,500 wickets. His Grandson Timothy Joseph Gerard O'Gorman played first class cricket for Derbyshire between 1987 and 1996. Angela Scott  , Phyllis Bartel  , Sam Linfield  , Bourne and Barbara  , May Warden  , La Petite Poupee  , Billy Knight  , Stanley Massey  , Bobby Gordon’s London Babes  , Len Trevor  , Larry Gordon’s T.V. Toppers

The Little Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe - 26th Dec 1955-11th Feb 1956

Cyril Dowler  - Cyril was born in 1906 and died in 1986  He started off as a double-act, Dowler and White.  They played all the variety theatres and music halls in the 1930s as a cross-talking comedy act, and they usually played pantomimes with Cyril as Dame and Kay White as Principal Boy. He went into management during the War, and presented a series of comedy revues.  At the end of the war the partnership with Kay White ended.  (She later married the comedian Sandy Powell and worked as his stage partner). He then met and later married Rhoda Rogers and they worked together through the 1950s and 1960s - this time it was usually with Cyril as the mother, and Rhoda as his "daughter".  Through the 50s he presented his own pantomimes - sometimes in several theatres at the same time.

Rita Page                                  

Rhoda Rogers  - Rhoda died in 1996 She was a glamour girl who started off in some of Paul Raymond's "girlie" revues.  She was originally billed as "The British Brigitte Bardot".  With her partnership and later marriage to Cyril Dowler, she became an acrobatic dancer and excellent comic feed.  She usually played Principal Girl in Pantomimes, and later - with Cyril - went into management and produced their own pantos and touring revues. Monica Wood, Billy Shenton, Campbell and Rogerson,    Magyar Ballet  , The Singing Songsters   (Welsh Boys Choir)  , Ida Rossire's Perky Pekes

Little Bo Peep and her Live Sheep - 26th Dec 1954-19th Feb 1955

Cyril Dowler

Rhoda Rogers

Joy Royston

Julia, Nellie and Billy                 The three live sheep

Silly and Billy                            Clowns

Waltzing Waters Of Fairyland

Goldilocks and the Three Live Bears - 26th Dec 1953-13th Feb 1954

Cyril Dowler                 was king Rat in the Grand Order Of Water Rats in 1957

Rhoda Rogers

Marcia Owen

Hilda Heath

Norman McGlenn

Roulette Dancers

Hans Peterson              Trainer of The Three Bears James, Bessa and Strike

This was thought to be the first time that live animals had been used in a Welsh pantomime, and they weren’t the normal animals associated with the theatre. These were three Norwegian live bears. Due to an axle breaking when the bears were on route to Swansea from Dover, the publicity photographs had to be taken without them, and bear suits had to be hurriedly found, fortunately Regents Park Zoo were the saviours as they sent alternative transport and the bears arrived in time for opening night.

Mother Goose - 26th Dec 1952- 7th  Feb 1953

Maudie Edwards

Ossie Morris

Olivia Jevons

Vera Cody with her live Horses


Cinderella - 15th Dec 1951- 16th Feb 1952

Gladys Morgan              

The Welsh comedienne Gladys Morgan was born in Swansea in 1898. Her trademark was her toothless grin and her ridiculously infectious, maniacal laugh. She began in show business as part of a juvenile troupe and moved on to variety as a feed to her comedian husband Frank Laurie .The act wasn't a success until it was suggested that she changed places with her husband and become the comic. Gladys Morgan had a two-minute audition for "Welsh Rarebit" and her laugh caused so much hilarity that it almost filled the entire two minutes. She passed the audition and became the resident comedienne on the show. She also appeared at the top variety theatres and on other radio shows such as "Workers' Playtime" and "Midday Music Hall".  She expanded her act to become "Gladys Morgan and Family", comprising her husband Frank, daughter Joan Laurie and son-in-law Bert Holman. Gladys Morgan retired in her seventies, due to arthritis, and died in 1983. Her husband and daughter both appeared in this pantomime

Joan Laurie  , Wyn Calvin  , Eddie Connor  , Sylvia and Doreen Stephens (accordion act)

Bert Cecil                     Bert played an ugly sister, and was the father of Johnny Tudor

