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The Theatre Royal, Swansea 1807 - 1898

The Theatre Royal opened in 1807 on the corner of Bank Street later renamed Temple Street. The photographer would be standing outside the entrance of McDonald's today. It ran off and on as a theatre until it was demolished in 1898. Its site became the David Evans department store then was bombed in the blitz of 1941, then rebuilt as David Evans after the war. It remained in use as the store until it was again demolished in April 2007. It now houses an up market apartment block with retail use on the ground floor. The very first pantomime performed in Swansea was given at the theatre in 1809, being "Mother Goose". During its time as a theatre it welcomed visits from famous performers like Edmund Kean, Sheridan Knowles and John Bannister. Andrew Cherry (1769 - 1812) was the first manager of the theatre and was a well known London theatre star. His name alone was enough to draw some of the best performers in the country at the time to Swansea's Theatre Royal. After his death the theatre spent a lot of its time dark save for the occasional visiting touring group or for private hire.