Frank Lauriecotts Sea Li

Red Riding Hood - 26th Dec 1950- 2nd Mar 1951

Maudie Edwards

Ossie Morris

Stan Stennett                born in Cardiff on 30 July 1925

Mary Sullivan

Fairies Snowflakes

Royston Smith

Frank James

Rita Page

Maurice Keary  , The Welcome Singers  , Marianne James  , Teresa Waters   and Gordon Caddy

Maudie Edwards

Aladdin - 24th Dec 1949-21st Jan 1950

Eleanor Drew  

Wilfrid Brambell           Born 22 March 1912 Dublin, Ireland and died 18 January 1985 in London, after a battle against cancer. After an uncredited appearance in the movie ‘The 39 Steps’ in 1935 he appeared in many British television programs until in 1962 his big break came in the classic BBC comedy hit ‘Steptoe and Son’ as Albert Steptoe which ran until 1974.In 1964 he appeared with The Beatles in ‘A Hard Days Night’ as Grandfather.  Jackie Lester

Pamela Reed

Antonia Pemberton

Paul Lee

Harry Davies

Dick Whittington - 18th Dec 1948-4th Feb 1949

Avril Vane

Bobby Vernon

Jack Noyes

Dorothy Lorraine 

Winstanley Babes      (Formerly The Swansea Girls)

The Three Ricordis                               (clowns)

Swan and Leigh                                    (international Gymnasts)

Teddy Knox

Miss Malta and Company  , Dresser and Dale  , Melville Birley  , Bobby Pattison  , Charles Regan  , Irma Hanson  , Derrick Kaye  , The Paramount Girls  , Edward Wood  and Desmond  Dale, Joe Dresser, Horace Horner, 

Babes In The Wood - 26th Dec 1947-6th Mar 1948

Gus Elton,  Jack Noyes,  Irene Mansel, Joan Macfarlane (Scottish Dancer), Clifton James, Zoe Wheeler, Sheila Money, Betty Long, Bobbie Pattison, Doreen Richards, Joyce Randall, Joey Hopkinson, 

Jimmy Currie’s Waterfalls (his equipment weighed 15 tonnes and used  2000 gallons of water every minute, Bob Bemand and His Comedy Pigeons, Dom and Josie and their Accordions, The Winstanley Babes and The John-Joyce Girls

From 1934 - 1946

   There were no pantomimes, as the Grand Theatre became a cinema due to falling numbers at the theatre performances

Babes In The Wood - 23rd Dec 1933-12th Jan 1934

Eileen Merrie

Rita Kerva

Rene and June Gray

Cecil Roche

Irene Walters

Shaun Desmond

Mary E. Wilkins

Charles Stevens

Fred Weedon

Fred Sylvester and his Nephews           (acrobats)

The Ten Riviera Girls

The Twelve Kittens       (Tiny Tots in song and dance)

Arley Sisters

Rosa Langue

Puss in Boots - 26th Dec 1932-7th Jan 1933

Billy Barr (Charlie Chaplin double)  , Eileen Merrie  , Betty Millar  , Shaun Desmond  , Pat Walcott (the cat)  , Oliver and Proctor (Baton Spinners)  , Joe Somers and Johnny Fell (Comics)

Jack and the Beanstalk - 5th Jan 1931 – 17th Jan 1931

Edward Houghton

Maisie Griffiths

Hazel Glenn

Archie Wallen

Betty Millar

Gene Durham

Smarte Bothers Clowns

Dame Halleybutt’s Choir

Cinderella - 30th Dec 1929 – 11th Jan 1930

Tom Dixon

Angela Guilberte

Broadway Girls

Doris Tilly                     (the painted girl)

Nell Campbell              (comic)

Roy Walters                 (comic)

Aladdin - 26th Dec 1928 – 5th Jan 1929

Renda Rudd

Bessie Evans

Zena Carol

Billy Revell

Bobbie Hall

The Ventons                 (acrobats and comics)

The Zeimar Brothers     with educated donkey Hector

The Chinese Chicklets

Cinderella - 26th Dec 1927 – 7th Jan 1928

Eva Renee

Ray Rayson

Billy Royll

Doris Pearce

Lily Rose

Zoie Sheld

Walter Cranbury

The Dinkie Ducklings                billed as clever little kids

The Willenors                           Trick Cyclists

Dick Whittington - 26th Dec 1926 – 8th Jan 1927

Gloria Gay

Nellie Ryan

Harry Gilmour

Charles Harvard

Wal Watson

Ivy Raymond

Archie Wallen

Aladdin - 18th Jan 1926 – 30th Jan 1926

Bert Symes

Gwen Highley

Jay Highley

Rosina May

Simple And Smart        (acrobats)

Koppah and Sloppah    (clowns)

Robinson Crusoe - 19th Jan 1925 – 31st Jan 1925

Leon Salbery and George Slater’s Company  

Val Edwards

Madame Tardy Thomas

Linfield Troupe  

Romany Singers

Lyceum Juveniles  

The Hal Edwards Musical Comedy Girls

Jack and the Beanstalk - 21st Jan 1924 – 2nd Feb 1924

Dorothy Brett

Miss Tomlins

Lester Holwood

Fred Hutchings

Cinderella - 22nd Jan 1923 – 3rd Feb 1923

Written by Fred Clements

Nita Jarche

Lorna Cherry

Kitty and Olga Sherry

Vanda Rees

Daisy Bartholomew

The Dainty Danes

Queenie Edwards

Tom Wiles

Leonard Holford

Brock’s Cycling Maniacs  , Talberto and Douglas    (acrobats)  , Jack Murray  , Jack Roya                    (comic) Syd Christo      (comic)  , London Welsh Quartette  , Fred Astleys Beautiful Ponies

The Babes in the Wood - 30th Jan 1922 – 11th Feb 1922

Ada Wise

Willie Cave

Kenna Brothers

Little Pearl and May

The Pony Quartet

Aeroplane Stunt

A great Spectacular Toyland Scene

Dick Whittington - 24th Jan – 5th Feb 1921

Ada Wise  

Frank Leigh

Cinderella - 12th Jan – 24th Jan 1920

Fred Clement’s Company Frank Leigh

Lorna cherry

Evelyn Grace

Frank Johns

Pauline Rivers

Scholey and Scholey

The Blossoms

Aladdin- 27th Jan – 1st Feb 1919

Arthur Roseberry’s merry cheerio victory pantomime (presumably to celebrate victory in The Great War)

Hettie Gale, Fred Regent and Kitty Taynton

Humpty Dumpty - 20th Jan – 25th Jan 1919

Pauline Gilmer

Dot Eden


Courtney And Dixon



Cast of 30 artists diving bell and grottoes lend colour in “Land of Heartsease”

Babes in the Wood - 14th Jan – 19th Jan 1918

J. Bannister Howard’s Company Miss Tina Frank

Miss May Romayne

Frank Hood

MR H. Benett

Mr G.Aspin

Panto opens with the arrival of Santa Claus at the theatre

Dick Whittington - 15th Jan – 20th Jan 1917

F. Leslie Moreton and Guyton Heath’s Company


Miss Ena Lestrange

Mr B.N. Alford

Mr H. Talbot

Mr C.Gardener

Rency and Dare                        Comics

Cinderella - 17th Jan – 29th Jan 1916

F. Leslie Moreton and Guyton Heath’s Company

Mr B. Noel

Mr H. Barnett

Minnie Rayner

Maud Diamond

Mr and Mrs B.Charles

The Six Merry Mac’s Spectacular Fairies Boudoir, Magic Coach, a mass of colour and electricity drawn by two pretty ponies

Aladdin - 1st Feb – 6th Feb 1915

J. Bannister Howard’s Company Lillie Lassali

Billy Evelyn

Gertie Orchard

Will Judge

Mr G Stoney

Sisters Oxley

Hartley and Mellor        (comic policemen)

Babes in the Wood - 12th Jan – 17th Jan 1914

Leslie Morton and Guyton Heath’s Company  

Olive Sparke

Kathleen Severn

Dorothy Edwards

Lydia Williams

Alan Kennedy

Preston and Cooper     Comics

Glanroy Troupe


Mother Goose - 13th Jan – 18th Jan 1913

Nellie Le Breton

Gladys Johnson

Mr C.Henry

Reg London

William H. Wright

Nellie James

Hal Lester

Nellie James

Milton Brothers

The Three Jewells

The London Chorus and Ballet

Animals included a Goose, Donkey and a Horse

Aladdin - 22nd Jan – 3rd Feb 1912

Daisy Hurdle

Leonard Teel

Hettie Critchley

Iris Vaughan

Vera Lennie

Marie Gilbert

Cinderella - 23rd Jan – 28th Jan 1911

Barry Howard

Dorothy Clark

Kitty Douglas

Damerell, Rutland and Cinda

Maria Ault

Miss B.Cadman

J.W. Hooper

A. Patterson

H. St John


Babes in the Wood - 8th Feb – 13th Feb 1909

Irene Damdeoa

John Richards

Turners Tropical Still Pictures

Robinson Crusoe - 20th Jan – 25th Jan 1908

Madelaine Du Val

Maggie Allwood

John Thompson                        Comic

Billy Bracey


This was performed by John A Thompson’s Company

Little Red Riding Hood - 21st Jan – 2nd Feb 1907

Ella Willmer

Beatrice Varley

Fay Desmond

Several unnamed comedians

On the opening night 500 adults and children from the workhouse and cottage homes were treated, as the theatre ordered goods to the value of £5 in order to give each man, woman and child a meat pie, a bar of chocolate, one orange, and one bottle of mineral water.

This was performed by John A Thompson’s Company  

Cinderella and The Glass Slipper - 29th Jan – 10th Feb 1906

Cissy Wade

Mary Sadie

King and Delane

Mayer and Bode

Denby and Dent                       (comics)

Laura Humpreys

Stephen Fitzgerald

Cissy Hilton

Frank Thatcher

Sinbad - 16th Jan – 21st Jan 1905

Florence Dillion

Ann Brenan

Laura Humphreys

Stephen Fitzgerald


A. Murray

Denby And Dent                      Comics

Carlyle’s Spanish Whirlwind Dancers

Blue-bell In Fairyland - 18th Jan –23rd Jan 1904

Rosadie Jacobi

Daisy Markham

Minnie Mace

May Lawrence

Harry Herbert

Robert Milstead

Harry Bruce

Harry Douglas

Julia Yivers

This Panto was written by Seymour Hicks who himself appeared in a self-penned play “Sleeping Partners” at the Grand in Dec of 1928 and would play the title role in the film “Scrooge” in 1935, in the same year that he was Knighted


Cinderella - 27th Jan – 8th Feb 1902

Milton Bodes Company

Marian Ayling

Addie Love

Tilly Vaughan

Georgina Leonard

Frank Dunlop  , J.W Baxter  , Arthur Godfrey  , Hettie Letch, Minnie Duncan, John Tiller’s Troupe Of Lady DancersThe Eight Little Wonders

Leo Sterling’s Musical Speciality ActAbel And Welsh contortionist and Acrobats

Beautiful live ponies drew Cinderella’s electric coach


Cinderella - 8th Jan – 20th Jan 1900

Written by Charles A. Lord

Harry Karr   , Walter kooney  , Four high kicking somersaulters  , Ada Shirley  , Doris Leslie  , Maud Lascelles  , Fanny Homer  , Madge Lascelles  , Hetty Russell  , Mary Manners  , Lydia Cosman  , Jeanie Thomas  , Lucy Charnley  , Flo Preddy  , Nina Lascelles  , Ada Vestrais  , Charles Linden  , George Cosman  , Annie Charnley  , Edith Lyddon  , Florrie Rosina (plays a number of musical instruments),  

Amandus                      scores with his impressions of the celebrities of the age

There also featured a Grand transformation scene entitled “The Coral Realms In The Mighty Deep’ Excelsior Quartette


Performed by Ernest Carpenter’s Company

Bluebeard - 26th Dec 1898- 14th Jan 1899

Performed by Messrs Dottridge and Longden’s Company Flo Varley                    Whose many humorous references to Swansea football Club made her extremely popular with the Audience throughout the run.

Nellie Merton  , Steve Cooke  , John Cooper, Miss Annie Hathaway, Will White  , Mr Ryder, Mr Leslie Clare  , George Rydon  , Wilford and Willie  , George Harker  , Primrose Ballet Troupe  , The Sisters Langley  , The Sisters Valerie  , Miss Clements  , Robert Imden  , Minnie Loveday

Robinson Crusoe - Dec 27th 1897 – Jan 15th 1898

Tom Fancourt

Alice Dewent

Alice Percival

Maude Bowden

Ethel Netherton

A. Ouston

Jenny Ruby

Ralph Foster

Ellis Oglivie

James Russell

The Sisters Emerald

Alec Darwen

H.Wright                               The clown

A Great deal of thanks goes to Nigel Ellacott from for providing a lot

of background material for this pantomime archive page